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As Big As A Cow [BBW, WG]
Big Legs [BBW, Sex]
The Boss that Spoiled Me [BBW, WG]
Cause And Effect [BBW, WG]
Create Your Own Perfect Plumper [BBW, Sex, WG]
Feeder Reader [BBW, XWG]
Flashy, Fleshy & Flabulous [BBW, XWG]
Independence Day [BBW]
Ingenue [BBW]
Emma [BBW, WG]
Letters to BUF [BBW, WG]
A License to Eat [BBW, XWG]

Liz [BBW, WG]
Mel's Story [BBW, XWG, True (You calling Mel a liar?)]
More Sabotage Feeding in NYC [BBW, WG]
More Subtle and Sabotage Feeding [BBW, WG]
Night Flight [BBW, Sex]
Overstuffed in Argentina [BBW, XWG]
Sabotage Feeding in NYC [BBW, WG]
Second Time Sweetheart [BBW, XWG]
Simply Me [BBW, XWG]
Starbucks Confessions [BBW, WG]
Tennis Partners [BBW, WG]
True Story of My Wife [BBW, WG]
Weekend in Sin City [BBW]

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