Another story inspired by a real-life moment: in this case, my spying a super-sized male one night at a Kentucky Fried Chicken buffet. The image of this man going up to the counter for a fresh plate stuck with me (though not to the degree that it does to this story's heroine), and it became the spark for this tale of sensual obsession. A "realistic" tale, it's a tribute to the glory of all-you-can-eat buffets.

I wrote "Buffet" in the version you read here, but when I prepared a copy for sale I coarsened up some of the sex scene's language and dropped the heroine's weight a couple hundred pounds. (With the exception of BUF, every men's mag that I've written for has wanted my fat women smaller than I originally visualize 'em.) That version appeared in the May, 1998 issue of Juggs alongside a spiffy Ned Sonntag graphic.

This is the original with only a couple of spelling corrections made.


December, 1998