Weight Room Title Bar

By Ashley


Act One

Andrea moved to Vegas with hopes of becoming a performer, any kind of performer. She loved to sing and dance for anyone that might pay attention. She was the class drama queen at her middle-America high school, starring in every production from grade school though her senior year. She attended Wichita State, majoring in dance, minoring in drama, and taking outside acting classes and signing lessons when she could fit them in, but her dreams wouldn't be fulfilled fast enough in Kansas.

She left town right after graduating from college, hoping to get professional experience at a big Vegas show, or at least some modest cabaret work. While trying to get her foot into the show business door, she took a job at a mid-level casino as a cocktail waitress. During a busy week she found she could make very good money in tips and still be available for day auditions.

She befriended another waitress at the casino, a British girl who went by the name of Josie. In a late-night heart to heart, she admitted to Andrea that her real name was Jane, but used Josie, "professionally." In a subsequent deeper conversation, Josie divulged that she worked a couple of nights a week in the business of adult entertainment at a place called, "Wish." Wish was not a strip bar, and definitely not a brothel, but a place where men could go to live out their fantasies and fetishes.

"It's strictly no-sex, they can't touch their privies to our privies, know wha' I mean?" Josie snapped her gum.

Andrea was fascinated and quizzed Josie about the varieties of entertainment provided. A few girls had the standard dominatrix role, but there were specialists for latex, leather, cross-dressing, role-playing games and a plethora of virtual reality equipment. Josie's specialty was the basic foot and shoe fetishists.

Andrea quizzed Josie about the girls, "are they all struggling dancers and actresses like us?"

"No," Josie answered, "they're all types of bints, tall, short, slender, fat, young, mature, white, black, asian, latin... every type."

"Fat?" Andrea asked loudly.

"Oh, yeah, quite a few of our clients like plump girls. It's a big fat market," Josie laughed.

Andrea stewed on this. She loved fat people and had always been fascinated with their bodies. To be more specific, she admired the view of fat women, but preferred physical intimacy with a fat man.

"It seems so interesting, I mean, it would be interesting to meet them," Andrea acknowledged her curiosity.

"I'll ask Delia if she minds me bringing you around, she's the boss. Her business is straight legit, but she's protective of the girls."

Later that night, the Andrea and Josie decided to go to another club for a few drinks and laughs. They were seated at a bar when a hefty guy walked past them. He was clean-cut and nice looking, in his 30s wearing a coat and tie. His vast belly was encased in a tight button-down shirt, draping over his belt, bouncing with the rhythm of his walk. In her tipsy state, Andrea gazed at his form and Josie noticed.

"Are you staring at that fat bloke?" Josie giggled.

Andrea snapped out of her gaze. "He's really cute," she gushed.

"Really? You fancy him?" She asked with big eyes.

"Yeah," Andrea sighed, confessing, "I like 'em plump."

Josie's wheels were turning. Through her experience at Wish, she knew that many men that liked fat women, but she had never encountered a woman who admitted she preferred her man to be rotund.

A week passed and Josie approached Andrea with the go-ahead to meet the girls at Wish. They drove out together on a Wednesday afternoon. It was a stunning, old Victorian house, converted into a fantasyland for every taste. As soon as she walked in the door, there stood Delia, a well-manicured, mildly buxom, 40-something brunette dressed in designer business wear from head to toe. Andrea was intimidated at first, but Delia was very pleasant and welcoming.

"Nice to finally meet you, Andrea, we've heard a lot about you," Delia smiled.

"You have?" Andrea asked, looking quizzically at Josie.

"Well, Josie did say you were a cute girl, and she was right, innocent looking, but very sexy," Delia announced, causing Andrea to blush. "Come join us in the parlor, I want you to meet a few of the other girls."

There she met Tisha, the African-American queen of latex, Gennifer, the tall blond expert in domination, Gennifer's best friend Amy, the slightly plump submissive, Tabitha the nurturing mommy, Sonja the French maid, Jill the schoolgirl, and Chloe, a big beautiful woman with an aura of class and style.

Andrea's eyes were drawn to Chloe the way a lightning rod draws electricity. She was medium height with chestnut hair and a generous body to match her beautiful face. She wore a creamy chiffon button down shirt and straight, black skirt that silhouetted her curves, full belly and all-over softness, so as to leave just a little to the imagination.

The girls all quizzed Andrea about the basics, where she was from, what were her dreams, her favorite and least favorite things about Vegas, et cetera. All the while Andrea tried to keep her eyes away from Chloe's abundant proportions. After about a half an hour, the informal gathering broke up and Andrea lingered in the parlor, carefully studying the antique furniture in the room.

Chloe came up behind her and whispered, "Josie told me you liked fat boys." The heat of Chloe's breath and the words 'fat boys' made Andrea's thighs tingle.

Andrea turned red, "Josie told you that?"

Chloe smiled, "I knew it was true when I caught you looking at my body."

"I was?" Andrea blushed an even deeper shade of red.

"Yes, you were," Chloe brushed her hand down her middle and cupped her belly with it, "I think you like fat, don't you, Andrea? I know that look when I see it." Andrea looked away, embarrassed. She was usually not intimidated by much, but all of this fat talk caught her by a self-conscious surprise.

Chloe took Andrea's hand and led her into another room. She shut the door and continued, "Don't be nervous Andrea, I just want to get in your head a little. I've met many men who love fat, but never a woman who does."

Andrea sat down and smiled, "Well, now you have, I guess," playing with the ruffle on her shirt cuff.

"So, do you only date fat men?" Chloe prodded her.

"Well, I haven't dated much at all, I'm so busy with work and trying to get my career going," Andrea explained with a sigh. She didn't reveal the whole truth. There was one big boy from her past she missed very much, her college boyfriend Peter. He was an exceptionally good-looking guy with beautiful green eyes, and he carried his 350 pounds in a way that she couldn't resist: plenty of fat all over his body with his full, soft, rolling belly as the centerpiece.

Despite her desire for Peter, she left him in Kansas to pursue her career and still felt pangs of guilt over the situation. She often lay in her bed at night, longing to have his big, soft, warm body next to hers again.

"A pretty girl like you? Men must ask you out all the time," Chloe prodded more.

"Guys do ask me out," she shrugged, "all the time, really. Especially at the casino I work at...But those guys aren't the sweet, reserved type I prefer" Andrea grinned, feeling a little shy herself.

Chloe wanted to get at the detail of Andrea's natural attraction to fat. "Do you like very fat men or just plump guys? Are you into weight gain?"

Andrea was a little overwhelmed by how well Chloe seemed to understand her preferences. "I like all kinds of body types, chubby to really fat, but I really like it when they're cute, you know, boyish cute?"

"What about weight gain?" Chloe pressed.

Andrea sighed and turned pink all over again. "Yeah... I do like when they gain weight, you can see it when their clothes get too tight," she giggled, brushing her hand over her own flat middle. "It's really nice to notice."

"That sounds familiar," Chloe had a knowing smile.

Andrea then turned the questioning to Chloe, "Wait a minute, what about you? What do you do here?"

"Haven't you noticed? I'm the fat girl," Chloe laughed, patting her soft belly. "So many men have fantasies about fat women but not all of them live them out, so they come to me. I talk to them about their desires, model clothing, wear costumes, do strip teases and gain fantasies, stuff like that."

"Gain fantasies?" Andrea was mesmerized.

"Well, I let them weigh and measure me," she walked toward a closet and opened the door to a doctor's scale, pulling it out for Andrea to see and stepped on it, pushing the numbers up the bar, announcing, "two-hundred and eighty three!"

Andrea's eyes filled with awe over Chloe's confidence in her body.

Chloe continued, "The most popular fantasy I use is clothing illusion. When I buy an outfit or a costume, I get it in three sizes, one very tight, one that just fits, and one loose. First I wear the loose size, and then strip down to my underwear. I let them feed me some goodies, and then when I put back on my clothes, I grab the tighter sizes. They imagine I've gained several pounds. I even have a few of my clothes fixed up with easy-rip seems so they can see me "grow" before their eyes."

Andrea couldn't believe it. She was enthralled by every word that came off Chloe's lips. "Some men like to tease me, some like to just talk about my weight. They want to know in detail about when I got fat, how I got fat, that kind of stuff. Usually they like it when I'm confident and proud of my body, but some guys like it when I'm shy about my weight. I play whatever role they like."

Andrea sat in her chair, dumbfounded.

"You know, I know some men that would love to have a fat fantasy with you, I bet you could do this," she reasoned.

"Do what?" Andrea was confused. "I'm not a big beautiful woman like you."

"That's perfect though, there are lots of men who want attention for their own tubbiness and weight gain, but they often want it from a thinner woman. You know, you'd be so perfect for it. I can tell how into this you are."

Andrea had never dreamed of this line of work, yet Chloe was so convincing. It was true, she was very into what Chloe was describing. She often fantasized about fat men, rubbing and tickling their tummies, teasing them with playful comments about their flab; doing a sexy dance up against their big bellies and even imagining their girth on top of her. She left Wish that afternoon with a pleasant but confused feeling about whether she could do what Chloe proposed.

A few days passed and Josie approached Andrea at the casino, "Delia loved you to pieces, she'd wants to have you work for her."

"Seriously? What did Chloe tell you?"

"She told Delia that you were perfect. Delia's been getting requests for a girl who can make quirky fat blokes happy."

Andrea decided to accept Delia's return invitation to Wish to talk more about the possibilities of an alternative career. When Andrea arrived, she noticed a very attractive and moderately chubby guy looking nervous in the waiting room.

Delia welcomed her into the parlor and shut the door.

"The money is great... but I think you would really enjoy your job here too. It's a clean, safe environment and I'm very particular about who comes in here. I have cameras and emergency alarms in every room," Delia showed her the security in the parlor. "You can make your own rules; if you just want to talk, that's fine; if you want to explore other activities, like Chloe does, we can discuss it, but there's no sex here, bottom line rule. That's not the kind of business I run, and it will never be asked of you so long as I'm around here, okay?"

"Okay," Andrea took a deep breath.

"Now, no pressure, but there's a young gentleman in the waiting room that's been very anxious to talk to a girl who can appreciate his weight interests. Would you like to spend an hour, just talking with him and see what you think?"

Andrea's curiosity and excitement got the best of her, so she decided to meet with this chubby guy and see what she could be getting into. Delia returned to the room with him and shut the door behind her.

He sat down and smiled at Andrea but said nothing. He was good-looking in a traditional preppy way, maybe mid-20s in age, medium height, with dark brown hair and dark eyes. His button down shirt was very tight against his belly. His buttons clearly strained with a hint of pink pudginess poking through. He wasn't huge, but he had an obvious softness bulging out over his belt, and she thought he looked fantastic with it.

Andrea sat down in a chair across from him.

"Delia says your name is Mark," Andrea started.

"Yep," he answered back with a shy smile.

There was silence for several seconds.

"So, Mark," Andrea started again, "you came here for a reason, right?" she coaxed, wanting him to reveal what his interest was.

"Well, I've always been into the idea of gaining weight, and now that I have gained weight I wanted to talk to someone who might actually like it on me," he blushed.

"Did you gain the weight on purpose?" she quizzed him.

"You could say that," he smiled and looked down at his belly, his double chin accentuated. "I've always wanted to get fat, but I was afraid. Once I graduated from college, I finally decided to try just a little, and it turned me on so much that I've now put on 50 pounds over the last year."

"Well, Mark," Andrea didn't have to go into acting mode for this, because she thought his belly was adorable. "You do have a very sexy belly going there," she smiled back, gazing first at his belly and then in his eyes.

Mark responded with big eyes and a bigger grin, "Thanks, it's nice to think that some ladies might like the results as much as I do.

"Well, I can definitely see the results. Did you wear that tight shirt just for me?"

"Kinda," Mark blushed again. "I love the way it feels... I hope you like the way it looks," he cautiously spoke.

"Mmmm," Andrea nodded her head, "I do, Mark," appraising his middle slowly with her eyes. She continued to question him, "Do you like to talk about how much weight you've gained? Do you like to talk about how much more you would like to gain?" The questions just tumbled out of her mouth as she became excited by the conversation.

Mark's eyes sparked at the conversation and Andrea ended up spending the whole hour with him, the conversation going from purely informational to sexy interests. He described his long-repressed desire to gain weight, his new eating habits, how his newly fattened body felt, and his hope of finding a woman who would enjoy and encourage his gain.

Andrea found the whole topic fascinating and the hour went by like seconds. Delia walked in and interrupted things, walking Mark out of the room. She could hear a hint of voices, but could not make out what they were saying. In less than a minute, Delia walked back in, "Well? What did you think? Was it fun? Horrible? Strange?"

Andrea laughed, "It was actually kind of cool, maybe a little strange, but in a good way."

Delia was pleased, "so, here's your share for having excellent counseling skills," handing Andrea a handful of cash. "Usually the house takes 25 percent, but this was a first time thing for each of you so I charged him less and gave you the whole amount. If you get popular, you can make much more than this. It's still cheaper than seeing a therapist and I'm sure they enjoy it plenty more."

Delia sat down "So, Andrea, do you want me to market your skills? Do you want to be my fat guy specialist?"

After a couple of days and a couple of more reassuring discussions with Delia, Andrea agreed to meet with another client. A fat stockbroker named Sean, in his early 30s, was married to a fat-phobic woman who hated his burgeoning physique. He shared this information with Jill the Schoolgirl during his weekly visits during which he verbally instructed her on the subject of naughty sex. Jill suggested he meet with Andrea, telling her that he was a nice guy who needed to be re-assured that he could still be attractive to women. Delia set it up, telling Andrea that Sean was interested in talking to a woman who loved fat men.

Andrea invited Sean into the Parlor, impressed with his shape. He was a very attractive man, quite tall and exceptionally fat, but also broad in the shoulders, highlighting a form that hinted he might have been a jock at one time.

Sean unbuttoned his suit coat, allowing his belly to spill out into the open, and sat down with great force. Andrea was nervous because his demeanor was so physically imposing, and she was incredibly attracted to him at the same time. She figured his weight to be well into the 300s, quite near the size of her very large ex-boyfriend Peter.

Sean spoke first with an obvious chip on his shoulder, "So, I understand you're supposed to like fat guys, or at least that's your schtick around here."

"Well, yes, I do find big men to be incredibly attractive," Andrea answered, "I don't pretend with that part of what I do."

"Okay," he was a bit tough with her, "but you're getting paid to tell fat men they're sexy, and I've never met a woman who thinks a fat tub of lard is hot."

Andrea wasn't sure how to deal with his negativity, so she was just bluntly honest with him, "You're right that I'm getting paid for this, but that doesn't change the fact that I think your body is fantastic," she smiled. "There's no way I could pretend to be attracted to a scrawny guy, that's for sure," Andrea reassured him.

"So prove it then, tell me what's so great about a fat guy like me," Sean chuckled sarcastically.

"It's obvious you don't want me to dance around this Sean, so I'm going to tell you what I honestly think." She paused, looked over his body and sighed. "You have a wonderfully shaped belly, Sean... impressive actually. And I have to say your weight is supported really well by your breadth," Andrea praised him, saying the kinds of things she had always wanted to verbalize to fat men. "The suit you're wearing kind of conceals some details, leaving a little to my imagination, but I'll bet you have a great set of love handles and a nice wide rear," she surprised herself with her candor.

"Interesting," Sean shifted his weight, still skeptical but slightly red in the face and smirking playfully. "Have you always been into fat men or is this a recent conversion?" He was still testing her honesty.

"Actually, yeah, I've always found heavier guys attractive."

"So your first crush? Your first boyfriends? Were they all fat?"

"Ah, Memory Lane..." she mused. "Let's see... Well, my first 'real' crush was a chubby teacher. He looked really young, I think he must have been right out of college. He coached my middle school swim team. I remember his belly grazed along my body when he was showing me how to improve my butterfly technique and I loved it."

Sean laughed, "You were a naughty girl! What about your first boyfriend? Was he fat?"

My first steady boyfriend in high school wasn't fat, but when a boy who was fat finally asked me out, I said yes. He was my first, well, love, I guess," Andrea reddened. "That's when I really realized what I really wanted, that it took a big soft guy to make me happiest."

"Really?" he smiled and seemed to melt a little, but then he frowned again, "My wife thinks my body is disgusting."

"She's blind! You know you really are a handsome man, regardless of the size thing. You've got great eyes, and wonderful skin," Andrea praised him.

He smiled again, but then frowned, "I used to get women like crazy when I was younger and only started to gain weight in college, but it was a lot of weight, very quickly. I got really fat, near as fat as I am now, but then I lost a ton after graduation. About five years ago, at my thinnest, I met Laura and we got married before I got fat again. I think I felt like I had to nail down the deal before I got fat again and lost her. But obviously, the fat came back in a big way, and then some," Sean explained, patting his full-grown belly. Andrea was thrilled to see it jiggle a bit.

"If I had met you in college at your fattest you probably would never have lost an ounce," Andrea teased him. "Seriously, there are plenty of women who would love to share a bed with a successful, sexy guy like you, you shouldn't judge yourself based on your wife's tastes," Andrea reasoned.

"Would you?" Sean abruptly asked. "I mean, I know I'm married, and it's against the rules... But my wife has abandoned me in every way. She only needs me for my bank account. It would be nice to just know... hypothetically speaking, that a woman would go to bed with me for more than my wallet."

"I'll admit that I imagined what it would be like with you when you first walked in here," Andrea sighed with a blush. "It would be wonderful to run my fingers along your body, massage your belly, imagining how your weight would feel on top of me, how you would look in contrast to me, how you would feel dwarfing me with your big arms," she really let herself go into the moment.

Sean was briefly speechless.

"Besides," Andrea feared she might be going too far with her honesty, but it spilled out anyway, "your wife is an idiot for not knowing how lucky she is. Your looks and brains are an attractive combination."

"Well, thanks," Sean chuckled. "Everyone always tells me how lucky I am to have a pretty 'Susie homemaker' wife, but looks are deceiving."

Andrea continued to talk with Sean about his physique, square inch by square inch, extolling the virtues of every pound of extra flesh that clung to him, revealing to him her desire for his whole body. At the end of the hour, Sean walked out looking like a much happier man.

After a week, another new client came to Wish to meet with Andrea, a friend of a client of Josie's. Andrea was told he was a guy who was interested in being teased for getting fat. Beyond that she knew nothing. Andrea walked into the parlor for their meeting and there sat Matt Daniels, a hot young actor of the moment. Andrea had just seen him on "Entertainment Tonight" a couple of nights before, hyping his new military drama.

She stood in the doorway, confused. Matt was a man with chiseled cheekbones and a ripped, flat stomach, not the kind of man she expected to pay her a visit. He spoke, "Hi, I'm Matt."

"Yes, I know," Andrea blushed.

"Then I suppose you wonder why I'm here," he offered.

"Yeah, well, I guess I am a bit curious," she answered.

"Well, I heard about you through a friend, and you sounded like a dream come true," he smiled.

"Really... now why would that be?" Andrea was still dumbfounded and a little star-struck.

"Because I've always wanted to have a woman tease me for being overweight," he smiled more. "I was hoping it's something you might appreciate."

"Okay..." Andrea tried to get into the right frame of mind, but she looked at him and all concentration broke. She blurted, "but you're not the slightest bit fat."

Matt nodded and laughed, "I know, I'm not... But, well, I wish I could be, I was hoping you could... pretend?"

Andrea was not going to say no to Matt Daniels, so she suspended reality and dove into it, calling him every fat name in the book, from chubby to tubby, from beached whale to blimp. She came up with a scenario with him in which he gained a large amount of weight and the tabloids would proceed to call him nasty fat names. Matt loved every word.

After some playful discussion, he stopped and looked soberly at Andrea, "do you think I'm a total freak?"

"No!" she protested, "I don't. I mean, I must be a freak too for being into fat guys then, right?"

"You mean you really are into fat guys? This isn't completely an act?"

"Nope," she shook her head. "I mean, obviously to call you 'fatty pants' requires a stretch of the imagination, but yes, I do prefer fatter men."

"How fat?" he asked, grinning.

"Really fat!" Andrea giggled.

Matt chuckled along with her, "You want to hear something sick? My personal trainer told me yesterday that I'm down to 7% body fat? And here I sit with you wishing I could be at least 40%."

"Do you really WANT to be fat, or do you just like talking about it?" Andrea quizzed him.

"I guess, I mean I do sometimes... sometimes I'm dying to know what it would be like to have blubber all over my body and jiggle with every movement. My ultimate fantasy would be to know what it would be like to gain huge amounts of weight and have a cute chick paw my flab like crazy... A woman who would find my fat sexy... But then I realize that I would have no career at all. I have to stay in shape, at least for now."

Andrea understood, having her own career aspirations, she never considered getting fat, but she sure liked it on other people. At the end of their session, Matt thanked Andrea for her time and told her he'd make a special trip back to Vegas to see her again.

Word got out about her services via the internet, and Delia began receiving more inquiries from men who were very interested in meeting Andrea. Delia was selective, concerned with the uncertainty of "cold callers." She finally agreed to meet with one young man named Brian whom Delia pre-interviewed in person. Delia told Andrea of his considerable size and his shy disposition, but Andrea was still surprised when he walked in.

He was young, very early 20s and gloriously fat for his age. He was fairly tall, maybe an inch or two over six feet, and he carried his substantial weight very well. But what amazing weight it was. Every part of him was round and soft: his face, arms, chest, legs and, of course, his belly. His cute waddle was apparent to Andrea as he moved over to a roomy sofa and sat down in a difficult silence.

Andrea had been in the custom of sitting across a center table from her clients, but this time she felt compelled to move her spot and sit down next to him and ease his apparent discomfort. She noted the faint scent of his cologne. He still looked very nervous so she spoke immediately.

"Hi, Brian, I'm Andrea," holding her hand out to him, trying to put him at ease.

"Hi," he managed to get out and lightly shook her hand. He barely looked her in the eye.

"Brian," she reached her hand out to his chin, guiding his adorable face upward to look her in the eyes, "you're here to see me so you should look at me, I'd like to see your eyes."

He looked at her and half smiled, his double chin defining itself more. Andrea smiled back, "See? You have wonderful steel blue eyes, you should let people see them." She paused. "So, you're here to see me for a reason, right?"

"Yep," forcing out one more word.

"Sooo..." Andrea prodded further, "why is that?"

"Well," he started with a deep breath, "I've met someone online that I'm planning on meeting in a couple of weeks. She's flying here to Vegas to meet me."

"Oh that's great Brian, good for you!"

"I'm really worried I'm going to turn her off. She knows I'm big, she even found me at a web site for fat guys, but it's just that I don't know how... I mean... I've never been with a woman before and I don't know how to act or what to wear or anything."

"As much as I'd enjoy helping you out on the 'been with' part, I can't help you experience sex with a woman," Andrea gently reminded him. "I mean you're so adorable Brian, it would be wonderful to experience that with you, it's just against the rules."

"Oh, I know the rules," Brian turned red, "but come on, you would actually like to be with someone as big as me? I mean, okay, I can believe that some girls like guys who are chubby, but I'm way past obese."

"'Come on' what? As a matter of fact, I would love to know what it's like to be with you. I'll admit, I will probably have a little fantasy about you later," Andrea asserted, knowing it was the truth.

Brian's eyes got big.

Andrea knew he had only paid to talk to her, but she felt Brian needed a little more than talking to help with his confidence. "Do you mind if I touch you?" Andrea murmured, inching close enough to feel his body heat.

"Um, no," he answered with slight hesitation and disbelief.

Andrea put her hand on his arm, gently stroking it, "is this okay?" she asked. Brian nodded that it was. She moved her hand down to his leg, again, gently stroking it. "How about this?" she asked again, Brian nodding with approval.

His lap was slightly shielded by his belly, so she grazed over his thighs and moved her hand to his midsection, her fingertips grazing along his breadth. He took a quick deep breath. "Are you uncomfortable with this, my touching you?" Andrea asked with sensitivity.

"Kind of..." he shifted, "it's just... no woman has ever done this before," he admitted.

"I'll bet there were some that wanted to," Andrea whispered in his ear. "I can stop if you want, but I don't want to." Brian froze up more, but didn't push her hand away and she continued with her fingertips, tracing his roundness, then allowing her hand to go flat and cover more area. She then traced her favorite part, along the bottom of his broad belly. Andrea never had the opportunity to feel so much girth on such a big guy before. "This is what a woman likes to do," she told Brian, utterly hypnotized by his size. "You should let her feel your body because she finds you very sexy."

Brian pulled away a bit, but Andrea reassured him, the words pouring out of her mouth, telling him things she wished she would have told Peter when he was inhibited about his body. "Brian, you came here to learn about what women want, and I can tell you I know what a woman who loves big men wants." She paused and returned her hand to his belly. "I may not know this girl, but I feel like I do anyway. She wants to touch your body the way you want to touch hers. She wants you to move in close and share your space with her. I know it may be a challenge for you, but you have to allow yourself to be loved, of course as a person, but also, as a man."

She moved closer again and without thinking she lightly kissed his lips, her hand caressing the round rolls along his side. Then she looked into his eyes, "your lips are full and amazing Brian, don't be afraid to use them with this girl." Andrea became extremely turned on by the way his lips and fat felt but she knew she had to stop before things went any further. Pulling back and smiling, her cheeks flushed pink. She then turned back to conversation, "So," she took a deep breath, "tell me about this girl you've met online."

"Her name is Sarah," he melted.

"That's a pretty name, where's she from?"


"Wow, that's a distance for her to travel, you must have made quite an impression on her," Andrea teased.

Brian shrugged his shoulders with a chuckle, starting to loosen up, "I hope so."

"So, what does she look like? Have you two exchanged pictures?" Andrea quizzed him more.

"She's really cute, dark, almost black hair, she's pretty tiny, only 5'2." I probably outweigh her by four times," he chuckled. " I sent her my picture too, so she's seen me, but my face only. I told her I'm more than 400 pounds, but I'm still nervous since she hasn't really seen how big my body is."

"Well, Brian, I can say that the first thing I noticed about your body was how nicely you carry your weight. Any girl who likes her man on the big side is going to be very attracted to you, I have no doubt about that," Andrea reassured him.

Brian sighed with a smile, "I hope you're right."

Andrea affirmed, "I know I am."

Andrea continued the session, telling Brian the things she knew an FFA would like, and how to please her. She told him not to be afraid of his weight and enlightened him to the finer points of physical intimacy between a large man and a small woman. Andrea finished the session feeling like she had really helped Brian feel a little more comfortable in his own skin and with his new love interest.

Chloe came to Andrea to ask her if she were interested in a new proposition. She had a long-time client, Christopher, a successful guy in the casino business, who had desires for plump women, but also desired to get fatter himself. But instead of the behind closed doors feeding and teasing that was usually requested by the gainer type, Christopher wanted to go out in public and have a thin girl tease him about his weight in front of others. His request was to visit a health club for a name calling workout session and stop by a big men's clothing store to try on too-tight clothing, Andrea pointing out his weight throughout.

Christopher came to Wish to meet with Andrea. When he arrived, Andrea pleasantly noted that Chloe had underestimated his size. She referred to him as "plump" but Andrea thought he was deliciously fatter than plump. He had a blonde, tan, surfer look, and obviously spent time in the gym building his muscles. His belly was full from all angles and he walked with a sexy, confident waddle. She guessed him to be around 5'10" or perhaps 5'11, in the high 200s with plenty of bulk, both fat and muscle, heaped on his frame.

They sat in the parlor and Christopher revealed his desires to Andrea, "I'm kind of the dominant type in my business... I give orders all day long and it seems to come natural to me. I mean, I've always been a big guy so people do not challenge me very often."

"You certainly have a physical presence," Andrea agreed.

"So I guess it's kind of weird that I like the idea of a woman humbling me," he shrugged his broad shoulders.

"So how does Chloe do that?"

"Actually, she doesn't, she lets me tease her. She's got a fabulous body, don't get me wrong, I adore curves on a woman. I just also like to tease her about her weight too. She's a great sport wearing tight outfits and costumes for me, pretending to be shocked by my words.

"So how come you don't have Chloe tease you right back then?"

"For some reason I like the idea of a thinner woman teasing me, especially if it's going to happen in public. Lately I've been gaining more weight than usual and I'm kind of surprised how much I like it and how much I want it to be noticed."

"Well, I notice!" Andrea laughed, intrigued even more by the task at hand.

"Okay then, you want to go to the gym?" Christopher asked.

"Yes, let's see what you can do with all that blubber!" Andrea was already getting into character and Christopher smiled big.

As they walked into the club, Christopher checked Andrea in as his " personal trainer, Jennifer Smith." Andrea told the girl working reception, "This guy needs some major training," giving Christopher's belly a soft slap, the receptionist's eyes revealed a quiet surprise. They headed to the locker room area to change and agreed to meet at the stair machines.

Andrea put on a sexy leotard that showed off her dancer's body well. Several male patrons gawked at her as she made her way over to Christopher with his too-tight T-shirt and sweatpants. The mocking began, "You should really get on the stair master now before that fattening lunch you ate joins all the other fatty meals you've been wolfing down lately," she poked his belly.

The women near by all stopped to listen to Andrea deride him, shocked at her bold words. One of his club friends came up to him and whispered, "Dude, she's hot, but what a major bitch."

Christopher just smiled and responded, "No man, it's great, it's just the motivation I need."

Andrea interrupted them, "what you need is a few hundred hours on those treadmills, Porky," smacking his thick rear.

Christopher enjoyed this session at the gym more than he ever had before, with all the pokes, slaps and shaming comments. But after an hour and a half, he was physically worn out and decided it was time to go shopping. They changed back into street clothes and departed for the big men's clothing store.

Andrea was very excited by the big man's store. It was a large store with fat guys of various shapes and sizes milling about. She felt like a kid in a candy store, but she had to focus on her client.

The store manager welcomed them, and asked Christopher if he was looking for anything particular. Andrea decided that with all the big guys around, her tone would be more about vocalizing his fatness as a desirable thing than something to be embarrassed about. She didn't want to offend the other fat men present and felt more at ease in praise mode anyway.

Andrea jumped into the initial dialogue between Christopher and the store manager. "He's put on quite a bit of weight lately and we need to get him some new clothes that fit." A few of the customers over heard this and turned their heads. Andrea continued, "now I don't want you showing him tent clothes that cover him up, let's look at things that show off his new pounds," she rubbed his belly. A couple of jaws dropped.

"Uh... okay," the manager, portly himself, seemed shocked to hear a woman discuss how the extra pounds need accentuation rather than concealment.

They picked out some outfits, a suit, a few pairs of pants and some casual shirts. Andrea followed them around the store with comments Christopher found delicious. "Come on, you haven't worn size 40 pants in a long time, lets step up the sizing," and "don't buy draping darks all the time, you should be proud of your beautiful Buddha belly!" she gave him a light pinch.

Once he came out of the dressing room, Andrea marched up to him and began poking and prodding. She stuck her finger into his waistband, "Oh no, we need a little more room to grow here, in case his appetite continues to get the best of him," smiling and winking at the surprised manager.

As Christopher was changing, Andrea made her way around the shop, smiling and nodding at all the fat guys at the store. Another clerk came near her, a more-than-chubby college-age guy, well dressed in a suit. Andrea thought he was adorable and stopped him before he could open his mouth. "Wow, you look fabulous in that suit, do you mind taking the jacket off and letting me have a better look?" He blushed and did as she asked. She then touched his arm, its plumpness obvious in a fairly tight button down shirt, and whispered to him, "You look wonderful," winking at him and grazing her hand along his arm, whispering even more quietly, "dead sexy."

Andrea felt like she was living out a dream, right there in fat guy heaven. She continued to give her opinions freely about how fat the clothes made Christopher look, and how much fatter she'd like him to look, occasionally fondling his flabbiest parts to better illustrate their jiggle. Finally, with a stack of clothes at the register, Andrea exclaimed, "Well, my guy here has worked up quite an appetite today, we need to get you a big dinner, don't we?" giving his belly a big rub, again, shaking it a bit for everyone in the area to see.

After they walked out, Christopher praised Andrea for her diplomatic skills; that she could tease and turn him on without offending the other fat guys in the store. "You're a natural," he chuckled. "It's like you really enjoy it."

"Well, I do enjoy it," she asserted with a huge smile.