Weight Room Title Bar

By Ashley


Act Two

[Part One Recap: Andrea is introduced as a girl with ambitions in the performing arts who goes to work at a fetish fulfillment club in the capacity as resident FFA.]

Over the following weeks, Andrea continued to meet with a few select clients, but scaled back from further work in favor of doing some small time productions as a back-up dancer and singer.

Matt, the movie star, surprised her with an unexpected visit. He wanted to share some exciting news, that he was doing a role in which he would be expected to gain weight. "Guess what!" He shouted, "I have to get fat! Will you help me get fat? Please Andrea? When I read the script I immediately knew you would be perfect to help me."

"Of course I'll help you," she was almost as excited as he was. He was going to be playing a biographical part as an alcoholic ex-pro athlete who struggles with his addiction and failing coaching career. The requirement was that he would gain about 30 pounds to fill out his face and soften his body and then they'd use makeup and prosthetics for older age scenes.

"I've already shot the young athlete scenes, so now shooting is on hiatus for a month and a half while I pack on the weight. Originally they were going to fake it with padding and make up, but I volunteered to add some weight for the sake of realism," he winked.

Matt had mounds of food delivered to Wish daily as he embarked on his goal of gaining as much weight as possible in 30 days. Andrea weighed and measured him first, he was still very lean at 170 lbs of mostly muscle. This was a dream come true for her, to fatten up a hot and willing movie star, if only to get him in the chubby range.

The initial plan was for her to spend a couple of hours in the morning with him, encouraging him to eat a couple of platefuls of rich breakfasts of eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, hash browns in a glorious blend of fattening meals. Then he'd return for dinners of pizza, pastas, burgers, malts and a few beers to wash it down. Within the first week he had gained seven pounds.

Andrea rewarded his progress with lavish attention paid to the bit of softness showing up on his chiseled abs. She started to meet him at his hotel for piles of room service food and encouragement. After the second week, he had put on another six pounds.

One night after a big meal, Andrea was lying next to him on the bed in his hotel room rubbing his swollen belly. He stopped her and looked into her eyes, "Do you really enjoy my company or just the idea of fattening me up and getting paid to do it?"

Andrea pulled away and felt a bit surprised. She had strong feelings of kinship with Matt, but she also knew she had to remain platonic about this. When she felt a connection to a client, she told herself that she was no more than hired help. "Matt, I'm not supposed to do anything other than help you put on weight and enjoy it. But I do like you, I think you're an amazing person," she tried to minimize her crush on him.

"Thanks," he smiled with a trace of a double chin that had not existed a few weeks ago. "I guess I've just always dreamed about a girl like you and it's hard for me to not have feelings for you. I barely know you and yet I feel like you understand me like no other woman has before. Is that weird?"

"It's not weird, Matt, we just have been able to bond over something not many strangers can share. I feel the same way." Feeling nervous about Matt's innuendo, Andrea switched the subject back to dessert and Matt ended up consuming a slice of mousse pie, a piece of lemon cheesecake and finished it off a chocolate covered strawberry.

After another week of indulgence, Matt was up to 188 and his face was showing some fullness. He was so excited, "God, I love how this feels," rubbing his softened belly, "I wish I could keep going for a longer time."

"Believe me, so do I," Andrea reached her hand out to help him rub his belly.

By the time Matt had finished his "program" with Andrea, he had put on more than 30 pounds and was up over 200. Andrea thought he looked great and told him his new chubbiness allowed her to picture him even fatter. Matt lamented, "I'm sorry to say that the next time you see me I'll be thin again, but you should know that inside I'm still chubby for you."

Several months later when the film's marketing machine kicked into high gear, the media was quick to write about Matt's weight gain for his movie role. When reporters asked him how he gained so much weight so quickly he just said a good friend did a great job in encouraging him to eat like a pig. Andrea smiled to herself, knowing that he had tipped his hat to her in a special, albeit subtle way.

After her voyage into the dream world of fattening Matt Daniels, she took a new job as a featured dancer and singer in a well-known casino's cabaret-style variety show. Still, her world at Wish was never too far behind.

One day she was at a grocery store when she saw the back of an extremely big guy. He was with a petite dark haired girl, and they were in the frozen dessert aisle, looking at ice cream. Andrea watched the girl reach over and rub her hand along his belly in a way she understood. As she walked closer, she recognized the guy. It was Brian, the shy super-sized boy she met with one time, months back.

Before she could consider whether to run away or pretend she didn't notice him, he recognized her, "Andrea!" he nearly shouted.

"Brian," Andrea smiled, moved closer to them, relieved he wouldn't be embarrassed to publicly recognize her. After all, they had met under very private circumstances, "how are you?"

"Great" he smiled back, looking even more attractive and much more confident than she remembered. His weight was about the same, but something was more vibrant in him.

"Sarah, this is Andrea; she's an FFA, too," he proudly announced.

Sarah laughed, "It's nice to meet you Andrea, but he's mine!" she joked, attempting to thrust her petite arms around his wide body.

Andrea appraised them both, looking like complete opposites. Brian had been right, he was about four times her size. "You guys look really happy together," Andrea sighed, feeling elation that a sweet fat boy and an adoring FFA found each other, but also feeling a bit alone herself. It was in these moments that she would have recurring thoughts of the happiness and intimacy she had once felt with Peter.

As more weeks passed, Andrea toiled to pay her dues in show business. She was about to give up on the Vegas showgirl life and move on to a different city, anywhere else, when she once again heard from Matt Daniels.

He returned to Vegas for a movie premier party, and made a special trip to visit with Andrea. He walked into the hotel lobby where they agreed to meet and he was carrying a large wallet-style folder in his hand and a smile on his face. He was thin again, but Andrea was happy to see him anyway, remembering his chunkiness fondly.

"Andrea, I feel so in debt to you for giving me my fantasy. And I want to pay you back."

"Matt, you've already paid for it, and besides, I got a lot of enjoyment out of it too," she winked.

"Well, this is better payback, it's something perfect for you, so you have to accept it... or at least consider it!"

"Depends on what it is," she raised her left eyebrow.

"I heard about this script and I thought of you," he handed her the folder. "It's an amazingly smart love story about a girl who falls in love with an overweight guy."

"Seriously?" Andrea couldn't believe it. She always loved acting but figured she's never break through in it while still in Vegas.

"Yes! You have to do this role. It's a really clever indie flick. I believe in this script so much that I agreed to co-produce the film with casting stipulations, so if you can handle it, it should be yours. I know you have the gift, you've always played the part so well with me and I know you'll kill. You'll bring a passion that most fat-phobic actresses would never find in themselves."

Andrea was still shocked, but she agreed to meet with the movie's other producers, director and casting agent. After some screen testing and positive feedback from the money guys, she was cast opposite a young actor named Aidan Hansen. Aidan gained notice ten years before as an overweight teenager with powder-blue eyes in an academy award winning drama. A couple of years later he had dropped some weight to star on a television cop drama. While he was still somewhat hefty by Hollywood standards, he was hardly chunky by Andrea's assessment.

When she finally met Aidan, she observed that he was even better looking in person than on the screen, and she was happily surprised that he had put back on much of the weight he had lost for his television role as Detective Steven Janny. She noticed right away that he was friendly, patient and had a fun sense of humor. She began to feel like Aidan was the kind of guy who might supplant her feelings of emptiness.

As production began, she found it so easy to do a role she had felt deep inside her from childhood: a feisty, independent girl falls in love with adorable fat guy, not without complications and humorous situations. And with a difference from what had been done before: the female protagonist lusts after him as a big man, not in spite of his size. She embodied the role so naturally that the dailies we creating a lot of excitement on the set.

The day was coming for their love scene and she was anxious about the whole thing. She knew she would enjoy the closeness with Aidan, but was extremely nervous about how vulnerable it made her. All the cameras and people on the set watching her simulate love with a man, watching for her emotion and desire.

Aidan stopped into her trailer to talk to her about it. "Don't be nervous," he laughed, "I'll wear shorts," lightening the mood.

"Aidan, it's not that, I know you'll be perfect, I'm just nervous about the cameras, and being half-naked in front of all those people," she giggled uneasily.

"You have nothing to worry about. They're not going to show that much, and besides, you have a beautiful body, you should be proud of it. Now I, on the other hand, have something to worry about," patting his round belly.

Andrea blushed, "You look wonderful to me."

Aidan chuckled, "Alright, you can snap out of character now."

Andrea wanted to avoid the whole, 'you're hot,' and 'no I'm not' dialog and switched the subject. "Should we rehearse this? I mean is that done? Do actors rehearse love scenes like other scenes?"

"I'm not an expert on this, you know, my roles are always the supporting fat guy, not the love interest," Aiden smirked.

"I think we should," Andrea ignored his self-deprecating comment, "I'm a little concerned about going to the set cold on this scene," not quite realizing what she was asking for, but feeling excited anyway.

"Okay," Aidan smiled, heaving his wide body down on the seat next to Andrea.

They started to run through the lines, Andrea had already read them over and over, trying to get them just right. The scene called for a heated argument that turned into heated passion. Their voices grew louder as they worked through the argument scene. Aidan's final shout about his fatness prompts Andrea's character to stop and grab him by the love handles and kiss him like crazy.

Aidan seemed to expect her to stop at that point, but she didn't, she grabbed him and kissed him hard, with all the lust she felt for him bubbling over and into the scene. At first he was shocked, but after a moment he began to kiss back in like fashion.

After the kiss, Aidan turned a bit red and laughed, "Wow, that was brilliant acting."

Andrea sighed, "You're a wonderful actor yourself." She was extremely turned on, and began to ask him about the rest of the scene, how they would end up in her character's hotel room and how they would strip down. She asked him about the "after" scene in bed together, trying to picture how they would be placed together from the camera's angles. As they discussed what they would do together, sexual tension became so thick, a knife could cut through it.

The next day, Andrea walked toward the set with anticipation. Aidan stood there watching her approach, looking a bit nervous as well. The argument scene took a lot of blocking and a several takes, but after a few hours, the director had what he wanted and it was time to move to the strip portion of the scene.

After some discussion on the choreography of the losing of clothing, they confirmed that Andrea's character would take the lead as the aggressor. She proceeded to push him down on the bed, unzip and drop her dress in seconds to reveal her lithe body in nothing but a bustier, panties and thigh-high stockings.

Then she was to move in for the kill, removing his coat, and jerking his shirt from his tucked pants. The jerk motion made Aidan's belly jiggle in a way that wholly focused her on the lust she felt for Aidan as a man. She pounced on him and after a few minutes of simulated foreplay, it was over too quickly, like a blur.

"Cut," the director yelled, pulling Andrea back out of her character. She almost forgot there was anyone else in the room. Looking up, she saw blank faces. Then thunderous applause from the set, "Brava!"

She looked over at Aidan. He was beaming and a bit flabbergasted. She returned to the director and he was thrilled. "Andrea, that was fabulous. I couldn't have asked for a different performance." Andrea was amazed at his reaction because she knew she wasn't really acting at all.

They spent a couple of more hours getting pieces of shots for b-roll and back-up takes, but it was over too soon. After this, another couple of hours was spent on the "morning after" bed scene, which only tortured Andrea more. Here she was laying in the arms of a big beautiful man, his belly rubbing up against her body under the sheets, driving her insane, yet she had never even been intimate with him. It was an incredibly surreal experience.

Afterwards, Andrea sat in her trailer, bewildered at the day she just experienced. She went over and over in her head how she felt about Aidan, fearing she was falling in love with him. Just then, Aidan knocked on her door and she invited him in.

"You were such a pro today," he gushed, "you were so convincing, it made it easy for me to do my part."

"It was a blur to me," Andrea admitted, "Honestly, I can't remember half of it."

"Well that's a good thing, I hope the audience forgets my shirtless body too," he joked.

"Aidan, you looked so good today, it made my job almost too easy." She was still overwhelmed by her attraction to him, like a truth serum had been injected in her that morning.

"Okay Andrea, you have to know when to put the character away," Aidan kept joking.

"I'm Andrea talking here, and I'm serious, Aidan, you have this... this thing..." she trailed off, shaking her head, afraid his feelings weren't the same.

He just stood there, blankly looking at her.

Andrea couldn't stand the silence, "I know its wrong for me to fall for a coworker, but I can't help in Aidan, I'm hopeless. I can't pretend I don't feel this."

"Feel what?" He asked with surprised frustration.

She walked up to him, ran the tips of her fingers along his chubby cheek. "This is not acting. The cameras have stopped rolling, Aidan. I'm attracted to you and... well, I have no idea how you feel about me, but I just have to tell you, or I feel like I'll just... disintegrate," she stepped back.

Aidan moved closer to Andrea, still silent, but with a look in his bright blue eyes that told her he might feel the same way. They kissed, her hands roaming his plump sides, his belly pressing into her body.

"You promise this isn't more rehearsal?" he smiled.

"Yes, I promise," Andrea affirmed.

"I didn't think you were attracted to me that way," he wanted more reassurance from her.

"I've always been attracted to you, Aidan."

A week later, the final day on the set, Matt came to the set to see Andrea.

"I hear you and Aidan have something going on," he winked, "now why should that surprise me?" Andrea blushed and Matt continued, "You know I figured that would happen, after all, I can't have you with this body," he rubbed his flat stomach, teasing her more.

"Matt, you know I think you're a wonderful person in any body," she sighed, feeling a deep friendship with him.

"Ah, yes, but I doubt this body would elicit the kind of response from you that I saw in the dailies," he enthused. "You are smokin! I knew you'd nail this part."

She profusely thanked Matt for believing in her. He thanked her again for letting him explore his fantasy. Aidan walked over to them mid-conversation, having overheard some of it. Matt turned to Aidan, "you're a lucky man, she's very special."

With that, Matt walked away and Aidan seemed a little jealous. He asked Andrea, "I've heard some things... is it true you had a thing with him and that's why you got this part?"

Andrea wasn't offended by his suggestion, because she knew it was kind of true. "Actually, yes and no. I mean we had a slight thing, but it wasn't serious, more a friendship than anything. He just thought I would be right for the role, and I guess I was," she smiled, triumphantly knowing it was true in a way that Aidan could not quite understand.

The film went into post-production for a few months, and Andrea's relationship with Aidan continued, but it was stalled in just a physical connection. They never seemed to have the opportunity to spend quality time together, and things devolved into a purely sexual bond.

Leading up to the release date, the film got quite a bit of press due to Matt's role as producer. It wasn't long before Andrea was doing a light press junket and giving interviews. The obvious questions surfaced about her relationship with Aidan, his size, and her character's love for a man of size. She played the fat thing down, only speaking theoretically about varying beauty standards and the film's message about self-confidence and honesty.

When the movie opened, it was not a huge box office success, but it was very well received in critical circles. Her brief but startling brush with fame quickly wore on her, and she began to long for life back at home in Kansas. She rarely saw Aidan anymore, and after a few months of drifting they decided to call it quits.

The feelings of loneliness resurfaced and the offers from small-time agents held no interest for her. She was quickly becoming disillusioned with life as a wannabe starlet and tease for hire, so she decided to visit with her parents for a few weeks and figure out where she was going. She had saved enough money to go back to school, thinking seriously about a teaching certification or opening a dance instruction studio.

Andrea spent her first Saturday away from Vegas visiting her old college campus. Memories of better times with Peter left her feeling malaise and regret. Feeling down, she left campus to run some errands downtown Wichita. Despite the sunny weather, she was in a daze.

Leaving the post office, her day brightened a bit when she saw a large guy walking down the street ahead of her. She was immediately captured by his full, well-rounded love handles, broad back and wide behind in jeans and a black, loose fitting long sleeve T-shirt.

Walking quickly to get closer, she followed him into a coffee shop a few blocks down the street. She lingered in the back while he ordered, waiting to get a look at his face. When he turned around, she nearly fainted; it was her college sweetheart, Peter.

When her eyes locked with his, he almost dropped his coffee. They moved toward each other in what felt like slow motion to Andrea. He was more beautiful than she remembered. His body was still full and fat, but he was looking a little more grown up in the most handsome way.

"Peter, I... I can't believe you're here..." her cheeks flared pink.

"I was thinking the same thing," he nearly whispered. Hearing his voice flooded back Andrea's warmest memories of time spent with Peter back in college. It was a mixture of the happy comfort elicited in her by his wonderful personality and the sexual excitement over the sight of his big body.

They stood in the middle of the shop, his silhouette dwarfing hers, making the smallest talk while Andrea was feeling the biggest thing she had ever felt. They sat down outside the cafe to continue the conversation. He was now an aeronautical engineer for a military consulting company and had recently gotten his pilot's license. She told him about her cocktail waitress job and small time gigs, tactfully leaving out her work at Wish. That would take time to reveal, she felt.

"So, I saw your movie," he offered.

"You did? Not that many people saw it," she joked.

"You were so beautiful on the screen, I mean you were always beautiful, but..."

"Thank you Peter," she felt her face get hot.

"I thought the subject matter was interesting for you," already hinting at the weight thing.

It had been two years since they saw each other, but Andrea still remembered all of Peter's self doubts. He grew up fat. She remembered when he told her that every year he was the fattest kid in school, and he wasn't happy about still being known as "that fat guy."

She was always so afraid of offending him that she never brought up his weight unless he did, only to say that she loved him as he was. She never had the courage to take it a step farther and tell him that she preferred him heavy. Her youthful inexperience further dampened her ability to express how much excitement his big body created for her in bed. Despite her new ability to discuss fat attraction, she initially reverted to her old habit of clamming up on the subject of weight.

He persisted, "Did they cast you because you had experience with a big guy?"

She just smiled, but still felt worried that her secret would be revealed to Peter, that his weight was part of the equation, and she still feared hurting his feelings.

"Andrea, I've thought a lot about this since you left, and finally I have the chance to know what was going on in your head."

"What do you mean?" she asked, realizing that the conversation was not going to get any lighter.

"I mean, you and me. When you left town, I was really hurt, but I tried to think that it was for your career, and somewhere in the back of my head, I figured that you'd never stay with me anyway."

"Peter, I loved you..." she started to defend herself.

"No, what I mean is that I always assumed that the equation was wrong. Pretty girls don't stay with fat guys, so leaving town was an easier decision for you, maybe," he whispered just loud enough for her to feel the burn of his words.

"Peter," she tried to speak again, feeling shame that she wasn't more forthcoming with her preferences.

"No, it's okay, it's just how I felt; I just figured it wouldn't be as hard to leave me behind because I wasn't attractive."

"But Peter you WERE, you ARE attractive," she was nearly pleading with him. "Why do you think I asked you out?"

"I guess I kind of thought you were the first girl that looked past my size and liked my personality enough to forget I was a fat guy."

"You put me on far to high a pedestal Peter. You make yourself sound like some kind of charity case."

"I tried not to think about it for a while, but then... you're going to laugh, this sounds lame... I was watching a talk show about people liking fat people, and I started to wonder about you. And once I saw the movie you were in, then the wheels started turning even more. I just need to know, were you into my size?"

She felt light inside, knowing they were both releasing years of unspoken thoughts. "Remember how we met?

"The basketball game," he smiled.

"I saw you before that, you know," she came clean. "The first time I saw you, was in the Union, you were eating lunch with Joe and Mark."

"Really? You never told me that before," he smiled bigger.

"Yep, and I could only see your face, but I thought you were the cutest guy I had seen on campus," she admitted.

"But you didn't get a look at the rest of me?" he laughed.

"Not quite, but then I saw you again at the library, and got a much better look, and I really liked what I saw. I wanted to talk to you right then and there, but it was so quiet, I was afraid of making a scene, because you know I was never good at being quiet," she teased herself.

"That's true," he agreed, knowing Andrea's outgoing personality.

"So when I finally saw you getting a pretzel at that Basketball game, I knew I had to talk to you, so, I came up to you and asked you if you could take a picture of my friend and I," she reminisced.

Peter remembered, "And then you didn't just say thank you and walk away, you stayed and talked with me while I ate the pretzel."

"I asked you for your phone number... I called you... I asked you out... How much more obvious was it that I was into you before I even got to know you as a person?" she asked.

"That's what got me thinking, I don't know how I didn't get it at the time, but I think I do now."

"You do, Peter, yes, I loved your size, and I didn't think it was possible for you to get any better looking, but you have," she gushed.

He smiled, his chubby cheeks flared red and he looked down. Several seconds passed, before he looked back up at her with his intense green eyes. "So are you just here to visit? Going back to Vegas soon?"

"I'm not sure... I'm done with Vegas, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do here. I saved some money and I've thought about a few things, but I'm still sorting it out I guess," Andrea answered.

"Don't you have a boyfriend there or something?" he further inquired.

"No," she confirmed, happy that he asked the question, "just an apartment I need to clear out," she answered again. "What about you? Are you seeing anyone special?"

"No... no one since you," he confessed.

Andrea was jumping out of her skin. This was the information she needed to hear to feel certain that her future was with Peter, no matter where she lived. "So, I don't suppose you'd be willing to have dinner with me tonight?" she asked.

"Wait a minute," he laughed, "when do I finally get to do the asking out?"

"Anytime you want, Peter, I'll say yes," she whispered and leaned across the table to give him a soft kiss on the lips.