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X Element
By Jay Tee

Part One: The Beginning

“Get me out of here!” The small blonde lady screamed. She was totally naked, and her thoughts were still all mixed up. She had just wakened ten minutes ago.

The room seemed to be completely sealed, and the walls presented no visible doors or windows. Only a vast mirror covered one of the four ramparts from ground to roof. The reflection of her naked frame was the girl's only vision of reality inside that empty metallic white chamber.

“Hello, can you hear me?” An echoed female voice sounded through some hidden speaker. “Sorry for this, honey, but you've been randomly selected for science purposes and,” she paused, noticing the big wide-open eyes in the young blonde's face. “Before you start asking to yourself what are those purposes, I'll try to explain our research subject.”

“We're experimenting in the weight field. No diet matters, of course - nothing good can come from that. Our objectives are centered around fast weight gain - not through conventional methods but with an innovative process of atomic scale.” The voice was extremely poised and showed a command of technical jargon.

“Geri, right?” finally the voice asked. Geri nodded. “We apologize for your nudity, but it was absolutely necessary for your safety.” Geri was shaking all over, perhaps from being naked - even though it wasn't cold - or maybe it was her perplexity about the unknown future. Then a sudden mechanical noise echoed into the small space. Geri felt her body going numb. She imagined herself being cooked in a microwave oven, but it wasn't a warm or a cold feeling.

“We're bathing you in the X-Element now. You may feel strange because your cellules are being irradiated and properly stimulated by it.”

“What?” Geri gasped. She looked down and saw something that paralyzed her heart. Her flat concave stomach was getting paunchy.

She used to be a girl of a mere 120 pounds; she was no more. Slowly but perceptibly her tummy started to fill with soft microscopic layers of fatness. Geri was about to collapse; she clasped her waist with both hands and found two small rolls of fat running across her sides.

“What the fuck are you doing with me?” she shouted, noticing in the mirror a gain of about 15 pounds all over her frame, mostly in her stomach and waist and hip area.

“We are focusing 20% of the power into the middle part of your body. That's why your waistband is growing and some bulge is overtaking your abdomen.”

Then the “microwave” effect stopped. Geri looked again in the mirror, wishing its reflection wasn't her: a chubby 140-pound blonde standing naked in the middle of the room. She wanted to scream, but nothing came from her mouth.

“We're testing the softness and elasticity of your skin as well, Geri. Could you please pinch your waist? The X-Element should provide your epidermis cellules the correct elasticity to safely expand.” The voice sounded extremely concerned. Geri's first thought was to curse at her tormenters, but fear changed her mind. She did what she was told. “Excellent! The texture seems to be at the finest adaptation levels since last testing!”

The numbing effect on Geri's body started again, but stronger this time.

“Oh, don't worry, sweet,” the voice said, noticing Geri's expression. “The hazardous part has passed by now. Now, let yourself go and be proud of your contribution to weight gain human evolution history.”

Geri was shocked by her own image in the mirror. “Now proceeding at 100%. Bathing the entire subject's body. All levels resultant to standard patrons.” She looked at her hands. The wrists and tendons disappeared underneath a soft mantle of pale pink skin. Her arms stretched out and bulged heavily. Her tummy became a significant belly, and the rolls of fat at her waist started to hang down.

“You bastards!” she shouted, breaking the spell of her own surprise. “You can't do this to me! I've got nothing to do with you! I don't even remember how I've been brought here! Please!” Not a single sound replied to Geri's pleas. Instead, the filling of her frame sped up. She was now on the 200 pound scale. Her ass grew wide and fleshy, developing a noticeable overlap where legs and buttocks usually gently melt with no more than a thin folding. No cellulite emerged, though. The elasticity and the softness of skin surface were amazing.

“Oh, fuck! What's this? Wha- what the fuck is happening? Oh!” Geri whispered in tears. Her former skinny 30-inch breasts were now reaching the generous measurement of 55, both of them completely pale and growing to the size of a regular soccer ball.

Geri was petrified. She was paralyzed, watching herself grow in the mirror, but suddenly she violently separated her arms from her plumpness. This movement created an entire set of waves through her bulging frame. Geri felt like she was a giant jelly: belly, arms, breast, hips and ass, as well as her thighs were swaying and jiggling like an earthquake.

The gain was faster than before. She posed her palms over her expanding buttocks and she visualized a grotesque situation: she could serve a large tray on it; so huge it had become. “I can't can't believe it! My ass is so so . . .”

“Huge?” The sound of the voice wasn't the same as the previous scientific explainer. It was loaded with irony and amusement. “Giant Enormous Massive?” It was a second voice, a high-pitched girl voice. The first one had been definitely from an educated woman, concerned when compared with this second voice. “Did the mouse eat your tongue, sweetie?” it finally added.

Geri was shocked. Not from the stinging words but by her appearance. She was rocking the scales of weight at some point between five or six hundred pounds. “How mu- ho- how much am I?” She mumbled staring at such a vision. Even those words could barely be heard.

The first voice retorted: “588 pounds, Geri. Congratulations! The testing went satisfactorily.”

Her blonde long hair rested over her gigantic shoulders, some of it encroaching the cavernous line between both immense balls of jiggling meat that used to be Geri's breasts. Her soft and pale skin, luscious and childish, recalled the texture of a baby's, even though she was in her late twenties. Her giant belly was about the circumference of a regular oil tank, almost 80 inches wider. Three immense rolls of fatness ran across Geri's former waist, melting against each other with every movement, finishing at her lower back, and overlapping her incredibly sized ass. Her amazing buttocks: they had not a mark or even a cellulite scar - were just two inflated balloons, striking each other tightly at the halfway point, with a 10 inch separation between folds of her back and the ass middle line. Her arms and legs were heavily folded with layers of fat, bursting with delightful stoutness. Her cheeks bulged down over her triple-chinned features. She was a monument of lusty saturation and boundless excess.

The lights turned off, and the voices stopped talking to Geri. It was the beginning of a big change. A change for the thin side of humanity.