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The Warrior and the Giant's Maidens
By Mack27

Golphar grinned broadly as he surveyed the scene before him. The mighty Giant who had plagued his people for generations lay slain at his feet. His village no longer need fear his raids. No longer would his village be deprived of its food stores, its best livestock and its most beautiful maidens. By his wits and his strong sword arm Golphar had won out where countless before him had failed.

“To the victor go the spoils!” Golphar said to the wind. He entered the giant's lair, where he would claim the riches and treasures horded there over the centuries. It was a large cave the giant carved into the side of a mountain. Golphar carefully wound his way deeper and deeper inside, avoiding pitfalls and mantraps as he went.

At last Golphar stumbled into the treasure room and was awestruck by the riches he beheld. Gold was piled higher than ten men against the walls. Chests and buckets full of precious gems were littered about, coins as old as coins get as deep as his waist, and jewelry that must have been worn by ancient lords and ladies of old. Golphar could not believe his good fortune; with this treasure he could buy kingdoms for himself! Then he saw her, a womanly beauty without equal in his experience.

Her radiance seemed to outshine the wondrous treasure; her beauty was staggering, almost unearthly. She gazed at him with big forever eyes and spoke, “Pray sir, would you join me and my sisters for supper? We would be most grateful for the company.” She smiled invitingly and turned showing her profile. Gracefully, not seemingly intentionally, she thrust her perfect breasts forward as she waited for him to follow her. Golphar's feet were moving as if of their own volition.

Golphar followed her, hopelessly enchanted, his warrior instincts defeated by her wiles. They entered a dining hall where her two sisters waited. The resemblance was striking, but they weren't identical, hair color varied slightly and facial features while all impossibly beautiful, differed. They sat him down, all three lovingly touching him, whispering to him, rubbing against him, nuzzling him. Then they began to feed him. For the first time Golphar noticed the massive feast layed before him. He didn't resist; the food was delicious, the best he'd ever had, and killing giants took a lot out of you, after all.

He ate for hours. Every time he felt full the maidens would pour the sweetest of ales down his throat and he'd miraculously have room for more of the feast.

Still eventually, he'd had enough and was hungry for something else. Golphar grabbed the blondest of the maidens to him and kissed her while fondling her breasts. She didn't resist, and the next thing he knew the others had joined in. They lay him back on the fur rug and took turns mounting and suckling his ready cock. He fell asleep, delirious with pleasure and exhaustion after several orgasms.

He awoke the next morning with a terrible hunger in his belly. He patted it and was dumbfounded. His gut was nearly as big the old fat man he and his friends used to poke fun at. He had a little difficulty standing up and was shocked that he couldn't see his own feet. The rest of him had softened, too; his once finely chiseled arms and legs were now obscured by a layer of fat! Before he could worry about it too much, the maidens were upon him again. They patted him lovingly, kissed him all over and led him back to the feast table. Golphar couldn't resist; he desperately needed to eat.

The maidens giggled as they helped him glut himself in another marathon feast. One even encouraged him to eat more by sucking his cock, but only while was chewing and swallowing food. If he stopped eating, she stopped sucking. This went on for what seemed like all day until Golphar again had finally had enough.

The maidens were happy with him, they told him he was doing so well. They rewarded him with another session of mounting and sucking him; dimly Golphar noticed that they had to push his belly up in order to get to his cock - he was getting huge! But he didn't feel like thinking about it and Golphar once again fell asleep into blissful exhaustion.

A week of this passed and Golphar sat in a huge partially reclined throne-like piece of furniture. He was too big now to move on his own. It was even tiring for him to move his arms; the maidens fed him most of his food now. His mountainous belly jutted proudly forward, obscuring his legs and nearly touching his toes. Passing moments of sadness would wash over him as he realized he would never buy his kingdoms, would never be lauded as the conquering hero for killing the giant. But they were quickly washed away by the maidens. Even the sight of them was more pleasure than he'd experienced in his entire previous life. They came to him with a sad look on their faces. It pained him to see them thus. He adored them so much; they brought him so much pleasure.

The one he'd first met spoke, “Noble sir, we've come to love you more than any others who've fallen into our trap. We feel we owe you the truth, and our duty will not be compromised because you can no longer escape. We are Hulder-Maidens given to the giant as part of a non-aggression pact with the Faerie. The Giant is our master, and we are his most clever trap for those who would covet his treasure. We pleasure and fatten men until our master returns. His favorite meal is very fat human men. He will like you indeed. We know not when the master will return; he is sometimes gone for months.” She paused at the mirthful look on Golphar's face. “Noble sir, are you not distressed by this news?”

Golphar tried to contain his mirth and keep a straight face, “How could I be distressed with the company of three such as you. Let us enjoy what time we have; the giant will come when he comes. I'm hungry, will you feed me?”

The three maidens beamed with happiness and said in unison, “Of course we'll feed you, we LOVE to feed you, we were MADE to love and feed you!”

And the maidens did continue to love and feed Golphar in blissful ignorance of the fact that their master would never come back, but had in fact been slain by the subject of their adoration. He, in fact, lived far longer than a normal man due to the Hulder magic wielded by the maidens. He grew to a point where his girth rivaled even that of the giant. After many years Golphar died happy in his sleep; he was but mortal and the maiden's magic could not sustain him forever, for somehow he had never forfeited his soul.

The maidens are still waiting for their master to return, even after all these millennia. Maybe you will be the one to find the cave with treasure enough to buy nations. But will you be able to resist the maidens?