Avoirdupois Illustrated


"Avoirdupois Illustrated" (original title: "A Weight Gain Story," a title that struck me as clever for all of about two days) was written back when Dimensions was still a funky little black-and-white zine called FA-SIG (for Fat Admirers' Special Interest Group). I'd been writing for the mag for several years by this time and had a set of weight-gain fantasies already published - so I figured it was about to make some comments in story form about it all. "A.I." is the result of that self-destructive impulse, and it remains one of my favorites for several reasons:

1. When artist Ned Sonntag did the accompanying graphic, he made the hero look like then-Dimensions editor Dan Davis. This, I thought, was pretty funny, considering Davis' public antipathy towards weight-gain fiction.

2. The basic idea - that the sexual energy of all those FA readers could be transformed into a magickal force on the women inspiring it - was pretty neat. A few years later, I ran across a Richard Christian Matheson short story that would take this idea to horror story levels, making that sexual energy sadistic. I like my fantasy so much more.

3. Egotist that I am, I enjoyed playing games with the story's autobiographical elements. Since one crucial element of the story itself is its author/hero's reliance on his own life for story background info, I threw a lot of random autobio into the soup. Not all the details are strictly true, of course (like all writers, I reserve the right to lie about my life), but it's probably closer to me than anything else I've written.

One small point needs to be made: because the name of the story's hero so closely parallels that of another Dimensions writer, I've heard some rumors that this other writer is a pseudonym of mine. Nothing could be further from the truth..

Aside from the title change, this story has been unrevised.


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