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For more than a decade, yours truly has been writing fantasies steeped in FA imagery for a variety of publications. I've been a fat admirer for as long as I can remember, and some of these tales have their roots in fancies that I've held for years. These are all fantasies, so please check your inhibitions at the door.

If you're visiting for the first time, be advised that this home page contains:

I don't get all that many emails, but let me reassure you that I'd love to hear any comments or suggestions. Let me know your favorite stories. Or your (shudder!) least favorite. I can be reached through Dimensions or at

--- Wilson

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The Therapy Session
(A new tale of Fast Majicke.) When Marlena's client came in for her session, she definitely looked like a new woman. . .

The Bookstore
Ever wonder where you can buy a copy of Fast Majicke?

Waking Moments
An uplifting fantasy of one woman's gain and transformation.

Belle, Book and Kindle
In which a young and slender wife grows attuned to Magickal Abundance.

The last Lewis Baird/Wilson Barbers transformation collaboration.

From the final days of Dimensions, the print mag, a Page Briant Adipost Zone adventure.

A "collaboration" between Lew Baird and Wilson B., featuring the hero of Baird's earlier transformation trilogy.

"One of Us"
Running for her life from her gangster ex-, Norma Lesley finds a way to hide in plain sight. (Illustrated by BeakerFA!)

Blog Fiction:

Mystery Shopper
An Ample Stuffing story: Being an account of the divers changes experienced by one Denise Purchess over her first month's employment at this most interesting of companies. . .

Serialized Novel:

The Weight Loss Camp (An FA Novel)
or:  One F.A.'s Awakening
(Note: this 'un contains much explicit sexual content!)

Adipost Zone:

Adipost Zone
The first Zone tale: When reg actress Taylor Delta is kidnapped, it's up to free-lance op Page Briant to find her. But will he get to her before she's been unwillingly transformed into adipost?

The Diminishing Adipost
(A Page Briant Contract): When actress Lola Shelley's adipost daughter Anya started inexplicably losing weight, free-lance op Briant was brought in to investigate. Had somebody tampered with the diminishing bride's enhancement?

Because Paula Okeh had been raised by anorekt parents, it was always assumed that she'd follow the path of biomedically enhanced ultra-thinness once she reached the age of consent. Yet something inside Paula hears the call of a a bigger body type.

Maxfed: A Romance of the Future
Tim Ripley knew that Delia Cartland had plenty of potential as an adipost; he just didn't realize how much. (Note: explicit sexual content.)

An Adipost Zone prequel: Allie More was a shapeling with the ability to become any size she wanted - until the day she over-extended herself.

Ample Stuffing:

A Small Percentage
Most diets end with a percentage of regain. But even a small percentage can have a large impact over time. . .

Sumo Night
The salesman guaranteed that his sumo costumes were unlike any others. It was not false advertising.

Emblems, Inc.:

Dueling Emblems
When Pride challenged Gluttony, few could remain on the sidelines.

Emblems, Inc.
The first Emblems, Inc. fable:  It looked like the job of her dreams: to be the representative of Lust for the mysterious organization, Emblems, Inc. But Tracie Pilgrim doesn't know that she's really being eyed for another position in the company. . .

Emblematic Behavior
Michelle Travelstead was growing disenchanted with her job working for Reverend Dan. Fortunately for her, Gluttony rep Tracie Pilgrim is looking for looking for a woman with Michelle's potential.

Fast Majicke:

Angie's Wish
An early tale from the vaults: the first Fast Majicke story written for the men's mag market. (Illustrated by "Mamet")

Mona found the cookie recipe within the pages of a certain book of spells. Who could blame her for being tempted to use it on the other members of her health club?

Fat Magic
Janice was one of the favored few: a formerly fat woman who'd dieted successfully and still managed to keep off the weight. Then she found the book of spells and decided to share her good fortune with the women around her. The results were not what she expected.

The Feeder and the Demoness
Feeder Harold Provyde's latest project possessed an insatiable appetite and was beautiful to boot. Yet she never seemed to gain any weight -- until the night that Harold asked her to . . . (Note: explicit sexual content.)

Felicia's Charm
One Closeted FA + One Practioner of Fast Majicke = ?

When slim doctoral student Lisa received a copy of Fast Majicke to help with her research, she didn't realize she'd quickly be getting first hand knowledge of its workings.

A Fat Magic story from the glory days of the print mag Dimensions.

Martin Beckler was a master of special FX makeup who could make even the most fantastic transformations seem real - how real actress Lana Adrienne was about to learn. . . (Note: explicit sexual content.)

The site seemed expressly designed for Hal Remming. A website devoted to morphing expansions of celebrities and regular people - what could be cooler? Hal finds out once he subjects his spouse to the "Personal Morph" option.

A Short-Term Spell
It was only a short-term weight gain spell. But once you've been touched by magic, your life is never the same.

"Betty Swift is driving home when she suddenly gains more than three hundred pounds." (Note: explicit sexual content.)

In the world of Fast Majicke, size and magical power go together: a lesson that photogenic political pundit Carly Eaves is about to learn first hand.

The Weight Spell
When Amy and her friends found the weight transference spell, they knew exactly where they'd cast it. But even the strongest magic can't change the woman within.

Golden Mall:

The Door In Golden Mall
Melissa Calcule came to Golden Mall to delve deeply into its financial records. The Mall's finances weren't its biggest secret, however. (Note: explicit sexual content.)

The Mall Women
Golden Mall was undergoing its fourth major celebration and Lisa had been chosen its Celebrant Consumer. Yet being a Celebrant was more than an honor, it was a way of life!

The Recipients:

Family Life
Part Two of the Recipients Trilogy: Sharon Prowller sought out Robin and Ira Garner, looking to exploit their extraordinary condition. That changed, once she met the family . . .

Part Three of the Recipients Trilogy - Illustrated by Will N. Dorf: The disappearance of a former exercise queen looked like a low-key assignment to the woman F.B.I. agent investigating her case. What started as a routine case turned into something more fantastic, though - once Jill Donner learned about the Recipients. . .

The Recipients
Part One of the Recipients Trilogy: When Jenna found Ira - a married man wishing for the day his plump wife abandoned her diet obsession - she knew the married couple would be everything her family needed.

The Lew Baird Stories:

A tale of weight gain and alternate realities written by the hero of "The Fan Letter." (Frontispiece by The Studio!)

Second in a trilogy of previously unseen Baird WG fantasies.

Rachel's Story
The extended conclusion to Baird's WG fantasy trilogy.

The Smithes and Other White Witches:

Balloon Lady
It seemed like a gag gift: an inflatable doll made to look up like video exercise star, Jeanie Razton. But Jeanie's anonymous benefactor had her own reasons for sending The Balloon Lady. (Illustrated by Vic Martin)

The Big Diners Club
Jayne came upon the Big Diners Club simply looking for a good place to eat; she didn't know that there was magic in the place.

Body Switch
After health club trainer Shari Thorne woke to find herself in the body of pudgy Harriet Smithe, she vowed to get her old body back. Can she do it before her former student builds her body into irreversible fatness?

Carla's Cookbook
After TV chef Carla brought in a slender young food critic to help her with a book, it was a magical collaboration in more ways than one.

Fat Manga
When Myrna took on the assignment of adapting a new foodee manga series, she didn't know the changes that were in store for her.

The Layered Look
Playing fat was part of stripper Stella Leyer's act - until the night she stopped playing for good.

Other Magics (Possibly):

Astral Thief
Neldra Cambry: mega-sized beauty and mistress of the astral realms. Her skills as a mage are only surpassed by her demonically enhanced appetite. But is she a match for the creature stealing weight from the daughter of a former circus fat lady? (Note: chapter one of this three-parter appeared in the magazine version of Dimensions - this is the full-length story.)

Avoirdupois Illustrated
It was the autobiographical details that made Sherman Billingsley's weight gain fiction work. They also made his writing reality. . .

The Camera
They say the camera puts on a few pounds, and, in this case, they were right. . . (Note: explicit sexual content.)

Ceres' Chosen
They found the town off the beaten path, a quaint Pennsylvania burg where the residents all shared one characteristic: super-sized fatness. As Ben and Cheri are about to find out, the residents of Seerhaven have their own unique way of introducing newcomers to the community.

The Chain
Annie Nicholas didn't believe in chain letters. If she did, perhaps her days as a super-model wouldn't have ended so abruptly.

They were just simple old-fashioned postcards - yet once he discovered 'em, Nate and Cindy's lives were forever changed . . .

Ron had indulged in weight gain fantasies since he was a boy. Now he was living them.

The Fan Letter
Men's mag writer Lew Baird was adept at adopting all sorts of authorial personas - even that of a fat admirer. His skill lead to his being on the receiving of a spell with far-reaching effect on the women around him.

Fat Again
The lady was an enigma: a plump beauty with a prodigious appetite and no name. It was up to P.I. Ken Briant to uncover her identity and connection to the wealthy feeder Wes Kenosha.

The Haunting of Trisha
The house had belonged to a former Hollywood starlet; though she was gone, the power of her appetite lived on.

Another story of Magical Abundance and mega-growth. (Frontispiece illustration by The Studio.)

Myra was elated to discover the brassiere - which enhanced her slim form into something out of a men's mag fantasy, built her breasts into massive mams. But that's only the start of her amazing transformation. . .

Passing Fancy
The super-sized woman in the PT Cruiser looked naggingly familiar to Ronnie. With good reason.

The Purse
In which a "found" purse spurs a life-changing visit to a very familiar all-you-can-eat smorgasbord . . .

Tabloid Life
Tabloid reporter Belle Hansom thought she knew the difference between truth and fiction - until she became the feature in her own story.

Three Years
June's job brought her to the fast food restaurant once a year. But each time she returned she was a slightly different woman . . . (Illustrated by BeakerFA!)

Winnie's Loss
Plus-sized talk show hostess Winnie Harper thought she'd never be thin again. Then she met magic man Billy Prism - and discovered that even the smallest bit of magic carries a price.

The "Real" World:

Bob and Ann at the Oaktown Buffet
It was a quiet night at the Oaktown Buffet - until the super-sized couple walked through the door. (Note: explicit sexual content.)

Body Types
Ernie set out to prove that personality and body type were linked - and succeeded to an unexpected degree. (Note: explicit sexual content.)

Dee's Husband
Brad was first attracted to his wife by her cooking; Dee was first attracted to Brad by his capacity. . .

Fate on the Fat Side
From the archives: Wilson Barbers' first published story, a simple tale of a would-be feeder's first love.

The Fattening of Marian Meredith
When Stupefyingly beautiful Marian Meredith showed up in Rust City, Iowa, the town's ladies recognized an immediate menace to their domestic security. To nullify it, they decided to capitalize on her biggest weakness: her appetite!

Growing Into the Neighborhood
They thought they had just gained a house; they didn't know they would gain much more. (Illustrated by "Mamet")

The terms of Aunt Miranda's will were simplicity itself: a fortune to the family member who gained the most weight in a year. Everything was supplied to them: lodging, clothes and an array of good food. Was Mindy up to the challenge?

Jack's Search
When Jack went looking for the woman of his dreams, he never imagined that it'd be his wife. (Illustrated by Vic Martin)

Lady Bountiful
A tale of Thanksgiving: Cathryn Gaynolle was both alarmed and titillated by her recurring feedee dream. Then she met a man with the means to make that dream reality.

The Librarian
From 1988: a simple li'l vignette of one man's encounter with a BBW. (Illustrated by Vic Martin most likely)

Man, Woman, Buffet
An all-you-can-eat buffet, a super-sized patron - together, they sparked a new way of living for Diana Pryce. (Note: explicit sexual content.)

Scott's Revenge
Scott wasn't ordinarily the vengeful type. But when his girlfriend Lisa returned after dumping him abruptly, he came up with a plan to change her life - and body - for good. (Note: explicit sexual content. Illustrated by Ned Sonntag)

Temp Trish
Soon as he saw the sultry, fat temp worker, Sy was a goner. Fortunately, the attraction proved to be mutual. (Note: explicit sexual content.)

The Restaurant Trilogy:

Consuming Interests
Part Two of the Restaurant Trilogy: The staff of Antonioni's restaurants were worried big-time when his slender heiress niece Tammy took over the helm. But maitre d' Jake Meches saw a way to handle the Tammy Situation. . .

Mistress of the Family Business
Part Three of the Restaurant Trilogy: Glinda took the job at Antonioni's in order to become her own woman. She never would have foreseen the impact it'd have on her life.

The Undercover Connoisseur
Part One of the Restaurant Trilogy: Jeri saw her new assignment as a restaurant critic as a major career move; it was - and so much more . . . (Note: explicit sexual content.)

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