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Zora, the Princess from Sleemany
By Jay Tee

She looked all around. There was no sign of any temple or even a small shrine. Just an old column, erased by the winds and time.

“What now, Zora?” Nadja asked.

“What now? Excellent question, my dearest squire; I suppose we have to make a choice.” Those last words sounded strangely groovy on Zora's throat. Nadja, the faithful squire, assistant and slave all at once, didn't say a word. She knew what “making choices” meant.

Lost in the middle of Choobeeland's wastelands, Zora, princess of Sleemany was looking for the Temple of Bloo-Ma, the Fat Goddess. She wasn't accomplishing her mission and she knew it. Nadja start to strip off while her master looked at her muscular hips. “What a waste! I hope you understand me here, Nadja. I can't go back to Sleem Castle looking like a Choobeeneer - or whatever they call themselves.”

The young escort quit off her last piece of clothing. “Deeply, my lady. A sacrifice is needed now; I understand it.” In the depths of her heart, Nadja was cursing her family ancestors, “A bunch of cowardly slaves!” she thought. But she was conscientious about her duties as the royal squire and said nothing. Now she was fully naked.

“Stand against the column, would you?” Zora said. Then she started to speak in the lowest voice the following invocation: “Peace with you Bloo-Ma, oh great queen of the roundness, mother of all Choobeeneer offspring, goddess of plumpness and prosperity. I offer you a flesh sacrifice. A young girl who hasn't tasted any male body before.” Nadja looked worried toward her master. “All right, almost no male body before. Accept her as a gift and show me the light to reach your holy temple.”

There was a brief silence - brief but abysmal. Suddenly the sky cracked in two and a bolt of lighting crossed the atmosphere. The column directly received this beam of energy, Nadja's thin and small body standing against the column. All went quiet again.

Zora opened her eyes. “Holy rope! That was intense.” She looked all around for her slave. It's missing, she thought. There was some kind of white haze in the place where the column stood. Zora looked again. The column was there!

“Cough, cough,” Nadja spewed.

“Now this is what I call a sample of power,” Zora said as she approached the tattooed map at Nadja's belly. There it was, the path to the fat divinity's temple, all carved in Nadja's skin. The map was huge and difficult to read at first sight. Nadja's belly was big enough to contain it, however. Where a slim structure of mere 110 pounds had been, an enormous 350 pounds frame appeared.

“What is this, my lady?” cried Nadja, rubbing her mammoth and blossoming naked breast.

“You're a Choobeeneer under her eyes, my dear one. Excellent work! Now we have the map.” Nadja was unable to put on her former clothes again, so she had to adopt a wool blanket as a gown. “Now, you're the greatest squire of all times, Nadja!” smiled the princess with a grin crossing her face.

“And the heaviest,” added the plump young servant.

The sun went down and the night was left behind. Dawn put both women on their way to the temple. Zora's intentions were to challenge Bloo-Ma on her own ground. Being herself a young but powerful sorcerer she had promised a victory to her people, returning home with the secret of Choobeeland's prosperity. By the evening, an immense structure had drawn against the horizon. “This is it. Prepare yourself, fatness goddess. It's time to show the Sleemaneers' power against all that useless obesity.”

They walked down the last mile. The princess, a tall 6-foot Amazon, was strongly built and shiniest of her kind. She was dressing the usual ritual clothing: coated long boots that covered her thighs, a one-piece short leather dress, starting at her breast and finishing just an inch below her intimate lower parts - all tightened by a wide black belt, with a short wooden stick and a decorated bag hanging from it.

Nadja used to be an obedient thin and strong young girl. She was part of the royal assemblage from Sleemany's court. All her life was dedicated to serving and protecting her master; now she was feeling in the flesh the princess' unkindness. She felt about to literally burst. Her face was red; her bulky inflated cheeks melted with her double chin, jiggling and jumping with every step. Her wobbling stomach pushed her back and forth, and she could barely follow Zora's strides. Finally, they reached the gates of the temple. “It looks more like a fortress than a religious building,” Zora thought.

“Come, Sleemaneer ambassador. Step in. Bloo-Ma receives you in peace,” said a voice. Zora and Nadja entered the ivory chamber. On the walls could be seen several figures of fat people, melted with strange symbols.

“I'm here to challen-,” started Zora.

“I know why you're here, princess. You want to taste Choobeeneer's secret of abundance and fertility and return home with the knowledge without a sacrifice or a self-tribute.” A gigantic figure was sitting on a throne. The throne was almost 80 inches wide, but the woman covered the last inch with her butt and thighs. “I'm Bloo-Ma, and you know what I know about you.”

“Oh, yes? Well, Mrs. Balloon, I have some news for you. The fact that you know doesn't change the situation. Take this!” Zora pointed her stick in the goddess' direction before anyone else could ever think. A beam of blue light flooded the room. However, a loud laugh echoed the space. It was the laugh of a fat woman.

“Poor undernourished girl, do you think that your agile dull magic can compare with the powers of the thick side?” The walls seemed to tremble like an impending earthquake. Zora gulped a reply and feared the worse.

A strange sound came from Bloo-Ma's mouth. Whatever she expelled covered the air of the room in a split second. Zora retained her breathing and looked back for a quick way out. The door was sealed; in fact, there was no trace of the door in that wall.

“What now, my lady?” Nadja said. At the moment she breathed and spoke her weight rose from 350 to 700 pounds in the blink of an eye. Zora's own eyes grew wide with the vision of her ballooning servant. She took a stone from her bag and threw it to ground. An explosion, coming from the magic rock, created a blurry shield over the princess' body.

“Please let me in!” begged an incredibly gigantic Nadja who was about to surpass all known measures of weight. Her hands grabbed the shield.

“NO!!!” Zora shouted. The shield was powerful enough to support any magic but vulnerable to physic intrusions. Zora felt her belt tightening over her waist. But just for a second. All clothing collapsed in a flesh eruption. The former slim princess was now naked and growing immense proportions. Her breasts grew like two gigantic bananas finding their course through the ample mass of her belly's whiteness. Her stomach wasn't a stomach anymore; it was a cascade of fatness. Layer after layer of swallowing fat immediately covered her front lower parts. Her buttocks found the walls and pushed her into the center of the room.

By her side, Nadja was microscopic.

“3,800 pounds will be sacrifice enough to win the secret of prosperity,” Bloo-Ma finally said. “Now come and I'll tell you.”

Behind a pair of monstrous cheeks Zora opened her mouth with a logical complaint. “But. . . but. . . how. . .? I am so. . . so. . . ALL.”

“Then you come here, Nadja, royal squire.” Nadja advanced, slowly carrying her almost 1,000 pound body. Bloo-Ma told her the secret of Choobeeland's power, knowing that neither princess nor squire would be able to return home to share the knowledge. Bloo-Ma smiled, pleased with her new two acquisitions. “For my own collection,” she said.