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When Love Is Thin

Part Three

Being a skinny 117lb girl was great for her. But she wasn't sexually active back then; now, at 170 she had much potential. After my encouragement, basically to get her in the sack, she made it up to 170 pretty quickly. She had quite a belly, big boobs and a huge ass.

"Honey, I think I am gonna calm down on the eating thing."


"Well, I think 53 pounds is plenty! Look how swollen my belly is, I like the E-cups but everyone looks at me like a fatty."

"But you're my fatty, and you look hot, babe!"

"I am gonna lose this gut; I'll take the pill to try to keep my tits, but the 44-inch ass gets in the way too much."

I really loved those big hips, too.

She made an appointment to see the doc for the pill in a month and concentrated on not eating so much. So on went the weight loss - hey, every tale has it. The belly diminished, but the rest wasn't leaving. I think her slowing down was just stabilizing her weight. She wasn't losing, just not gaining. Her breasts looked bigger, and she became more of an hourglass. Just the way I like it, really. I was thinking about what the pill might do to change things. Plus sex without a condom seemed pretty cool.

Six weeks went by...

"Good Lord!"

"What's up, babe?" As I see her already staring at the scale and wincing.

"I have gained five more pounds!"

"Wow, what do you think it is?"

"The pill, it's made my body think it is pregnant."

"So your boobs will get even bigger?"

"Do you see the bra straining?"

Actually I could, under her shirt her melons were oozing out of her bra, like a bubble forming out of the cups.

"Wow! Anything else different?"

"Yeah, if I can't lose weight, I'm gonna stop starving myself."

"Ummm, ok, so you'll start out eating me again?"

"I did not out eat you!"

"Ha ha ha ha I know I know it's just fun to joke! Come on, let's make a feast to your happiness."

"You know a way to a woman's heart."

Three more weeks and 12 more pounds later...

AS she walked by I couldn't see the TV.

"Hey! Move that ass!"

She shook it violently at me.

Then she stopped, but it didn't.

What a plumper! 46" hips are really really big, especially when she had a 34-inch waist and a bust on the verge of EE!

"With Christmas coming I think I'll go nuts eating, then try to stabilize after the holidays, what do you think"

"Why do you want to GAIN weight, you are too moody about all this."

"Because I am tired of the fat stuff, if I get fat enough my family won't bug me to lose, they will just accept me as fat, then I can do what I want."

"Women have no sense of reason."

"Fuck you!"

"Now? here? ok!"


"Sorry about the woman crack - sheesh! Temperamental, are we?"

When I asked about what she wanted to eat on the 12 days of Christmas, she only replied turkey dinners.

"Gravy has the most calories and mashed potatoes are fatty as well. I want you to stuff me like I am the turkey."

"Your wish, babe, is my command."

There we were on the first day of Xmas, and she was eating already at 8am.

"Want a good start."

"Want me to start the turkey now?"

"Good idea! Get me some cheese and crackers to munch on and get me a Slim Fast!"

"I thought you were gaining!"

"I am, each of these puppies is a whole meal; I have had 3 already today!"

Bigger and rounder as the day went on.

Second day of XMAS


She sat on me in my sleep!

"Morning! I gained nine pounds yesterday. I am four shy of 200!"

"Is that when you are officially fat enough?"

"I told you after all the days of XMAS; this is day two!"

Well as the days went on she gained more and more. Day two was six pounds; day three, she complained about not seeing her feet. Day four, the problem was that the water in the tub didn't cover her tits and belly. By day seven, she was at 216 and in the end she was 234.

"You are the fattest girl I ever dated."

"Thanks, I look like a preggo."

We hugged; she was really soft and it was getting hard to wrap my arms around her. She looked twice the size when we started dating again almost a year ago, wait, she is twice her size! She was positively robust. Her belly was taut like a drum. Thighs and calves now touched; as a matter of fact, she had to sway all the time as she walked because her ass cheeks were so big! Her measurements were 44F-38-50. I knew her belly would go down a bit now that she reached her goal but damn!

The funniest part was the day she got in the tub and couldn't get out! She was so cute, I had to soap her up to get her out and that was quite erotic. Sex was better than ever, she was flexible, thank God since her thighs were so big. Taking her from behind (what a behind!) was really awesome; I could reach around and play with her humongous boobs. Every time she walked around the house she jiggled and that in turn would send vibration to her - well, you know - and make her horny again! We had sex at least 3 times a day!

Life was great, as was her size, and I wouldn't have it any other way.