The Weight Loss Camp
A Serialized Novel by Wilson Barbers

Chapter Nine

Maureen stayed with him the rest of the weekend. They held up in his apartment all Saturday - after a morning run to the grocer's - noshing and making slow love. Bob was eating more than he was used to (all that restaurant dining!), and it was starting to show on him. Once while passing the mirror unclothed, he saw the start of a pair of love handles on his torso. If he didn't up his own exercising, he was going to turn into another Dale Harvey.

Bob had plenty opportunities to exert himself on the weekend, though. Sunday evening, he drove Mo home and said goodbye to her for the summer: she was starting summer session that Monday.

"My folks were relieved when I told 'em I wanted to spend the rest of summer at school," she told him, as they drove along the highway, evening breezes fingering her long hair. "It was a relief for me, too, when they said they'd pay my tuition: they get worse every bitching about my weight."

The house was dark when he got her home, which spared him another contact with Mo's parents. They kissed passionately in the driveway, not caring if anyone in the house saw them or not. "I'll remember this weekend," she said as she turned to go into the house. "Be good to Shelley, won't you?"

He nodded and drove home, stopping once at a Dairy Queen for a Coke float. Next morning, he joined Dale Harvey in the grove for breakfast.

It was raining lightly as he drove into work, so sparsely that it didn't penetrate the trees. The fat man was looking chipper, sitting and listening to the patter of rain-struck leaves. He welcomed Bob happily.

"How goes it?" he asked, waving Bob over with a half-eaten croissant.

"Fine," Bob said, resisting the urge to spill all about his weekend. Instead, he reached into Harvey's food hamper for a cinnamon roll. "Haven't had a chance to ask you. Ever get to talk to Mrs. Venn?"

"Sure did," Harvey said, a wistful expression on his round face. "She's an amazing woman, Kay is: a marvel when it comes to making money, a natural-born entrepreneur." He polished off his croissant and continued. "Five years ago, she vanished from the business world and started this camp with her accountant, Max. I always wondered why she did it, but there's always been an unexplainable part of Kay - never understood why she married that shlub Max either.

"But to put so much money into a fat farm. . . Kay's always been a big woman, though she's definitely grown in the past five years. This camp is a refutation of the life she's chosen to live."

"That's why you came here, isn't it?" Bob asked, dipping into Harvey's basket for a second roll. (And he never even used to eat breakfast! He was picking up some bad habits around these people.) "To get back with Kay Venn?"

"Maybe it is," Harvey answered. "Sometimes I think the only reason she married Max was the fact that he clearly didn't love her; he kept their relationship on a business level which she felt she could understand. She felt she'd grown too obese for any genuine sexual attraction."

"When you say 'obese,'" Bob wondered, remembering Tina's word-of-mouth description of the camp owner , "how big are you saying?"

Harvey looked him over curiously and smirked. "Interested, are we? Don't tell me Shelley's not big enough for you these days." He winked and took a swig of orange juice from a nearby thermos. Bob reddened, then returned to his original point.

"So you must have been able to get the word about Max's peephole activities to her," he persisted. "Whatever you told her, Max seemed to have pulled a disappearing act."

"Kay and I had a long talk," Harvey answered, grinning knowingly. Packing the remnants from their breakfast, he patted his gut, and asked, "Would you be willing to give me a ride in today? I'm so full I'd even be willing to forgo breakfast today; all I want to do is go back to my room and lie down."


They drove into camp, and in the short trip, Harvey managed to forget his earlier statement about being too full to eat: soon as Bob parked, the computer man was waddling off in the direction of the dining hall. Bob chuckled and went in to talk to Tina.

She had a new list of campers that morning, two men and a woman, and was looking forward to discussing one of the new male campers with Bob. "Forget all I said about fat men in the past," she gushed, leaning back in her swivel chair, perky breasts pointing at the ceiling. "This is my second good 'un in a row." The good 'un's name was Bill, a pear-shaped professor from the same university that Maureen Dowl was attending. Saturday morning when he signed into camp, he'd started putting the moves on Tina. "Tonight I'm taking him out of camp for a night on the town," she sighed. "He's buying."

"I know a steak house you might like," Bob said, putting the finishing touch on his morning coffee and reaching for a donut.

The rest of the morning teetered between wet and uncomfortably humid, as summer showers washed through the area. Bob and his helpers spent the first half of day inside, leading small groups in exercises, then he took some of the campers to the pool. Not surprisingly, Shelley had wrangled her way into his swim group. She was wearing a blue one-piece that hugged her figure and showed every bulge in her body. (No frilly form-masking blousons for her.) As she lowered herself into the water, her suit bubbled up, filling her breasts enticingly. Under the water, her wide bottom shimmered. It was a joy watching her in the clear blue pool, floating on her back and kicking, her breasts and belly sailing above the water - an inspiring image.

"Meet me by the lake tonight," he told her once the water exercises wound down. "Eight o'clock okay?" She wrung her blond hair, letting it flop onto her left shoulder, nodded once and left to get dressed for lunch, turning back in the doorway to send him a surreptitious kiss.

That afternoon, he got a call in the office from Ann. The conversation was short and strained, but its message was simple: their relationship was over.

"I'm calling from the apartment," she said as soon as he answered. "I'm here for the rest of my stuff."

His first response was an unexpected feeling of desperation, an echo of the despair he'd felt a week ago: despite his experience of the past two weeks, Bob was suddenly seized by the strong desire to keep his ex-girlfriend from leaving. "Why are you doing this?" he cried into the phone, sickened by powerlessness. "Don't you think I deserve an explanation!"

She gave him one.

"I saw you!" she yelled. "I came into camp and saw you! Sneaking off with that fat slut into the woods! I came to meet you after work and saw you!"

The revelation strangely eased his panic. "I'm sorry I hurt you," he sincerely told the weeping woman on the phone.

"All I want to know is," she continued solemnly when she got herself back under control, "can you honestly say that you're attracted to someone that big?"

She deserved an explanation from him.

"Ann," he told her. "I don't know if it makes sense or not. But ever since I've come here, it's been like a side of me opened up that I never knew I had. I remember you joking about it when I was just about to start, but it looks like I'm a 'chubby chaser.'"

"I see," Ann said solemnly. The line was silent for what seemed like an hour, then he heard her giggle. "All that work and denial for nothing," she finally said. Then she hung up the phone.

He might have puzzled about that last comment if he hadn't been kept busy the rest of the afternoon. Meeting individually with the new campers, Bob went over their respective exercise programs and assigned them gym lockers. It gave him a chance to look at Tina's professor. He was feeling somewhat protective of her (or perhaps somewhat guilty about peeping about her), and he wanted to make sure this new guy wasn't going to be an ass-hole. The man gave a good first impression: soft and pudgy in a university sweat suit, he was wryly cynical about the camp and its goals but in a wholly non-threatening way.

"I know my chances for losing and keeping it off are relatively slim," he said, adjusting his wire-framed glasses, "but my department head was willing to pay half the cost of a four-week excursion, so I figured what the hell. Maybe I'll be able to firm this flab at least. . ."

"I see that you've managed to make the acquaintance of our camp receptionist," Bob said, holding up Bill's file as if word of his upcoming date with Tina was in it with all the other vital stats.

The portly prof suddenly looked nervous. "That's not against the rules, is it?" he asked, double chin quivering anxiously. "Fraternizing with employees? If it is, I'll wait until I've done my stint: I don't want to get Tina in trouble."

"No skin off my nose," Bob said, glad to see the man's concern for Tina. "Just remember: you're in this camp for four weeks and supposed to remain in the camp. I don't want to catch you sneaking out."

"You won't," the academic answered.

"Just be careful," Bob said, standing behind his desk and extending his hand. The new camper struggled off the couch and wrapped his fat hand around Bob's.

"We will," he promised, leaving the office so that Bob could invite his last interview, a fortyish divorcee who almost looked as skinny as Mo's parents.

He considered going to the steak house that evening to see if Tina had taken his advice. But he stopped at a fast-food burger joint instead and watched a humongous teenager work her way through two double-cheeseburgers and a large order of fries, sipping on an extra-large milkshake. The girl was so big that she barely fit into the booth, her breasts shelving over the table, belly cutting into the edge.

She wore the restaurant's polyester work uniform, and for a moment he imagined her behind the counter, gorging herself on food as it came off the assembly line. The thought was so intriguing that he waited until the obese teen finished her meal and returned to work. He then went up and ordered a second double cheese, making sure that he was in her serving line. She smiled shyly at him and went to get his burger, bulging butt encased in a pair of lightweight slacks that revealed both her panties and dimpled thighs.

Bob finished the burger on the drive back to Camp Venn. The sky had grown gray and dim, but the day's rains had ceased. Parking out of sight, he walked through the woods to the lake. Shelley was waiting for him on the beach, wearing a flowing gauze dress that showed off her voluminous form. In the background, the Venn house stood, lighted windows shining in the summer eve.

"I have to tell you something," Bob opened, as she raced up to him, wide body bouncing and fat arms outstretched. He gestured her over toward the wharf, and they both sat on the rough wood, feet dangling in the water. "I saw Mo this weekend. She invited herself over to my place."

She took a minute to digest this information. "Were you careful?" she softly asked, just at the point where he was certain he'd blown it by even telling her.

"Of course," he said, feeling her upper arm. "She left for college today."

"You don't need to explain any further," Shelley said. "This isn't an exclusive relationship, and I don't know if I can presume that it will ever be one. Besides, Mo's the one who introduced us in a way." She leaned over and put her tongue in his ear, smelling of patchouli. "I'm just glad for the time I've got with you," she said, unknowingly echoing Tina's comment about Dale Harvey.

"I had to tell you," Bob persisted. "I got a phone call from my old girlfriend today, and I'm leery about keeping things from you. It hurt her when she found out about and Mo on her own. I don't want anything like that happening to you."

She kissed him on the cheek, her arm cool and damp against his side. Returning her kiss, Bob looked back toward camp and saw no one about.. Most of the campers were in the dining hall, he knew, watching the Friday night flick. The sun was lowering in the trees, outlining the roofs of the sleeping quarters. The two of them would be undisturbed for at least another hour.

Grabbing both fleshy arms in his hands, he held onto Shelley and edged off the wharf. The fat woman followed him slowly, ample ass sliding off the rough wood, her dress catching on the edge. They were up to their waists in water, and though darkness was fast approaching, the lake was still somewhat warm. Shelley reached over and loosened her snagged dress, then they were embracing in earnest.

"God, but I love how you feel," he told her.

She backed away from him into deeper water, dropped to her knees than stood with her soaked dress clinging to her. Her face looked oddly angelic in the evening light, full of hope and promise. Pulling his shirt off and throwing it onto the wharf (where it landed with a wet slap), he splashed over to her and did likewise to her dress.

"You'll catch your death," he chastised, "wearing wet clothes like that."

"Good of you to be so concerned," she answered, pressing against him and reaching down to his belt. Her stiff nipples poked into his chest; her cold belly felt both firmer and fuller in the water.

The night was closing in on them, darkening with the vanishing sun, and with the darkness a light by the beach flicked on. Loosening his pants to let them drop down into the cooling water, he kissed Shelley's shoulder and tasted the lake. He kicked off his pants and stooped to pick them up. Before him, Shelley's paunch rose half out of the water. Bob licked his way up it, as he stood with the retrieved garment in his hand. Without looking, he flung the pants in the wharf's direction. A wet smack told him he'd hit it.

Wrapping his arms around her hefty torso, he once more began to slide his mouth down her front. When he got to the water line, Bob took a deep breath and slid underwater, holding onto her protruding hips. He followed her body to the hang of her belly, let go with his hands, and began to probe the roll of flesh. The water had made her less gravity bound, and he was able to easily lift past her belly hang and get to her vagina. He pushed a finger into her and came up for air.

"Doin' some underwater exploration?" she asked. "Two can play at that game!"

She reached in the water and wrapped her hand around his borning erection. As they stimulated each other further, the sounds of night rose in volume with the deepening darkness. His probing digit was against her clitoris, and for once he was able to keep her belly at bay easily. She shuddered as he pushed into her, whipping him with wettened hair. Bob leaned over to taste her right breast. In her time at Camp Venn, Shelley had managed to become freckled and tanned; it magnified the stretch narks at the base of her mams. He bit her nipples into full prominence.

He'd grown to full pointing stance under the manipulation of Shelley's fingers. They parted and sidled over to the wharf at Bob's direction. After moving down to where the water was shallower, she grabbed onto one of the wharf's metal bracings. Stretch her legs before him, she kicked her body into a floating position. Bob grabbed both her calves and moved between her legs.

The water gave her body plenty of buoyancy, though he still had to work to keep her up. Holding onto her slippery thighs as best he could, he penetrated her pubic protection. Her walls were tighter than usual in the cool water, but he wasn't deterred.

Shelley once more started kicking, forcing him further into her. Her hair spread through the water and rippled through the waves as they continued to thrash in the night; her breasts billowed before him. Looking up to the sky, he saw the Venn house and thought he caught a glimpse of a massive form in one of the darkened windows. It must have been a trick of the semi-light, though.

"Don't stop!" Shelley cried, and indeed he had ceased pushing in the moment's distraction. Turning back to his watery love, he continued to pump into her until he grew too tired to help keep her up.

They moved apart and over to the sandy shallows, lying side by side, the weight of her cumbersome belly hanging into the water. Raising her uppermost leg, she once more invited him inside. He crawled through her legs and re-entered her, this time facing her back. Shelley rolled onto her knees, and he continued to himself inside her. They both knelt on the sand neath the water, her massive end spread beneath him. He grabbed onto the rolls of fat that obscured her waistline and began to drive into her.

"Keep it up!" she gasped, hair plastered to her round shoulders. "This is it!"

They both pushed against each other silently, cricket chirps in the background. The sound of a distant radio floated across the lake; somewhere somebody was listening to a classic rock station. Bob leaned back, grasped his lover's dimpled thighs, and drove her into orgasm. It looked as if the sky was clearing; a sprinkling of stars was discernible in the darkness. He felt himself readying to erupt, so he looked back down at Shelley, at the terrain of her bulging back, at her dangling forefront turned vague in the water. He shot himself into her, the heat of his ejaculation seemingly warming the water around them.

"Yes!" he said simply, as he discharged his fiery load.

They quickly separated, the water grown chilly once their passion had been spent. Lying on the beach in the afterglow, they looked up at the stars and held each other for warmth. The sand beneath them was soft and absorbent, soaking up lake water and jism as they dripped to the grown.

"You make me feel so beautiful," she said to him as she idly scratched the base of his spent penis. "I've never felt this way before with any man."

"You are gorgeous," Bob told her. "And I hope I can continued to prove it to you." He looked into her round face and saw her wonderful openness, her love of life that had been stunted by an abusive marriage.

"I wish I had Maureen's self-confidence," she continued. "Put me in front of the other campers, and I'll talk a good game, but there's still a part of me that denies my own words. I'll say that fat can be healthy and beautiful. But even as I do it, a small voice keeps calling me a liar and a rationalizer."

"Don't believe it," he answered. "We all have moments of self-doubt. The trick is to get past them, keep them from hindering our enjoyment of life!"

"Teach me your trickery," she said, hugging him with both her arms and legs. Above and behind them, the figure Bob had thought he'd seen moved away from her bedroom window.

Fat Magic

Chapter 10