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Heretic Physician
Dr. Mo Lerner on health for fat people

State of Dimensions
Messages from Dimensions' editor and publisher

Editor At Large
Dimensions Editor-in-Chief

Delightfully intellectual tidbits by Hillel Schwartz

The FA's perspective by Glen Sommers

The FA's perspective by Daniel Davis

The BBW's perspective by Elizabeth Fisher

Female FA
by Judy Davies

Female FA
by Ginger

NAAFA's former executive director Sally E. Smith

Well Being
By counselor Dr. Barbara Altman Bruno

Dimensions Online
By Dani Osborne

Measure by Measure
Bill Sherman and Becky Fox's Online Fat Romance Serial

The Weight Loss Camp
Wilson Barbers' seminal FA novel

Three Years
Wilson Barbers' serialized WG fantasy

a long talk with Dawn McDowell

Book Reviews
Michael Fumento's "The Fat of the Land"

Lynne Murray's "Larger Than Death

The Comfort of Size

Thoughts on "Sex only" Personal Ads from Men

BBW Superiority

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Top Ten Reasons Why My Honey Adores My Big
Gorgeous Bod

Favorite FatSongs

The Life and Death of Walter Hudson
and of the fattest men in history

Sexual positions. How do you do IT?

Fat Sex
About Positions and Attitudes

Max Hess Classic
"The Bigger They Are, The Harder I Fall" (Intro free/whole story $8.95)

Pro Feeders

Against Feeders

What is a Feeder?

Body Building
fascinating article by a woman who wants to be fatter

The case for a separate FA movement

Flesh, Fat, and Fantasy
Report from a Wilson Barbers Workshop for FAs

Are FAs for real?
(from Dimensions 44, August 1991)

Fiction samples (ALL) Poetry and Song Lyrics
Hungry For Your Touch

The Abductions

The Party

Avoirdupois Illustrated


Wilson Barbers Fat Magic Page

The Weight Room
(contains dozens of WG stories)

Ten Year Itch

Sea Salt

There Are Places I'll Remember All My Life, Though Some Have Changed...

The Art Museum


Our Time

And almost 1,500 stories...

please be happy
I feel her
the Large Buxom Obese Queen
the fat girl sits across the room
Our bodies are comprised of matter
She walks into the room
I had to tell a beautiful girl
her voluminous figure hovers over me
I embrace her every curve
the Fat Woman laughs
am I disgusting?
and THEN i get angry
anticipating the moment
Beauty is.
Beauty's Beauty
Ecstasy of Comfort
Frustrated FA
get real
I'm deviant?
just the start...
Poem to an Anonymous Fat Girl
Purity bathed in Moonlight
They Know
you Are
Walk in my dreams