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The following story is a VERY adult oriented weight gain fantasy. It contains explicit descriptions of excessive female weight gain, and sexual images and acts. If you are under 18 years of age or offended by anything like this, stop reading now!

This should be the final revision of this story that I will publish. The reason I'm publishing this revision is that I felt the first two lacked a great deal of believability, and could have benefited from some story changes.

In this version I have changed the story substantially to improve believability, readability, and the enjoyment of reading about female weight-gain and sexual encounters with super-sized BBW. Additional details have also been added to make the story longer. Please note that the first few paragraphs are basically the same as the older versions; so please don't be discouraged and read on to find the differences.

The only thing I'd like to do with this story next is implement it in real life! Any volunteers?

Maybe someone will be willing to make it into a movie.

Finally, this revision has taken a while to complete. I would appreciate any "constructive" feedback that you would be willing to offer. Please remember that although I feel believability has been increased, it is still a fantasy story. Please send your comments to whopper999@hotmail.com. Thanks and enjoy!

Vast Tonnage (Revised 8/6/98)

I cannot remember when I initially became interested in fat women, but can clearly remember my first encounter with one. It was during my last year of school while working at a local bookstore. I had become friendly with the cashier, who was a rather hefty woman whom I had estimated to weigh well over 200 pounds. Even though she was obviously overweight, she was very pretty and loved to wear clothes that exaggerated her healthy physique. The one feature about her that was most striking were her enormous breasts. The fact that she constantly flaunted her abundant breasts with tight, and low-cut, shirts and sweaters only made them even more noticeable.

One afternoon, when business was slow and the boss was out of town, we were working together restocking shelves. When I squeezed by her to get down the isle, she couldn't help noticing the rather large bulge in my pants. She then turned to me and said, "Oh my, it looks like we're going to have to do something about that." At that moment I did not know what to say, but that afternoon we decided to close the store early and slipped into the back room. Once there, she removed her sweater to reveal a pair of tits the size of which I had never dared to dream about. Over the next hour she showed me things my other girlfriends never even knew of, while I fondled her enormous breasts and caressed every inch of her fleshy figure.

After that day, we began dating regularly and she had me over to her place for dinner several nights a week. She was a damned great cook and was very eager to please me anyway that she could. Our relationship was going quite smoothly for several months, until her ex-husband began to call on her again. Soon after that, it was over between us and I found myself getting ready for final exams and looking forward to moving onto other things.

Shortly after graduating, I managed to find a job with a good firm that paid a decent salary. Once I was settled in, I began making friends and started looking around for someone special to spend my time with. As I dated more and more women, I learned a great deal about them, and their likes and dislikes. What was especially noteworthy was how all were extremely susceptible to gaining weight and that once any was put on, it is always damn near impossible to take off.

Over time, I found that I was gravitating towards heavier women and that I was enjoying their company more than others'. Eventually, I was dating larger sized women exclusively and aspired to find one who was most special. After several months of dating a wide variety of different fat women, I finally found one who I fell in love with and eventually married.

Within our first couple of dates, I learned that she was recently divorced and had just lost 80 pounds on a painstaking diet. At 5'4", and 200 pounds, with dark hair and hazel eyes, she was most beautiful, very busty, and had a body that was very well proportioned. At that time I could only imagine what she must have looked like at 280 pounds.

During our first weeks of dating, we always went out to fancy restaurants where I treated her to lavish meals with rich desserts. In no time she began to complain that our dining habits were too extravagant and that they were causing her to gain some weight. I of course told her that she was worth it and that she must be imagining her weight gain because she looked wonderful. I did, however, notice that some of her clothes, which once fit lose, were becoming tight.

After seeing how easy it was for her to gain, what seemed to be so much weight in such a short amount time, I decided it was time to experiment. In addition to our regular evenings out, I started bringing her chocolates and sweets, which she always managed to finish by the very next day. I even made certain to compliment her on how good she looked each time she complained about her weight.

In seemingly no time, the effects of my efforts were realized. Her smallest size clothes, which she had dieted into, were becoming increasingly tighter. Her arms and face seemed to be fuller and rounder, and her already football size tits began to swell! She continued to complain about her weight, but I always managed to butter her up by telling her "Nonsense, you never looked better!"

In another month's time, she had grown out of her newest wardrobe, and was forced to go back to wearing the clothing that she had dieted out of. At this point, I could not get over how her entire body had swollen. Her ass and hips had grown wonderfully to fill out her older, and considerably larger, jeans, her tummy and upper arms were now considerably swollen, and her facial features were much fuller and softer than they already had been. Even her fingers and toes had become chubby!

After seeing how successful my experiment was, I decided to step up my efforts and see just how far I could go. I started taking her out to eat every night, and even began to coax her at the dinner table by telling her "Go ahead, help yourself to that second, or third, helping. You're a big girl now." I even made it a point to compliment her on how good she looked each time I noticed the slightest increase in her size. Day after day, I continued to pour on the chocolates and compliments, while she continued to prove her devotion to me in bed night after night.

After dating for three months, we decided to live together. As luck would have it, a large apartment became available directly over one of our favorite restaurants. When we first saw it, its excessive size and low rent overcame us; but soon after we moved in, we found out exactly why the rent was so low. Every evening, the entire apartment wood fill-up with the aromas of the all the foods that were being prepared in the kitchen below us. Much to my surprise, this did not bother her one bit, although it did have a positive affect on her appetite. This resulted in her suggesting that we go downstairs for dinner far more often than I would have expected. Over time, we became well acquainted with the owners, as we were their best customers, and were frequently invited to stay after dinner for complimentary after dinner drinks and desserts. During some of these late night engagements she even learned a few recipes for some of her favorite meals and desserts from the head chef.

Within two months of living together, she easily reached the 250 - pound mark and had passed the point of no return. By now, she began taking as much pleasure in her weight as I did, and took to wearing sexy negligees that were custom made several sizes too small and very expensive. Every night I returned home from work to watch her eat several entrees at our favorite table; after which, we would always be off to bed for a night of wild sex games.

As time went on, she continued to gain weight without any persuasion from me. By now, her weight increases became so frequent that I was often shocked by the increase in her size upon returning home from extended business trips. Even at the dinner table, I would be amazed at the amount of food she could eat, and the fact that she always had ample room for several portions of desert.

As time went on, her eating habits continued to change to adapt to her growing size, and appetite. It seemed that three regularly scheduled, and substantial, meals per day were becoming insufficient to sustain her. As such, she began snacking between meals. I first noticed this when I came home for dinner and found her eating the last few bites of a frozen personal pizza that she had warmed-up for herself. Later, I noticed her occasionally having a sandwich between meals during the weekends (not to mention her snacking on the chocolates and sweets throughout the day that I continued to keep in ample supply throughout the apartment). On occasion, she even visited the kitchen in the middle of our nightly sex games to have an extra helping of dessert. At first, I figured that she was just getting hungry early and that she would be eating less during her regular meals. Much to my surprise, and pleasure, this was not the case. In fact, any time she had a snack between meals, she always ate all of her normal helpings at her next regular meal, if not more!

It was not long before she had outgrown the full range of clothes that she had dieted out of, and needed to start buying new clothing in sizes that she never needed before. As she had grown accustomed to wearing the latest styles at her reduced size, she was somewhat disappointed with the styles of clothing that were available to her at her new size. Although some of the chain stores for larger women did carry stylish clothing, she did not care for them, as they typically did nothing to flatter her new, and considerably larger, figure. This problem was soon rectified when she sought for, and located, a seamstress who would make any dress she wanted. She then began to purchase some of the most stylish, and expensive, dresses at the malls, in sizes that were a fraction of what she required, just to have them replicated in the sizes she needed by her seamstress. The sales-girls and cashiers in the high-priced shops where she bought the dresses often laughed behind her back and gave her looks that said, "Like you'll ever fit into that dress!" But she never noticed. In fact, she was more than happy to spend upwards of $200 on a dress that she couldn't even squeeze into, and an additional $50 to $150 more to have a replica made that was many sizes larger. Although the cost of her new wardrobe was astronomical, she looked magnificent in every one of her custom made outfits.

When she reached the 300-pound mark the imminence of future, and significant, changes to her life were becoming more apparent and prevalent. She seemed to be very aware of her new stature and was never bothered by the changes that she needed to make to accommodate it. In fact, now matter how significant the changes were, she readily accepted and easily adapted to them. The most obvious example of this was the way she accepted the rapid passing of marks on the scale. Not only did they not bother her, it often seemed that she became aroused by the fact that she had gained another five pounds, or more! Another change was one that I would have never predicted. This was the frequent increase to her sex drive that seemed to coincide with her frequent, and significant, weight increases. This was evidenced by the fact that she was now the initiator of sex, where previously I was, and once initiated, she was the dominant partner and most eager to please. She even became aroused by my need to provide her with assistance to get into, or out of, her sexy negligees. This became necessary when the large accumulations of fat on her body made it extremely difficult for her to do so without considerable help from me. Finally, and of greater significance and impact to her life, were the persistent increases of her appetite that had occurred over time. Not only was she needing to eat more during her regular meals to satisfy her increasing appetite, she also needed to increase the amount of snacking she did throughout the day. By now, she was regularly snacking between meals, and some of those snacks had become mini-meals. Where she would formerly only eat one personal pizza or a simple sandwich as a snack, now she was having two, and sometimes three, slices of a regular pizza, or an entire hero sandwich! The results of this were further, more substantial, and more frequent increases to her already exorbitant weight.

She was soon well passed the 300-pound mark, and had lost any remaining inhibitions she had about her size. She became more meticulous about her appearance, and started making weekly appointments at the local hair and nail salon for every thing from perms and makeovers, to manicures and pedicures. The thing that was most surprising, and enjoyable for me, was her choice of clothing styles. Since she discovered her seamstress the styles of clothing she wore changed from most flattering to outrageous. In fact, some of the styles were such that they would normally only be worn by daring women that were a fraction of her size. She was now well beyond purchasing store-bought clothes, and was having all her clothing made to her own specifications. Of course, the cost of doing this was far more than what she was paying before to have dresses simply replicated, but the results were well worth it. In fact, everything was custom-made specifically to accentuate every curve of her jumbo figure. Her skirts and dresses were exceedingly short to display her thick, and now bulging, thighs and calves, and her blouses and sweaters were very low cut to flaunt her excessive cleavage. As her remarkable appetite was always a neglected part of the measurements taken when she ordered a new set of clothing, most, if not all, of her new outfits were tight fitting from the moment she received them. As this only served to exhibit more of her rotund figure, she and I never complained. As a result, every one of her skirts and dresses stretched across her huge round ass, and all of her sweaters and blouses only emphasized her balloon size breasts and enormous Buddha belly. To top everything off, she even had several bikinis made that she wore at the pool or to the beach, which were exceptional attention grabbers! Her enormous breasts constantly threatened to fall out of the tiny bikini tops, and her humongous ass and thighs were fully exposed and exaggerated by the skimpy thong bottoms. Anytime we went out, friends and strangers alike were astonished by her enormous size. While her complete lack of modesty and obvious desire for overindulgence were visibly appalling to other women, other men were typically stricken with awe at the first sight of her. No matter where we went, other men ogled her abundant figure, while their facial expressions divulged their lustful thoughts of her and envy of me. Anytime she went out alone, other guys would consistently follow her, or directly approach her to ask her out on a date. No matter what line or tactic they tried, she always flatly turned them down. In fact, each incident only served to increase her commitment to me, and bolstered her own self-esteem.

About the time she was approaching 350-pounds mark, I decided to make her my wife. I remember the night I proposed very well. It was one year since we had met, and she was nearly twice the woman she was then. We had our dinner downstairs, and we sat at our regular table. I always loved watching her eat, but that night was very special. Like an artisan, she skillfully worked her way through three appetizers, a double order of the veal special, and a single order of pasta dish in a cheese sauce. I eagerly waited as she placed forkful after forkful of the fattening dishes into her mouth with her plump fingers. With every morsel taken, I watched her sumptuous lips as she eagerly chewed and swallowed her dinners. After she ordered her third helping of dessert, I presented her with a three-carrot diamond ring and popped the question. She immediately said, "Yes!" just as her order arrived. We then planned our entire wedding in the next ten minutes, ordered a cheesecake to go, and went upstairs for an extra special night of sex games.

Two weeks later, we were married by a justice of the peace. She wore a dress that could barely contain her abounding and well-proportioned figure, and we left immediately for a two-week Caribbean cruise. Although the cruise had ample activities, and stops available for sightseeing, our scale back home bared testimony to what activity she partook in most. In fact, it was on our return home that she discovered our scale to be inadequate as the dial was now reading beyond the 350-pound mark and displayed her impressive weight to be a meager 6 pounds. Our next scale was ordered from a medical catalog, and at $850 was the most expensive in-home model available. I initially thought it a bit excessive for our needs, but later decided that it was the best quality and well worth the money. It also went up to 600 pounds! By now, the slightest hint of dieting was absent from my beautiful wife's thoughts. Furthermore, she was now eating far more than I had ever imagined she could, or would. At the dinner table, she was now unabashedly helping herself to third and sometimes fourth helpings, and some of her snacks were now becoming full meals. In fact, it had become common for me to come home from work and find an empty pizza box on the kitchen counter, and subsequently watch her devour her typical dinner. She even started to bring food into the bedroom and was regularly snacking between, and sometimes during, our rounds of erotic sex games.

As more time passed, I found that her new eating habits were causing her to gain weight at an alarming rate. In fact, I was now often shocked at the increase in her size upon returning home from even the shortest of business trips. Furthermore, as her weight continued to increase at an accelerated rate, so did her appetite for sex. She was now the sole initiator or our sex acts, and more eager to please than ever before. She loved the fact that I was aroused by her ample supply of fat, and was always trying to find new ways to please me with her abundant figure. She even began including food in our sex games as way of enticing me. Over time, this had a profound affect on her appetite as the association only served to strengthen her already steadfast preoccupation with food.

The end result of this association was a vicious circle that only served to continuously increase her appetites for food and sex. As food was now erotic, preparing and eating it made her quite amorous, and since our sex acts included food, eating became a substitute for sex when I was not around. Bottom line, whenever I wasn't around, the more she ate the hornier she got, and the hornier she got, the more she ate. When I was around, I was the sole beneficiary of her sexual desires and only needed to indulge her to reinforce the cycle.

Given all the forces that were driving her to eat, it wasn't long before my lovely wife was crushing the scales at a whopping 400 pounds. Although I didn't mind this a bit, her significant size did begin to create some issues around the house. Much of our furniture was not designed to support a person of her weight. Similarly, several doorways in the house had become too small for her sizable girth. At this point, I arranged to have extra supports installed on all the furniture and all doorways made wider. I even replaced most of our living room furniture, whose springs had become long worn and sagged beyond repair, with custom built furniture that could survive the weight of an elephant and would not make her feel so large. I even invested in a full size Cadillac to ensure her comfort during her two-minute commutes to and from her job, beauty parlors, and especially the food markets.

Shortly after passing the 400-pound mark, she was demoted at her job at the bakery from salesgirl to stock-clerk. This was due to the fact that her jumbo size made it difficult to reach for boxes and that she was forever growing out of her uniforms. Although her hours became long and early, she would never leave the house without ever-faithfully applying her blubbery lips to my joystick. Around the same time, I was promoted to a better paying position that required a great deal more travel than was required of me before. This proved to be quite fortunate as it provided me with ample opportunities to spend time with other women that were considerably slimmer than my wife, say only 300 pounds. In fact, at one time I managed to keep relationships going with at least three other fat women, all of who weighed less than 400 pounds and were most appreciative of my company.

As time went by my wife continued to gain more weight with each passing week. Often I could not believe how incredibly beautiful she had become and how her body managed to retain its complete firmness and shapeliness. What was even more unbelievable is how much she reveled in her own size and how she loved to display it so proudly. She continuously kept her wardrobe of skimpy clothing up to date and was always adding to it with larger sizes that were even more daring than her older and much smaller ones. Even though she always had enough new clothing on hand, she loved squeezing into clothes that she had long grown out of. She especially loved to see the expression on my face when the outfits she wore at the dinner table would literally split at the seams. Whenever this happened, she always let out the cutest giggle and made some comment like, "Oh my! That's the third time that's happened this week!"

Over time, food shopping for my wife's appetite had become a monumental chore. It seemed that keeping her appetite satiated required a great amount of attention, and money. There came a time when we were filling two shopping carts of food per week. The local grocer loved our weekly visits and we often had them order several special and hard to find items that were priced accordingly. After some time, she discovered, and fell in love with, one of those supermarket warehouses that sells everything in bulk quantities. As the weeks went by, she became a good customer there and the stock boys were most eager to help her load up the car with her weekly purchases. Although she tipped them well, I suspect they had other reasons for providing their assistance. She typically wore outfits that revealed more cleavage than most well endowed women had, and tight skirts and red high-heel shoes that only served to accentuate her now enormous calves and thighs. Often the stock boys offered to assist by pushing around an extra shopping cart or two. Isle after isle, they would ogle her impressive figure while they were waiting for their chance to catch a glimpse of her humongous breasts whenever she had to bend over to reach for a something. With all of this help, she was soon checking out three and four shopping carts instead of two and nearly filling the car to its capacity. When I saw that this was continuing, I decided to invest in a full size custom-van, which was build for comfort. This ensured that her shopping habits would not be restricted by the capacity of our vehicle. Since she had become attached to the Cadillac, I decided to let her keep it to provide her with regular transportation, while I used to van during the week.

When she was spending in excess of $300 per week on food staples alone, I decided to convert our existing kitchen into a den and built her a new kitchen. The new one provided her with every modern convenience possible. It had ample storage to support her weekly trips to the market, a refrigerator large enough for a restaurant, ample counter space for her to prepare meals on, and lots of open space to not be confining for her extra large figure. Having every possible amenity readily available had its impact on my wife's already altered lifestyle. She had learned to be quite the princess and didn't have a worry in the world. As a result, she became completely uninhibited about her size, appetite, and sexual desires. Since all of our amenities were designed for someone twice, and in some cases three times, her size, she had no trouble moving about the house, or going out to go food shopping or to the beauty salon. She maintained four closets of her custom made clothes, in sizes that she could barely squeeze into, and always kept a few garments around that were a size or two larger. Our basement had become littered with tens of thousands of dollars worth of her old clothing that she had long grown out of and could not give away due to their outrageous styles that no other women of her stature would even think of wearing. Even our bedroom was extra plush with ample storage space for snacks, and we slept in a custom built bed with steal supports that could only attempt to make her feel small.

Her new kitchen provided her with every convenience possible and allowed her to easily prepare her regular daily meals. The overall effect of all this was her continued and increased overindulgence that resulted in rapid, and non-stopping, increases to her weight. Every time I thought that she had stopped growing, her current clothing began to burst at the seams from her recent gains. Each time this started to occur, she made an appointment with her seamstress to have a complete new wardrobe established before she would grow out of her existing one. Since she was gaining weight at an even faster rate now, it never took very long for her to outgrow anything new that she received.

By now her sexual desires had increased to the point where I was finding it difficult to keep up with her. As time went on I could only wonder how much fatter she could become and if there would come a time when I could no longer satisfy her seemingly unyielding appetites for food and sex. In the mean time, all I could do was anticipate her every need, provide her with anything she wanted, and watch our food and clothing bills skyrocket as she continued to grow and grow and grow.

By the time she reached the 450-pound mark, her body had grown to proportions that I had never thought possible. Every part of her body had become unimaginably fat, while her skin remained soft and clear. Her ass had exploded into a huge expanse that seemed to go on forever and her hips had grown so wide that she could barely fit into any of our oversized armchairs. Whenever she walked she was forced to waddle due the thickness of her blubbery thighs, and when she did walk, her entire body jiggled with every step she took. I always loved to watch her moving around the house and especially enjoyed the swaying of her hips when she waddled around. What was most impressive about her movement was the way the floorboards would groan under her impressive weight.

By now her face had grown considerably fuller, her double chin had already tripled, and her cheeks showed the formation of jowls. Her hands and fingers had also become laden with fat and her upper arms had become full and bloated. Although she had become completely infatuated with food and sex, I had become completely infatuated with her body. Although I loved every inch of her enormous body, her tits were the piece de resistance. In fact, her breasts had grown to be the size of watermelons with aureoles the size of desert plates and nipples the size of acorns. They probably would have hung down as far as her snatch had they not been so proudly supported by her enormous stomach. Her nipples had grown to be extremely sensitive and she was easily aroused by even the slightest touch. Whenever we had sex, she loved to smother me in her vast cleavage while I would suck on her distended nipples, and cum with my face buried in her massive mammaries.

In addition to providing me with great pleasure, her exceedingly endowed chest was often the source of much attention at her job. As all of her clothes were very tight, her shirts and dresses were constantly strained in their attempts to contain her tremendous tits. When she bent over, the significant weight of her breasts would further stretch her braziers and shirts, almost to the point of bursting! Whenever she went to put something away on a lower shelf, the enormity of her breasts, in combination with the extremely low-cut style tops that she wore, caused a sizable portion of her tit flesh to spill over the tops of her shirts. This created quite a spectacle that most of the male customers enjoyed watching.

As my wife's weight continued to increase passed the 450-pound mark, her body and lifestyle underwent further changes that were more profound then anything she had gone through previously. In fact, so significant were these changes that nothing could have prepared me for them. In retrospect, it almost seemed like all changes that she had undergone thus far were just insignificant preparations for what was to inevitably occur.

While her entire body continued to swell very nicely in direct reaction to her eating habits, large rolls of fat began to form where there was previously only extra thick and fat laden skin. This was especially evident on her back, neck, and under her arms. Although her forearms and calves had long since been laden with fat, now her wrists and ankles had given way to accumulating the stuff. Even her fingers and toes began to look more like thick sausages. The impact of these changes to her life was even more dramatic than the changes themselves. The extra weight and rolls of fat made it difficult for her to do many of her everyday chores. Getting dressed required a good deal of extra time, and assistance, and all of her movements became slow and methodical. Walking was becoming increasingly difficult due to the sheer size of her thighs, which by now were wider than most women's waists, and getting up from the couch became a monumental chore. There even came a time when bending over proved to be a difficult task. This was due to the significant weight of her magnificent breasts, and the fact that she could barely keep herself balance when she tried.

While I was astounded by these changes, she accepted them as though they were second nature. She was completely undaunted about keeping up her appearance. Her entire wardrobe was kept up to date and she even made a point to visit the beauty parlor at least twice a week. Although she did continue to maintain a set of bikinis in sizes that she could barely fit into, she did stop wearing them in public. This was due to the fact that the strings were barely strong enough to provide her ponderous breasts with the support they required. She did, however, continue to wear them for me, along with her outrageous negligees that she could barely squeeze into.

Shortly after she surpassed the 500-pound mark, she was fired from her job at the bakery. This was not only due to the fact that she could barely perform her job's responsibilities, but additional because she was constantly eating all the profits. Although I was unsure of how this would affect her, she managed it well just like everything else that was changing in her life. She quickly adapted to a life of staying home, and began to focus on her hobby of cooking. In fact, her days became filled with preparing all types of rich and fattening dishes, which she always, and promptly, ate afterwards. Over time, she experimented with a variety of dishes and was quickly becoming better than the chefs at some of our favorite restaurants. Of course, this new found interest in her hobby only aided in the increases in her size.

Very quickly, she found that her cooking habits required her to go shopping more. As a result of this and her in ability to move about as well as she did before, she began to do her food shopping by phone. Nearly every day, she was on the phone placing her order for 30 minutes, and two hours later a delivery truck would bring by several boxes of fresh supplies.

Within a matter of weeks, her hobby became a full time job. Her appetite had now grown to the point that she was required to perpetually prepare meals for herself throughout the day. Her day would start out with an enormous breakfast that lasted until 11. She then moved into making herself a multi-course lunch, which lasted until 2 or 3PM. It was then time for dinner, and immediately after that came supper. By the time I got home from work, she was already well into her third helping of supper, and looking forward to one or two more. Supper was always followed by several helpings of pastries and cakes, which were all homemade and especially rich and fattening. By the time we were ready for bed she would already have prepared herself at least one late night snack, which was typically on par with one of her normal dinner helpings.

Even though she was preparing and consuming enough food to feed an army throughout the day, she continued to have plenty of room for more at night. The bedroom was packed with snacks, cakes, and pastries, and she had become quite adept at consuming healthy portions between and during our nightly sex binges. Between bouts of sex, she sat-up in bed and readily helped herself to plate after plate of snacks and desserts. While I eagerly fed them to her, she would egg me on by rubbing my stiffening joystick in preparation for our next round. During some of our sex acts, she would often stuff herself with goodies while I would be stuffing her with my throbbing cock. One of our favorites was a doggy style position where she would eat slice after slice of an entire cake with her hands, while I would be pumping her from behind. The reward of bringing her to an orgasm just as she was finishing the last piece was especially exciting for me, and always brought me to a significant climax.

Needless to say, her newfound hobby, and accompanying meal schedule and eating habits had resulted in even greater weight gains. By now she was growing out of her new wardrobes at an alarming rate, and our already exorbitant food and clothing bills were mounting at a staggering rate. Top make matters worse, she started ordering food in on the weekends, from several local restaurants, and would eat while her seamstress would take her now weekly measurements. Even though the seamstress worked late into Saturday night and through Sunday to finish some pieces, by Monday morning they would already be tight due to my wife's present rate of weight gain.

At her latest rate of growth, it wasn't long before she had passed the 550-pound mark and had achieved a significantly greater appetite level to match. In fact, her appetite was now so great that her rate of cooking could not keep up with it. Once she finished with one several course meal, she would not be satisfied and would often order out for more while she began preparing her next meal. Although our kitchen was plenty big for her, the sheer size of her enormous body made it difficult for her to move about with any speed. As time went by she became more and more dependent on the local restaurants to satisfy her appetite, until she had finally grown so accustomed to eating their foods instead of her own that she eventually gave up cooking for herself. Once that occurred, she became totally dependent on the local restaurants and bakeries, and was ordering everything in. During the course of any day, at least a-dozen delivery boys stopped by the house to bring her several portions of her favorite dishes. She even had her ex-employer come in on a daily basis to stock the house with an ample supply of cakes and sweets. When I returned from home each night, I would find the house littered with empty takeout trays and boxes, and her in the bedroom working her way through a banquet of food just waiting to be consumed.

By now my lovely wife had become an eating machine, and was completely enthralled with food, sex, and her ever-growing body. As her new appetite and size made it difficult for her go keep up with the cleaning, and keep her hair and nail appointment, she took the liberty of hiring a cleaning company to remove the debris from our apartment on a daily basis. She even hired a beautician who came in every morning to do her hair, nails, and makeup. This gave her ample opportunity to catch up on some eating so she wouldn't be so overbearingly hungry by each day's end, and would have ample time for late night activities with me.

Given her newfound appetite and desires for food, it wasn't long before my quarter ton plus love machine managed to surpass the markings on or new scale. Upon returning home from a rather lengthy business trip, during which I managed to spend time with women who were, considerably slimmer, only 250 to 300 pounds, I found my beautiful wife sprawled out on the living room floor finishing the last few bites of her 6th pizza pie. Surprisingly she was only wearing a robe and wasted no time in struggling to her feet to greet me. After waddling over to me and giving me a big wet kiss, she informed me that she had a big surprise for me. She then removed her oversized robe and revealed a sight that almost had me cumming in my pants. In the time that I was away, she had managed to make the most impressive weight gain ever! She had grown to be bigger than I had ever dreamed she could be! Her breasts seemed to have doubled in size, and now billowed out from the space formed by her recently swollen and now pig-butted arms, and significantly larger Buddha belly. All of this was set on top of her beautifully swollen ass and hips, which were now indistinguishably separated from her barrel size thighs.

After regaining my composure, I immediately complimented her on just how beautiful she looked, at her new size and weight, which I could hardly wait to find out. She then looked at me with great satisfaction and informed me that she had an even bigger surprise for me later. She then pushed me into a chair with her superior weight, and while pinning me down with her colossal tits, unzipped my fly with her fat greedy fingers. She then applied her fat hungry mouth and blubbery lips to my joystick and sucked seemingly quarts of cum from me. When she had finished, she let out a soft moan and patted her huge belly with tremendous gratification. She then struggled to her feet again and led me down the hall to our customized bathroom. With every step she took, her entire body shimmied and jiggled while her huge ass swayed from side to side. While she walked, I noticed that her girth almost entirely occupied the width of the hall and that she had to struggle to get her enormous thighs past each other. This was most evident by the huge and pendulous sway of her enormous hips.

As I eagerly followed her down the hall, I could not keep myself from running my hands over her mountainous rump. I can clearly remember wanting to grab onto her and smothering myself in her vast and new accumulations of fat. As she entered the bathroom, I could see that she purchased a custom built scale. As she walked toward it I could not help noticing how our super-sized and custom-built commode and hot tub seemed to be dwarfed by her new girth. When she stepped onto the scale with her corpulent feet, my heart skipped a beat as it creaked under her excessive weight. When the scale leveled off and displayed an impressive 659 pounds, I made some quick calculations and determined that in the 30 days I was away, she had managed to gain an impressive 59 pounds! This showed that she had gained nearly an average of 2 pounds per day, while I was enjoying the company of women that didn't weigh half of her new weight.

After being totally awe-struck by her significant achievement, she whispered in my ear that she was ready to show me the bigger surprise and I eagerly followed her swaying hips as she waddled down the hall again. The entire way I could hear the floorboards groan under her feet as she waddled to our bedroom. Upon entering the room, I could not comprehend what I was seeing. The entire room was stocked from floor to ceiling with cakes and desserts, the likes of which I had never seen before. As I stood in the doorway struck with awe, she approached me with her ponderous body and led me over to our super-size bed where she pushed me down with her superior weight. After sitting down beside me, which caused the bed to sag significantly under her considerable bulk, she began to caress my already stiff joystick with her fat, pudgy fingers. She told me "I wanted to make your weekend home a memorable one, so I bought-out the contents of four bakeries this morning, and I intend to eat every last morsel of food with your help feeding it to me and washing it down." With that, she took my hand and moved it over her swollen breasts and distended stomach, and proceeded to push me down further on the bed. As she leaned over me, her jumbo breasts grew even larger as they dangled from her fat chest. Just the thought of having her huge bulk lying on top of me was incomprehensive, but the actual movement of her giant breasts and colossal girth over me was absolutely breathtaking. As she moved over me, I began to fondle her breasts, neither one of which could be contained by both of my hands, and must have weighted well over 50 pounds each. As she settled on top of me, she lowered one of her breasts into my face and let out a moan as I began to suck on her huge nipple that seemed to fill my entire mouth. I could then feel the remainder of her breast resting on my face, and almost suffocating me, as the heaviness of her bloated belly settled on my chest and stomach! . When the remainder of her significant weight pressed against me I could feel her blubbery hands guiding my extra stiff rod between her gargantuan thighs, and into her warm and wet pussy. When her vast accumulation of fat had finally enveloped my body, I could feel myself being pushed further into the mattress by her monumental weight. When she began to heave her massive hips and ass, my joystick eagerly slipped in and out of her warm pussy while I explored and squeezed what I could reach of her body with my hands. It wasn't long before I shot my load into her warm chasm and she let out a long and very loud moan of pleasure. So strong was her orgasm that it continued for several minutes, and with every spasm, her huge body quivered and quaked like a giant waterbed.

After pulling her huge breast away from my face and giving me a warm kiss with her blubbery lips, she told me "All this exercise has made me SOOOOO HUNGRY! Especially since my late afternoon snack was interrupted!" She then rolled her colossal bulk off of me, rubbed her distended stomach and said, "I'm ready anytime you are!" I immediately fetched her the largest cake I could find. Not surprisingly, I didn't have to go far. I found a sheet-cake-sized cheesecake that was several inches thick. After bringing it over to the bed where she was eagerly waiting for me, she pulled out a large fork and began to devour it as though the entire cake was a single slice. As she ate, she made soft moans of satisfaction, and became visibly and increasingly aroused with every mouthful. After several forkfuls, she used one had to rub my already stiffening cock while she continued to eat with the other.

In what seemed to be only minutes, she managed to consume the entire cake and my now rock hard cock was ready to burst. As I watched her head going down, I couldn't stop thinking about how much she would really eat, and most of all, how much she would weigh afterwards. In no time she brought me to climax and sucked more cum from me than had ever been discharged before. Without batting an eyelash she requested another helping and I immediately fetched her another cake. The remainder of the weekend was spent much the same way, her consuming cake after cake after cake, while I explored her massive bulk. We periodically took breaks while she tried on her latest outrageous and custom-made negligees. As the weekend went on, they became noticeably tighter and tighter until one split open while she was eating. When this happened, all she could say was "Oh well, there goes another eighty dollar nightgown. I guess the other seven I had made for this weekend won't fit anymore either."

By early Monday morning, she managed to finish everything in sight and exhibited signs of wanting more. After our final love making session, she got up and moved her enormous bulk to the kitchen and opened our industrial size refrigerator where she was keeping a final bonus. She removed two five gallon tubs of ice cream, took a large spoon from the drawer, sat at the kitchen table, and proceeded to consume one tub after the other. After washing this down with several quarts of heavy cream, she patted her bloated belly and let out a soft sigh of satisfaction. She then said "Gee, that was a great snack! I can hardly wait for breakfast." With that, I helped her to her feet and followed her down the hall to the bathroom. When she finally got to the scale, I could not believe my eyes. She weighed in at a whopping 688 pounds! Over our extended weekend, she had managed to gain an additional 29 pounds! As I stood next to her, dwarfed by her tremendous girth and astonished at her significant achievement, she began to stroke my stiffening rod and led me back into our bedroom. The whole way down the hall I caressed her colossal buttocks and thighs as I was nearly hypnotized by the swaying of her hips and the jiggling of her fat. The remainder of our day was spent exploring her vast accumulations of blubber while she brought me to new levels of sexual ecstasy.

After that weekend, our lives were never the same. Her appetite became incessant and there was rarely a minute in the day when she could stop eating. Each night I would return home to learn of the weight that she had gained during the day and she was always sporting a new outfit that never had a chance to get worn a second time. Within a matter of weeks she had passed the 750-pound mark and showed no signs of stopping there!

Sex with my quarter-ton-plus love machine began to have its challenges since standard positions were becoming increasingly. It seemed that whenever she assumed the bottom position, the weight of her own breasts made it difficult for her to breathe, and whenever I assumed the bottom position, I would found it difficult to breathe due her exorbitant weight. We did enjoy experimenting with many new positions and she continued to provide me with the best oral sex of my life.

When she was crushing the scales at 800-pounds, things that were once simple to do had become major chores. Walking was becoming increasingly difficult, not only due to her colossal weight, but because her massive thighs made it almost impossible for her to move them past each other. Her days were spent either eating in bed or on the couch. Her appetite now required a constant flow of food to be going into her, and the sheer weight of her arms made it difficult for her to continuously feed herself. Seeing how things were becoming so difficult, I decided that a new house was warranted. After meeting with several architects and contractors, I went forward with plans and built a new house that was designed to provide every amenity possible for a her person of her size, and larger. The finish product was a beautify ranch, without any stars for her to negotiate, and a solid cement floor that would not give under her immense weight. All of the rooms were enormous and the doorways and hallways were large enough to drive a car through. I even had a customized hot tub built that was 6 feet deep in the middle and 10 feet in diameter. Even the kitchen was setup like one in restaurant, and refrigerators and food cabinets were distributed liberally throughout the house.

After we moved in, I hired a full time cook to prepare meals and a maid to keep after the chores. My lovely wife spent most of her days in bed being served on hand and foot. She especially liked to spend hours in the hot tub, after which, she liberally applied oils and creams to her rolls of fat in an effort to stave off stretch marks and cellulite. Although I felt that these attempts were all in vein, her body did retain the same firmness that it had when she weighed hundreds of pounds less.

Today, my beautiful wife threatens to pass the 950-pound mark. She has grown to be a giant mountain of fat and rarely gets out of bed due to the extreme effort involved and the lack of any need, or desire, to do so. When lying in bed, she must sit in an inclined position since the weight of her own breasts make it impossible for her to breathe when she lies on her back. I approximate each breast to weigh at least 90 pounds and they have grown so large that she can no longer reach around them to feel her own shot-glass size nipples. I of course help her in that endeavor and especially enjoy applying her many lotions and creams. When she sits in bed, she nearly occupies all of it, and the significant width of her thighs force her legs to be perpetually spread apart. Her ass is now humongous and provides ample padding between her and the mattress. Even her back has giant rolls of fat that provide additional cushioning for her. On the few opportunities she gets to lie on her distended stomach, I enjoy climbing on top of her and fucking the enormous crevice formed by her bloated but-cheeks.

As she continues to have a steady stream of food brought to her throughout the day, she continues to grow bigger and fatter each day and my attraction to her increases with every pound gained. As she eats her meals well into the night, I often spend hours caressing her massive breasts, legs, or stomach while she brings me to new levels of sexual ecstasy. Even though normal sex positions have long since been impossible, she still continues to provide me with the best oral sex of my life in addition to other creative styles that we have invented. One of my favorites is a special type of doggy style which allows me to pump my joystick into her fat pussy, while looking over her immense ass and watching her vast accumulations of fat roll like giant waves over her behemoth body.

When it is time for me to sleep, I cuddle up next to her and she continues to feast till the wee hours of the morning. When she finally does fall asleep, it is not for long since her incessant appetite awakens her and she continues to gorge herself.

We have recently experimented with liquid nutritional substitutes as a mean of getting her now insatiable appetite satisfied. Although she has been capable of drinking the thick fluids faster than she can eat solid foods, she must several gallons rather quickly to become filled. Even then, it is not long before her appetite returns and demands another gallon or two! We with the ones provided by pharmaceutical companies, but quickly found that when they were garnished with lots of additional calories, starches, carbohydrates, and fats they were much more effective.

At this time, I anticipate her weight to surpass half a ton before the end of the year. As I sit here watching her devour the last bites of a 25-pound turkey, while our maid wheels in another hourly banquet of food, I can only imagine that we will soon need a much larger, and significantly stronger, bed soon! Judging by our weekly food bills of just over $2,000 clothing bills of well over $1000 per month, and the fees for keeping a staff of cooks and maids around, I expect to be broke by this time next year. As I contemplate what I will do when our money runs out, I can only estimate that she will weigh well over one ton by then. Whatever happens, I will find out just how big she is going to get sooner or later. I just liquidated $20,000 in assets and entered into an arrangement with a pharmaceutical company to mass-produce my improved version of their liquid nutritional supplement. My first order will be for 500 gallons and I anticipate that to last us a few months. To make it easier to ingest, I have contracted with a plumber to setup a special pumping mechanism that will deliver it in a tube to her bedside. The system will come complete with a knob that will allow her to adjust the rate of flow, of my-fat making formula, from 1 gallon per hour to 2 gallons per minute! Additionally, it will connect to a 30-gallon tub in the adjacent room that should provide an ample supply for her to snack on between meals. As I am putting my signature on the contract, she is giving me that look which suggests that she wants to wash down her recent meal with a healthy portion of cum. Although my balls are aching from the 7 previous rounds with her this evening, the thought of another one is already causing my cock to harden! Who am I do disappoint her?