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X Element
By Jay Tee

Part Two: Sisterhood

The big, round table is speckled by lights and shade from the room's ornate windows. The entire room appears to be an expensive conference chamber. Seven folders rest quietly on the lacquered table, waiting for their owners. Through a door at the head of the room comes the sound of footsteps.

“Come on in, sisters! Hurry up, move your lardy arses…” The former girlish voice now sounds happy and anxious; its owner is a red-haired young woman, perhaps in her middle twenties and dressed casually but expensively. Blue tight jeans engulf her rotund legs, and a silk purple blouse with a black thick belt adjusts her generous waist. A couple of earrings and lightly applied makeup complete the look. Her hair flies around with every large step she takes. She seems to be around 250 pounds.

Jennifer opens the door to the conference room and walks in, followed by other six Rubenesque ladies.

“Please, Annabelle, tell our sisters about our latest patient,” Jennifer says as she sits at the table's head.

Annabelle is the only one wearing a medical overcoat. The rest of the ladies look extremely “executive,” and every one of them appears to have a well-defined purpose in the group. They all sit, opening their folders.

“Good evening, everyone. Before you look at the proof of our success I'd like to say a few words.” Annabelle's voice is deliberate and educated. She's in her early thirties: a longhaired, 300-pound brunette with no more than her glasses obstructing her beautiful facial features. Though her eyes look solemn, the dimple in her second chin and cunning green eyes heighten the charm of her presence.

“The last frontier - it's been achieved, ladies. We've discovered a way to create sufficiently soft and elastic human epidermis to go with the fattening process.”

Annabelle holds the pause. She looks at Jennifer and a little smile crosses her face.

“As you already know, the X-Element is little more than a high frequency stimulator of fat cellules. It works by atomic dispersion, modifying the configuration of the nucleus and halving the main structure. Through irradiation, X-Element also stimulates the development of every halved structure into a full-sized cellule, creating a duplicated composition able to repeat the process and separate again. Which means, simply, that every fat cellule splits in two. Then this process creates another pair and continues 'til the process of stimulation ends…”

Jennifer laughs and says, “Now, look at Geri, our new chubby girl in town!”

Every woman at the table except for Jennifer and Annabelle extract two photographs from their folder: before and after shots. One of them asks, “Only 1 minute and 25 seconds?”

“Jesus! This is heavy stuff… How's this Geri now?” another woman adds.

Annabelle sits at the table, takes her glasses off and crosses her hands over the folder. “Geri is perfectly fine and healthy, though a bit enraged by her new size. Her skin is softer and brighter than before. She currently weighs 590 pounds. All her statistics are normal for a woman her size.”

An older lady with short gray hair, close to Annabelle's size, interrupts her, “Then we can proceed with her reinsertion. Let me deal with it again; her household still hasn't a clue what's happened to her.”

Jennifer shakes her head in disagreement. “I think we should keep her here for now… Just in case she tries to reach the media.” Half the heads approve. “Our master plan can't be changed just because a simple country girl doesn't like to be a blimp, sisters,” the red-haired finishes.

“Operation Airship has already begun,” Jennifer claims.

All ladies - except for their leader and scientist - leave the room, slowly talking and mumbling to each other. Between those five women there's more than 1,200 pounds.

“We've done it, Belle…”

“Five years ago it seemed like a dream,” Annabelle smiles while her eyes remain closed. “But now it's a reality, Jenny. We did it, yes. We fucking did it.” “Ha ha ha… I love when you curse, sweetheart. It's not very common - only when you're happy”

They both laugh, their big bodies quivering beneath their laughter. Once upon a time they were just two plump friends with a crazy idea and a common objective: to get fat. Eventually they both went from a mere150 pounds to their present sizes. Inevitably, they discovered their feeder intentions within their feedee behaviors.

Annabelle had been working in the atomic field since her early twenties and just needed the foxy guidance of her “sister” Jennifer, a crazy rich girl ready for a change of plan - their biggest plan ever. They both were single and remained that way in pursuit of their final goal. Though Jennifer had used a couple of her former boyfriends to start experimenting during the first two years, it was Annabelle who introduced her to the business of quick weight gain. They both started with feeding procedures and high calorie special diets, but Annabelle's scientific skills soon replaced the ancient methods.

Now they are at the edge of their life plan, ready to liberate the X-Element all across the world - with 5 different non-governmental associations supporting them and sharing the mutual interest to install fatness for the good of society. Their plan was on schedule. The last test was done. A plump future was near.

Still at the table, the brunette asks her red-haired counterpart, “Have you changed it, Jenny? Have you changed the first target?” Jennifer smiles and her cheeks glow. “Of course, Belly… As you asked.”

“Perfect… Those stupid ignorant persons filling Manhattan will soon know what it's like to be a fat crowd. If they don't like it, they'll have it anyway…” Annabelle seems to be enjoying some kind of an old reprisal. Jennifer laughs out loud, knowing the nature of her fatter partner/friend/sister's revenge.

“Ha ha ha…! Oh, sister…! If they'd just knew what they were doing when you got kicked out of Genosyn Labs…”

“Yes, now is my moment of payback. Just because a person is fat doesn't mean she's not good enough to perform a task or direct a group.”

“C'mon! You're upset with them because the director didn't wanted to date you, and he said the word 'no' to you. What a prick! He lost a big… opportunity. He he…”

“So what? I'm in the right. I hate thin people who hate fat people. Disgusting creatures! What do they know of the warmth and sexiness of a bloated body?”

“Take it easy, my fellow scientist… Tomorrow you'll watch it at CNN…”

Both women stand and back away from the table. Soon the room is once more empty. The sun starts to sink into the horizon, projecting the late shadows on the wall. Tomorrow will be a strange day for the people around the world, especially for the millions in New York City.

Tomorrow, Operation Airship begins.