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Zel, God of Feeding vs. Rose, Waif Goddess of the North
By InvizKing

A long time ago, men enjoyed the company of larger women. Round buttocks, wide hips, plump stomach, full breasts. Today, men still enjoy round buttocks with full breasts, but without the reality of a plump stomach and wide hips. Men today are lost in a fantasy world. Women went so far to please men as to enlarge their breasts artificially. Well, a long time ago, women went so far to please men as to enlarge their bodies naturally.

Before the Christian monotheistic religion was popular mainstream, men prayed to the gods of their respective domains. If you wanted your crop to grow, you prayed to Demeter. If you wanted good travel in the sea, then you prayed to Poseidon. If you wanted your wife to gain weight, you prayed to Zel, the God of Feeding. Not too many people know about Zel, he's not in any mythology book on any shelf. But he existed, and still exists. As all the Gods do. But no one ever prays to them anymore, so they simply faded into the background. Occasionally, a god will get angry and cause a tornado to destroy a small town, or influence a drunk driver to hit a car, or even make you want to stuff yourself. I'm sure one of you have even been abducted by a god, but mistook him or her for an alien.

But, that's a whole different story. The story at hand is about how thin was in, and fat wasn't where it's at. It came about with a man named Mantagnius and his wife Elisua. Mantagnius loved his wife's curves, and often encouraged her to eat more meat and drink more milk in hopes to bulk her up. Elisua did not mind that whatsoever, she wanted no part of the lifestyle of being alone as a thin woman. Mantagnius always prayed to Zel before every meal, hoping to bless Elisua with a particular fast weight increase and elasticity of her belly.

High above the earth in his castle, Zel would answer the prayers of the people. He was a jolly, cheerful god, and blessed couples with hearty appetites and a speedy weight gain. He would often descend to earth and stroll amongst human society to gaze upon the statues of him that would be found in the occasional market. He would often pretend to be a foreigner, from the far east, and ask who that statue was. Those who praised Zel in their answers were blessed with a heafty wife. Those who badmouthed Zel were cursed with a heafty wife. Either way, women were growing, to the enjoyment of most people.

All until one day, Zel was met with a cloaked visitor from the North. His chubby cherubs escorted the stranger into Zel's inner chamber.

“Ho, traveler! Take a seat and enjoy thy self,” Zel greeted, waving his hand towards his large plush chairs. “Sarvents, thou may leave us alone.” With a courtly bow, the cherubim made their exit. The stranger sat when the chamber doors closed and faced Zel.

“What brings thy presence to my castle? Truly, no mortal can make a trek such as this!” he added with a laugh. Zel's chamber was filled with statues of women of all girths. There were women who were plump, who were fat, and who were obese. Each one of them were smiling and eating.

“Interesting hovel,” the stranger finally said in a thick Norse accent. The stranger's gender was not revealed as female.

“Hovel!” laughed Zel, “Why, dost thou know not to insult thy host? May I offer thou something to eat?”

“I require no food, simpleton,” the woman said. Zel's mood quickly turned sour.

“Madam, why art thou so bent on insulting me?”

“Because,” the woman said as she stood, “ye stand for all that I am against.”

“Thou jest,” he snickered. “Or thou art a fool. Dost thou know who I am?”

“I know exactly who you are, Zel, God of Feeding. I hath come here to stop you.”

“Stopest me? Thou art a fool!” the god stood up and moved toward the cloaked figure.

“Exactly, thou just wait.” And with that the figure vanished.

Well, Zel was dumbfounded. Why would a shadowy figure enter his court only to pose idle threats and spout invective? “She must be a sorceress,” thought Zel. “Only magicians have the power to emulate the gods. 'Tis how she must have charmed my servants and mad her way into my keep.” But Zel was wrong. And he soon found out.

Over the course of a year, Elisua lost over 100 pounds. Mantagnius made sure she ate until her belly nearly overflowed with food, but still she lost her luscious belly. Strangely though, Elisua kept her large child-bearing hips and large breasts.

“Why hath Zel forsaken us! Why hast he plagued me with my wife's sudden loss of weight?” Well, Mantagnius was not happy, and decided that he would never see his wife's cheeks round, or her belly fat, or her buttocks plump. At least she had her large breasts. So, Mantagnius abandoned his prayer to Zel.

But what Mantagnius did not know was that Zel had not abandoned his earthly followers. He weaved his magic and tried his spells to help aid Elisua's body grow. There must have been a more powerful magic at hand. Zel was deeply saddened to see Mantagnius fondle his wife's large breasts without a beautiful plump body to match. Her chest was quite oversized, and out of proportion to the rest of her body. Yet, Mantagnius wanted her still.

It was a week after Mantagnius and Elisua gave up prayer to Zel that the mysterious figure reappeared.

“How darest thou return to my home, wanderer!” Zel commanded. “Servants, to arms and dispose of this creature!” But his angels did not come.

“Thy servants shalt not answer thee, Zel. They cannot hear thee.”

“They cannot hearest me? Zel is heard by all!” He rose to his feet and moved towards the shadowy figure. He reached to unhood the character when his hand was deflected away by some seemingly magical force.

“How can this be? Thou art… untouchable by my mighty hand?” Zel blinked and rubbed his blue eyes. “This must be a dream, for no man, or woman, enters my keep and uses magic to hinder my actions! I will askest thou to leave once more, lest I be inclined to removeth thee myself!” The figure remained silent. Rage flashed in Zel's eyes, his jolly demeanor cast away in anger. The wrath of Zel was a rare occasion, for he was always jovial. Nothing like this had ever happened. His home was very dear to him, and for a stranger to violate it was a travesty.

Zel flexed his massive muscles and struck the sorceress. His blows were blunted by some unseen force surrounding the figure. Truly her magic was far more powerful that he anticipated. Zel had little magic in the way of offense, he always said “Leave battle for the war gods.” But being that Zel was the almighty master of all things relating to food, he had access to kitchen utensils. Blades being the most popular of kitchen utensils. By summoning his godly power, he summoned forth a fork and knife that shone with a misty purple. The sorceress laughed.

“Thou art truly serious about attacking me with such, peasant utensils?” The rage grew from red hot to white hot in Zel's eyes. Channeling his energy he made the fork grow, until it became a trident, and the knife grow until it became a sword.

“Have at thee, knave!” Zel shouted as he charged the magician. Without moving a muscle, the woman vanished and reappeared behind Zel. He turned and swiped at the character, only to be avereted by more magic.

“Stand still, ruffian, lest I get truly get angry!”

“Thou still do not know who thou art dealing with, do ye?” the wizardess questioned.

“A scoundrel with an arsenal of petty disappearing magics, 'tis who I am dealing with!” The woman laughed.

“I am Rose, Waif Goddess of the North!” As she said that it seemed as if the walls shook. She cast aside her robes to reveal her true self. He had long blonde hair, the same color as Zel's, along with his shade of blue eyes. She had full, pouting lips and high cheekbones. Her arms were muscled and toned, her breasts were huge and oversized, like two cantaloupes. She wore a bronze breastplate that covered just that, her breasts. Her stomach was flat and her abs were a washboard of muscles. Her legs were muscled and showed no fat whatsoever. Her lower coverings were skimpy, much like a bikini. Zel did not want to think about how her behind looked. The sight of this woman made Zel feel nauseous, she was the exact opposite of everything he stood for. Now he understood what Rose said before. There were destined to be sworn enemies.

“Thou art a fiend! 'Twas thee who pitted my own followers against me! 'Twas ye who made Elisua thin! 'Tis unnatural! Thou art unnatural!”

“Thou art a quick one, aren't thee? Yes, 'twas I who did those acts. Because women are meant to look like me!”

“Not even Athena is as muscled as thou art, and she be the goddess of war! Thou art a demon from the depths of Tartarus!”

“No, I am Rose, Waif Goddess of the North! All men will want women who look like me, not like them!” she said pointing to his statues. “Men will drool at the sight of goddesses such as myself! They will cast away their fat homely wives for younger, more attractive females! I, by Thor's hammer, swear it!” And with that, she vanished.

Over time, Rose's prophecy came true. Slowly, men became less attracted to the hefty women. They wanted their women thinner, and they wanted their breasts larger. So, as the 20th century came, fat women became recluses in the society of man. Men who enjoyed the company of larger women were mocked and laughed at, along with the big women themselves. All the while Zel sat in his castle with boredom unending. Thin women crowded the streets. The majority of those who wished to get fatter kept their secret hidden. They did not want their husbands to divorce them.

Zel and Rose met once again. A year after Zel met Toni and made her his newest angelic servant, Rose met with Zel once again.

“Greetings, Zel.”

“Leave my sight, waif.”

“Now, now, 'tis no way for two old friends speak.”

“I said leave my sight!” he thundered, slamming his fists down on his throne.

“Ye hast grown weak while I hath grown strong. Look onto the earth, Zel. Thou hast been defeated! Men no longer wish to cuddle with those who are soft and large. Men want those who art thin! Those who dislike the thin are mocked and ridiculed! Thou hast fallen. Give up!” Zel rose to his feet. With the speed of lightning Zel rushed the goddess, knocking her off her feet. He pinned her down, kissed her, then went back to his throne. Rose spit and wiped her mouth.

“Pig! Ye havest the audacity to kiss me!?”

“'Tis impolite to part company with an old friend without a kiss.” Rose began to clutch her stomach. She felt bloated, as if she just ate. Her stomach began to quiver underneath her breast plate.

“What hast thou done!?”

“Just wait,” he said smugly as he watched the show.

Rose's body began to puff outwards. Her belly swelled with fat, her thighs filled out, as did her buttocks. Her arms began to grow and droop. She felt a double chin grace her beautiful face. Rose's cheekbones became hidden with fat. Rose's breastplate straps could no longer hold her growing girth and snapped. She stood naked from the waist up. Finally, when she reached the weight of 400 pounds, the swelling stopped. She was no longer the Waif Goddess of the North, but the Obese Goddess of the North. The crazed goddess of the north, narcissistically obsessed with her body, now felt the true wrath of Zel. She became the perfect shape for Zel. He smiled at her.

“Now thine breasts fit thine stomach. Now, as I hath asked, ye may leave my sight.” With a look of pure agony, the goddess disappeared and was never heard from again by Zel. She had her way, the majority of humans longed to be with a woman such as herself. But a large woman is still appreciated. There are men out there who enjoy the company of a large woman. In the sixty-ninth year of the 20th century, a group of Americans formed the National Associate to Advance Fat Acceptance, which Zel smiled down upon. Large women are appreciated in the country of Fiji, and there is a tribe in Nigeria who worship one of Zel's incarnations and wish their women to get fat. Although Rose's triumph lead to the downfall of Zel, there is still hope for him, and for all those who admire the soft, sensual curves of the large.