The Weight Loss Camp
A Serialized Novel by Wilson Barbers

Chapter Seven

They showered one at a time (the stall not being large enough to fit both of them), though Bob helped Shelley with some of her less accessible vicinities. Standing outside the shower and reaching under her hanging belly with a washcloth, he lovingly lathered her pubic regions. As he leaned down to get to her, a warm sudsy waterfall cascaded off her belly and onto his head, down his back and to the tiled floor. Bob rinsed her off, feeling the furrows between her inner thighs and crotch.

"When you get to be my size," Shelley said, "your body develops plenty of good hiding places."

Once he finished his own shower, Bob quickly dressed and straightened himself up in the bathroom. He returned to the bedroom and found Shelley seated on the edge of the bed, putting on the blouse that had formerly been covering her mirror. Once she buttoned up, he went over to examine the looking glass. It was hung at the top and easy to remove from the wall.

Gesturing Shelley over, he showed her the peepholes. Turned out the blouse hadn't been necessary, after all: both openings were covered with dried pink bubble gum. He had to scrape one clear with his car keys to open it up.

"What the hell?" she said, both amazed and amused by the revelation. "And you told me you were covering the mirror because you were superstitious."

"I thought the holes were still active - I forgot about Mo covering 'em up," he explained. "I'm surprised she didn't tell you about it."

Shelley examined the flipside of the two-way glass, a thoughtful expression on her jowly face. "Mo didn't tell me everything. Maybe she thought it didn't matter since she'd stopped the holes," she said. She examined the peepholes more closely, picking a chunk of plasterboard between two fingernails. "I wonder how long this set-up's existed. Was it here last year?"

"Damned if I know," Bob said, looking in his pockets for something to recover the peephole he'd opened. He settled for a chewed-up wad of ATM receipt.

"What's on the other side of the wall?"

"Just a cleaning closet."

"I want to see," she decided.

They left her room and stepped out into the empty hallway. Bob kneeled and reached for Mo's wire key, finding it in the space between carpet and wall. But as he reached up to grab the knob, it turned in his hand. Suspicious now, Bob gestured to Shelley with his finger to his lips and slowly pulled open the unlocked cleaning closet.

Max Venn was standing with his face pressed against the opposite wall, plastic notebook on the shelf behind him. Peering into a second set of peepholes, a look of rapt concentration on his face, the peeping Venn was unaware of Bob's presence until the rec counselor loudly cleared his throat. Startled, the camp head jerked in Bob and Shelley's direction, droplets of sweat from his balding dome flying against the wall.

"Bob!" he said with a tone of desperate fellowship. "This is not what it looks like!" He pulled his hand up away from his crotch and gestured supplicatingly. "Just found out about these peepholes today and was checking them out. Did you know they were all over the building? It's disgusting!" He looked down at the incriminating bulge in his pants, bent over as if to futilely hide it, thought of his notebook and quickly grasped it to shield himself as he tried to casually slide out of the closet.

Shelley blocked his way, a task for which she was eminently suited. Bob worked his way around the reddening Venn and over to the peepholes. "Let's see what the show is," he decided.

The room was laid out like Shelley's (only the tacky motel picture was changed) with the rumpled bed center stage. But this show had a fresh cast. Reclining on his back, his huge white body totally uncovered, was Dale Harvey. At his side, dressed in a silky black brassiere and bikini briefs, was Tina the receptionist. She was leaning over his great round gut, her pert breasts mashing into belly fat, and licking his erect shaft. Her lips left red streaks of lipstick on his stiffening dick, as she continued to work on the portly computer man's member. Dale's growing erection pushed aggressively against the hang of his belly.

The slim receptionist lifted her head and began to trail her tongue up her new lover's mountainous paunch, her assertive chin digging into his flesh. As she came to his chest, she licked the folds that divided breasts from belly, twirling his thick chest hair with her fingers. In response, he reached up to unsnap her bra: Tina raised herself and let the garment drop down her arms, her girlish breasts dangling invitingly. Harvey covered each mam with his fat hands as she pulled off her briefs, climbed and straddled his ballooning torso. Slowly kneeling, Tina slid down her lover's quivering chest toward his eager mouth. He attacked her with the same vigor that he applied to his pre-breakfast snacks.

Venn had joined Bob at the other peephole now. Already damned by Bob's discover, he was unable to keep away from the show, and for this Bob couldn't blame him. It was getting pretty hot in there. Behind them, Shelley watched the two with detached amusement.

Back in the bedroom, Tina was wriggling her slender thighs in response to Harvey's oral efforts. Her small butt jiggled with secretarial fat, and Bob found himself fixating on the sight of her sole fleshy area. Even on a thin girl, fat could be sexy. It had always been, he realized: after all, wasn't the love of big boobs one form of lust for large womanhood? In this light, Bob's awakened appreciation seemed the most natural thing in the world, more natural than the modern yearning for anorectic girlishness.

Tina arched her back dramatically, moussed hair shaking as she faced the ceiling. Harvey had his fat hands on her sides, thumbing the hang of her slight breasts. She let out a yowl that came through the wall and suddenly rose from her partner's face, thighs taut. Obviously struggling to catch her breath, she turned and rolled off the bed. Her made-up face was streaked with sweat.

As her corpulent lover struggled to sit up, the receptionist knelt on the floor and gathered her breath. Harvey reached for the end table and said something to Tina, but she shook her head and apparently changed her mind. Lifting himself out of bed, he joined her on the carpeted floor.

She was kneeling before him temptingly, her ass butting against his overhanging belly like a cat asking for a good long head scratch. The fat man hefted his gut with his hands and inserted his amazingly wide rod into her waiting vagina. Harvey held onto her sides and started to pump into her, obese torso settling to either side of her hips as he shifted from left to right. A look of complete delight covered his multi-chinned face. As he continued to push against her, the computer man reached over to the bed to steady himself.

He plunged into the receptionist with more energy than he'd shown all week at camp. Perhaps, Bob thought, they needed to initiate sex as a daily exercise. He certainly wouldn't have as much difficulty coaxing recalcitrants like Harvey. The man was definitely exerting himself.

The slender receptionist and her rotund companion continued to ride each other for some time, lost in the experience. Bob turned to look at Shelly standing in the doorway, a huge silhouette in the soft hall light.

"Must be something to see," she softly said. "You two've been standing there gawking for close to fifteen minutes." He waved her over and let her take a peek, her mammoth hips pushing Venn away from his own hole. The camp head started to protest but thought the better of it. "Looks like they're having a good time," Shelley said, after a few minutes viewing. She winked and added, "Some girls have all the luck!"

When Bob returned to his vantage spot, Tina had risen off her hands. Her flat back was swallowed by her lover's engulfing belly. The computer man was leaning back as far as his body would let him, his hands flat on the floor, his face red. She grasped his chunky knees and used her arms to push up and down on his erection. Then she let out another wall-piercing cry and redoubled her efforts.

The pair continued to buck together, until Tina obviously couldn't take any more. She suddenly rose off his member and happily collapsed against Harvey's blubbery belly, nearly rolling off her partner onto the floor. The fat man straightened his tree trunk legs and fell back slowly, wide arms hugging the spent receptionist. With his erection peaking between her slender thighs, her thin form resting on his bed of a body, he finally came.

Spraying his arousal onto her legs and flat stomach, Dale let out a soundless laugh and reveled in the feel of her girlish body. His ejaculation was short but full. When he finished, Tina took a finger full and licked it in front of him appreciatively.

Bob backed away from the peepholes and followed Shelley into the hall. Now he was feeling as sweaty as Max Venn. He kissed her surreptitiously and whispered, "Just watching them go at it makes me eager for you all over again!"

She reached down and affectionately patted his groin. "I appreciate the compliment, but lunch hour is almost over," she said. "They don't feed us enough for me to go missing meals. You want me to keep my strength up." She framed her stomach with her hands and drummed it with her pudgy fingertips, sending ripples through her layers of flesh. "The question is," she said loudly, "what do we do with ol' Max here?"

Her query brought the voyeuristic Venn out of his hidey-hole. Visibly spent, a damp stain spreading across the front of his light twill pants, he stood before them in the guilty pose of a young boy caught jerking on in the bathroom.

"Ms. Laile," he began. "I know this looks rather compromising, and there's no way I can deny it. But perhaps I could make it - uh - worth your while to forget what you saw."

Shelley's round face looked thoughtful. "Perhaps," she said finally. She pulled him over to the closet doorway and whispered a few words into his ear. Over their heads, a hall light momentarily flickered, as if reflecting the moment's tension. Finally, Venn nodded his head eagerly, shook her hand and turned to Bob.

"You got anything to say?" Venn asked challengingly, pointing with the edge of his plastic binder. Bob considered decking the asshole.

"Not a thing," he answered, careful to keep his voice low and calm. "I make no judgments about what a man chooses to do on his lunch hour."

The camp head glared at him piercingly, as if trying to ascertain whether he could believe the rec counselor or not.

"Fine!" Venn finally clipped, slapping the binder against his pant leg. He strutted off, presumably to change his pants.

Once the camp head was out of sight, Bob asked Shelley what her conditions had been. "Two things," she explained, as she turned to knock on Harvey's door. "I'd like to be able to stay the full summer, but I don't think I could hack the camp's menus if I tried. I got Venn to give me a free month and a better caloric regimen. Thirty-five hundred is typically enough to maintain me. No more dieting myself fatter and fatter. I'm staying where I am, if I possibly can."

"Looks good to me," Bob said, giving her an extra once-over. (And yet, a part of him couldn't keep from asking, wouldn't she look better even bigger? He didn't answer that question: he didn't want to go where it would lead him. At least not yet.) Shelley softly tapped on the door and waited for the couple inside to get themselves together. Finally, Dale Harvey appeared. He was in his pants with the belt unbuckled, holding them up to his multi-X-sized waist. A puzzled expression was on his flushed face.

"Thought you might be interested in what's been going on around here," Shelley said conversationally. She lead the confused computer man by the hand to the closet - as he unsuccessfully struggled to fasten his belt around his shifting circumference - and displayed the open peepholes with a flourish of her pudgy hand. The fat man took a gander through the first, saw the dressing Tina and let out a loud laugh.

"Who's responsible?" he finally asked, latching his blue canvas belt and turning their way, amusement on his well-fed face.

"Max Venn," the two of them announced in unison, close to cracking up at the same time. After the tension of discovering Venn, they both were feeling pretty giddy.

"Figures. I never did like that sneaky little bastard."

It was tempting, but Bob kept quiet. He'd done enough by helping to give Venn away.

"So what are we gonna do about this?" Harvey was saying, pulling on his tee shirt with the air of a man preparing to go to work.

"Well," Shelley answered, leading the computer man back out into the hallway once he was fully dressed. "Speaking for myself: I'm planning on doing nothing." Standing before him, two prominent bellies within an inch of each other, she succinctly described her modest blackmail agreement to Harvey. The further she got into it, the broader his smile got. "So you see it's in my best interests to keep quiet," she concluded, "at least until Venn's made proper arrangements with the camp nutritionist. But if all these sordid details could somehow get out later. . ."

"I like your style, Shel," Harvey said, tweaking Shelly's first chin with his right thumb and forefinger. For a moment, Bob felt a flush of jealousy at the familiarity. Above them, the hall light once more flickered.

"Perhaps some busybody could drop a word to Max's missus up at the house?" Tina interjected, popping her coiffed head through the doorway, bare shoulder visible. "From all that I've heard, she could take care of Mr. Peephole!"

"Now there's an idea," Harvey said, a glint in his eye. "What do you think, Bob?"

"I've never met the lady," Bob answered, moving to Shelley's side in an unconscious gesture of possessiveness. All of his companions noticed the move and its significance, however.

"You should. I think you'd like her," Harvey answered. "Kay and I are old business chums. I think I could let her in on what's been going on outside her home. In a few days, that is."

He laughed once more, a booming and infectious sound that echoed down the hall and had them all feeling at ease. Dale Harvey was an operator, Bob thought, but he was a contagiously congenial one.

It wasn't until they got to the dining hall that the significance of Ms. Venn's first name hit him.

Fat Magic

Chapter 8