Weight Room Title Bar

Wifey Takes A Cruise
by JLR

Melissa groaned as she lay flat on the bed, sucking in her stomach for all she was worth. The skin tight jeans were filled almost beyond capacity, and she struggled to close the zipper. She knew that the pants were way too small. In fact, she had worn them for several years since she was just a teenager. But she didn't want to reveal her weight "problem" to her fiancÚ Mark by shopping for new jeans. Mark never commented either positively or negatively about her weight, but she was terrified of putting on any more pounds than she had recently.

For several years, Melissa had enjoyed a completely unrestricted diet and never shown the effects. She remained a constant 112 pounds no matter how much or how little she ate. Regular helpings of cake and ice cream never caused her to gain even one pound, much to the incredible jealousy of her sister Tasha. Not that Tasha was by any means heavy at 135 pounds. In fact, Tasha had been the same height, weight and clothes size as Melissa up until 2 years ago. After she met Greg, however, she put on about 20 pounds and could no longer borrow most of Melissa's clothes. Now that they were married, Tasha's husband treated her like a queen and always had compliments for her looks, taste in clothes, and excellent home cooking. Melissa's fiancÚ also complimented her, and in fact showed no concern about her eating habits whatsoever. If anything, he heaped too much food on her plate or encouraged her to order rich meals and extravagant desserts when they went out to eat at a restaurant. Lately, this extra-rich eating had had an effect on Tasha, and she winced, recalling the fateful day when she stepped on the scale and it read a shocking 121 pounds.

Melissa didn't tell Mark about the recent weight gain, and vowed to lose the pounds quickly so it wouldn't be so difficult to wear tight jeans. She didn't think Mark had noticed the slight expansion of her belly or softening around her butt and thighs, but she didn't want to take the chance. "Next week I'm getting a membership at the gym," she vowed.


Mark came home from work with a huge grin on his face. Melissa knew something was up, and she pestered him until he finally broke down with the news: his firm's biggest client had given a huge bonus to several people that had completed a critical project in record-breaking time. To show her gratitude, the CEO of the client company had given each member of the project team an all-expenses paid Caribbean cruise, starting the following week! For twenty-one glorious days, Mark, Melissa, and the other project team members would accompany the lady CEO on one of the largest and most luxurious cruise liners on the planet. Of course, Mark could cancel if Melissa had any problems with the travel plans...

Melissa went wild. This was her life-long dream to go on a cruise, and she didn't even waste a second in preparation. She raced downstairs and grabbed the two largest suitcases and sprinted up to the bedroom. Ransacking every drawer and closet shelf, Melissa assembled a huge pile of clothes, evening outfits, swimsuits, shorts, t-shirts, and shoes to bring on the trip. Every imaginable item was piled into the suitcase. By the time she was ready for bed, Melissa had packed for the excursion and couldn't wait for the next few days to pass.


The cruise ship terminal was bustling with excitement and activity. Travelers in brightly colored shirts and Bermuda shorts scurried about with luggage carts in tow. Employees of the cruise line were busy giving directions, answering millions of questions, and encouraging the throng of vacationers to make their way toward the boarding area. Mark and Melissa waited expectantly. Since the announcement of the vacation for the project team, Mark had been informally elected as the team's representative and liaison with the lady CEO of the client company. "Ah, here she comes now," Mark exclaimed, and Melissa turned her head to try and identify the powerful lady executive out of the throng of tourists. She didn't see anyone that fit the bill. The only individual that caught her attention was an exceptionally fat woman that waded through the crowd with four overburdened porters in tow. The huge blond-haired lady extended her hand, and Mark appeared out of nowhere and kissed it delicately. The lady had a dazzling smile, and she turned to Melissa and spoke: "You must be Mark's lovely wife. I'm very pleased to finally meet you. My name is Victoria." Melissa shook Victoria's warm, graceful hand and mumbled something to the effect, "Pleased to meet you, I'm Melissa."

Melissa was shocked. This didn't look like any powerful executive that she had ever seen portrayed in the news or on fictional TV shows. For one thing, she was so...so...so FAT! Granted, she was exceptionally beautiful, and had an absolutely radiant smile, but how could anyone identify her as an authority figure? Her thoughts quickly evaporated, however, as Melissa quickly found herself left behind the wake of struggling porters that made up Victoria's entourage. "Oh my goodness, she must have 20 suitcases of clothes," Melissa thought to herself. "When is she ever going to have the chance to wear all that stuff?" Mark was instantly caught up in his enthusiastic conversation with the new arrival, and completely forgot about Melissa. Grabbing up her suitcases and carry bag, Melissa struggled after the crowd surrounding Mark and Victoria, and headed toward the baggage check-in area.

Once everyone had boarded, and Mark had ensured that Victoria was comfortably settled in her palatial accommodations on the Regency level of the ship, they headed toward their smaller cabin on the fourth level. A small porthole afforded a view of the harbor and shimmering ocean. There were two queen-sized beds, a mini-fridge stocked with complimentary refreshments, a bathroom with a small tub, and a television with VCR. The room was neat, clean and sweet-smelling. Mark investigated the mini-fridge and broke out a large Toblerone chocolate bar in its distinctive triangular box. "Here's to a great vacation!" Mark grinned enthusiastically, and offered pieces of the bar to Melissa. She took one piece only, despite Mark's encouragement, and reminded herself of the excess weight that she already had on her body at the start of the trip.


After watching from the rail as the ship departed, and seeing the city slowly fade into the distance as their journey began, Mark and Melissa had a quick nap in their room prior to the evening meal. Mark was visibly excited, and he informed Melissa that the food and drink on the trip would be out of this world. Melissa didn't exactly share his excitement, although she was absolutely starving. Over-consumption would be instantly recognizable the moment she tried to put on her clinging black evening dress or skimpy bikini.

At dinner, Mark and Melissa were seated at a table with Victoria and other couples placed at random from the steady stream of vacationers entering the dining room. The cruise line encouraged as much friendly interaction as possible, and tried to get people to vary their seating arrangements in order to meet new friends. Of course, if you were insistent you could sit with your friends and family, but Mark only was interested in sitting at Victoria's table. The other project team members were dispersed throughout the huge dining room.

The dinner was an absolute feast, but no matter how good the food looked, Melissa couldn't concentrate on eating. She was disturbed by the fact that Mark largely ignored her and focused all his attention on Victoria. Although she recognized that Mark was chosen to act as the primary liaison with the lady CEO, he seemed to be a little too fixated on her eating and the items that arrived for her at the table. Plate after plate of rich, extravagant food was laid down in front of Victoria, and she began to dig in immediately. She ate three whole lobsters drowned in a huge vat of melted butter. Plates of deep fried brie and fettucine alfredo quickly disappeared. There were other exotic, wonderful-looking entrees that arrived drenched in cream sauces or smothered in butter and they, too, disappeared. Mark was trembling slightly and had a dazed, far-off look in his eyes. Melissa wondered if maybe he was dealing with too much stress after completing the project, and now having to cater to the powerful CEO for the entire trip. She vowed to discuss the matter with him as soon as they had some privacy.

After dinner, drinks, and enduring more than an hour of Mark talking with Victoria and then watching in wide-eyed amazement as Mark danced with the full-figured CEO (Mark never danced with her!), Melissa had had enough. She was irritated, and didn't hide her frustration when they got back to the room. "What the hell is going on? All night long you have your eyes on this...this...this WOMAN, and you completely ignore me! She eats enough to feed the whole ship, and yet you seem to be eagerly watching her every move. Are you having an affair with her? How could you even consider cheating on me with HER when I've kept myself looking so good for you! How could you?" Melissa burst into tears.

Mark was red-faced and sheepish. He stammered nervously for a few seconds, then sighed and said, "There's something that I have to tell you. I've been keeping it a secret, but I guess I've been found out. I'm a feeder."

"A what?" Melissa stopped sobbing and lifted her head from the pillow. "What do you mean a feeder? What's that?"

"Well...um...it's someone who, uh, likes to see another person eat. A lot. Well, I mean both ways...that is, I like it A LOT to see someone eat a LOT. Know what I'm trying to say? It's just that, well, I find it so incredibly erotic to watch a woman eat. And the only one I know that likes to eat is Victoria. You used to eat and that kept me more than interested. But lately, well, you just haven't been eating much and I guess I got distracted. We spent so much time working on the project under very close conditions, and...well she ate continuously so I guess I got infatuated with watching her eat." Mark finished his confession and sat down in obvious embarrassment. Melissa was speechless. A feeder? She had never heard of such a thing. Well, not in real life anyway. She remembered seeing some cartoon when she was little about a misbehaving pig that got strapped to a chair and fed until it inflated like a balloon. But deriving satisfaction from watching a woman eat? Well, it was strange but somewhat of a relief that Mark hadn't been cheating on her. Or had he? "Well you still haven't answered my question, Mark. Have you cheated on me? If so, I'm off at the next port and I'll fly home!"

Mark reassured her that nothing physical had transpired between him and Victoria, and he wasn't even sure that the lady CEO even realized that he took so much pleasure in watching her eat. If she had noticed, she certainly hadn't said anything, Mark explained. Mark apologized profusely to Melissa and stated that he would be on his best behavior for the rest of the trip. That night, Melissa had strange and wonderful dreams about being strapped into a chair and fed pies and cakes until she swelled up like a balloon...


A knock at the door awoke Melissa, and she rolled over in bed. The clock on the table displayed 9:49 and Mark had already dressed and headed up for breakfast without waking her. "Just a minute," she groaned and wrapped a bathrobe around herself to open the door for the maid service. Except it wasn't the maid. It was Victoria in a <gasp!> bikini.

"Morning, hon, you look like you just got out of hibernation. Mind if I come in for a sec?" Victoria was already gliding past her, and Melissa - still in an early morning fog - didn't protest. Victoria sat on the edge of the unmade bed, her heavy breasts rippling and jiggling in the scanty bikini top. She folded her hands across her huge, pale smooth belly like a Buddha statuette with a platinum blonde wig. Melissa couldn't help noticing that for such a large, amply endowed woman, Victoria had virtually flawless skin with no stretch marks, moles, freckles, or visible birthmarks. In fact, she didn't even have characteristic cellulite dimples on her thighs or butt, that Melissa could see.

Victoria spoke matter-of-factly: "I would like to speak to you about your husband." Melissa raised an eyebrow but said nothing. The blonde Rubenesque goddess continued: "I have been watching his behavior, both in a professional and more personal setting, and I think that you should know that he might have a food fixation. Not that I mind, though, it's just that I draw the line when it comes to mixing business and pleasure. Especially when it's a married man." Victoria paused, smirked, and asked Melissa, "So how long have you known that your husband is a feeder? Are you a feedee? You sure don't look like one!" Victoria giggled like a schoolgirl.

Melissa was somewhat indignant. "Well, I've known for years that he's a feeder! Why, I've been gaining weight as a direct result of our *sensual* lovemaking sessions with food themes! I eat so much I'm buying new outfits every week!"

Victoria looked at her skeptically. "Really, Melissa? That's not the impression I get from this situation. Mark wouldn't be focused on me and my eating habits if you were accommodating his interests in at least the most basic fashion." Melissa frowned and tears welled in her eyes. "It's okay, honey, I can help you out," Victoria said soothingly. "I know how much you love Mark and I guarantee that, with a little coaching, his eyes will never stray from your body! Here's what we're going to do..."


Mark returned in the late afternoon after lounging at the poolside bar with some of the other project members. He had drank a few pina coladas over the course of the day, and was genuinely buzzed when he stumbled into the room. Nothing could have sobered him up faster than the sight that greeted him in the room.

Melissa lay stretched out on the devastated bed, covered in whipped cream, chocolate sauce and vanilla custard. At least a dozen platters of chocolate cream puffs, eclairs, and mousse pastries lay on every available surface in the room. The desserts looked absolutely scrumptious, and apparently Melissa had dug into them with fervor. Eight huge, empty platters were already stacked in the corner, their contents distributed between the bedsheets and Melissa's tummy. Melissa ladled heavy whipped cream out of a gargantuan stainless steel bowl, and slurped the rich oozing mixture with a mischievous grin. "Victoria showed me a few pointers on how to treat my man," Melissa purred. "Why don't you help me with some of these trays - they're a little out of my reach and I don't want to expend too much energy getting up all the time."

Mark leapt into action. Grabbing the nearest pastry platter, and an industrial-sized stainless steel bowl of chocolate mousse, he placed them on the bed. Stripping off his shorts and golf shirt, Mark plunged into the decadent pile of eclairs and pastries, and began feeding them to Melissa. Eager for more sweets, and no longer worried about starving herself to remain thin (something that Mark obviously didn't care for!), she hungrily devoured dozens and dozens of sinfully rich desserts, gallons of mousse and whipped cream, and a lifetime's supply of chocolate fudge sauce.

Hours later, after the last pastry had been swallowed, and all of the stainless steel bowls licked clean of their calorie-laden contents, Melissa sighed and lay back in the sticky mess. Mark was on Cloud Nine. Never in his wildest, most unbelievable fantasies did he envision this type of dream come true. He had always fantasized about feeding Melissa until she was near bursting, and then feeding her some more. He had vivid, incredibly erotic fantasies about Melissa eating more and more and more, until she doubled, then tripled, then quadrupled in size. The image of Melissa gaining tens - no, hundreds! -of pounds nearly caused him to keel over with dizziness. Judging by Melissa's bloated belly, thickening thighs, and expanding butt cheeks, the process had begun.

"Victoria told me all about your food fixation this morning, and don't worry I'm not angry about all the things that have been going on. I decided that the best way to remedy the situation is to begin eating again. I never wanted to stop in the first place, it's just that I thought you wanted me to stay skinny. I love to eat, and from now on I'm not going to stop!"

Mark laughed, "I think that you've had enough for today, don't you? That's enough food for the entire ship! Where did you get all the goodies from anyway? And what's this going to cost!?"

Melissa raised an eyebrow quizzically, "What do you mean enough? That's only a light lunch, dear, wait 'til you see dinner - which, by the way, should be here in about twenty minutes. And oh yeah, Victoria's personal pastry chefs are working around the clock to keep us both in sweets for the rest of the trip."

Mark was flabbergasted, and began to stammer, "But what about your clothes? How are you going to dress for the formal dinners or evening shows?"

"Who said I need clothes?" Melissa stated with a sly grin.

There was a knock on the door. "Room service," said a young man outside the room.


Three weeks after the start of the cruise, they were back in port. Despite the gorgeous Caribbean weather and long hours of sunshine, Mark and Melissa had no tan to speak of. In fact, no one had even seen them since the second day when Mark spent the afternoon at the bar. It was just as well, because no one would have recognized Melissa when she waddled down the gangplank of the cruise ship and onto dry land. Only one day after talking with Victoria, Melissa had no longer fit into any of her clothes, and they were turned over to the ship's crew for donation to charities in the various ports of call. Melissa had eaten continuously for twenty days, and had been provided with the richest and most calorie-packed pastries and delectable desserts. Her gains had been steady and predictable at first, although she had ballooned more than 25 pounds in the first few hours - even before the huge assortment of food had arrived for dinner! Consuming nearly 50,000 calories for every meal, she had doubled her weight in only eight days, and now stood on the brink of doubling yet again. Melissa tottered over to a bulk cargo scale and climbed onto the flat metal platform for weighing. Mark watched the digital readout race up from zero and slow down once it reached the 400s. It stopped on 472, then went up one more to 473, then back to 472 and stayed there. Mark whistled and gave Melissa a huge hug and kiss. "Only a few more until you're four times the size you were at the start of the trip!"

Melissa giggled and her entire body rippled with newly formed blubber. Stepping down off the scale set off another wave of jiggles throughout her body, and Mark gazed approvingly at her broad, dimpled ass and fleshy, bloated thighs. A series of love handles in increasing sizes originated just below Melissa's breasts and terminated with a huge, distended belly hanging far below the waist of her miniskirt. Melissa's newly expanded breasts swayed heavily to and fro under the loose t-shirt. Obviously, her bras had been discarded weeks earlier, and she would have to make do until a custom model could be bought. Fortunately, Victoria had lent Melissa some clothes that were suitable for the trip home, although both of the women had now grown out of the wardrobe that Victoria had brought on the cruise. They would have to go shopping for new clothes immediately, Mark thought to himself, unless Melissa continued to grow at this pace. "Maybe we should just forget about any clothes altogether, at least until you double in size again," Mark thought to himself.