Adipost Zone


"Adipost Zone" is the story that introduced a future world I've since returned to many times. Originally written as a short novel, it first saw print in Dimensions (November, 1992 - March, 1993)as a three-part serial. The first two chapters were wonderfully illustrated by Ned Sonntag (his depiction of detective hero Briant and ex-wife Ginny have forever sealed those characters for me), but, unfortunately, the final chapter appeared Ned-less. Too bad - I'd have liked to have seen his version of Taylor Delta in her final state.

The story is both detective fiction and s-f, two genres that I enjoy reading but typically lack the discipline to craft. You need to be more anal retentive than me to juggle all the details in this sort of genre work. But I did the best I could to work against my personality type. The results are moderately satisfying, I think.

Re-reading the story for its appearance on "Fat Magic," I'm struck by the way it keeps circling around questions of reality vs. fantasy. I'm impatient with those who try to use an adult's fantasy life as a means of labeling them in the real world. It's tantamount to stating that having a thought about a sin is the same as committing it. I'm not going to accept that premise, and I suggest that you don't, either. Anyone who wishes to draw conclusions about the author on the basis of this story are henceforth instructed to remember: it's only a fantasy and a far-fetched one at that.

Still, if there's a heaven, I want it to look like adipost zone. You know they'd have a hell of a buffet. . .

This story has been tweaked for its appearance on "Fat Magic."


August, 1998

(Page Briant will return - cue James Bond music - in "The Diminishing Adipost.")