The Weight Loss Camp

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The Weight Loss Camp was originally written in the summer of 1990 and was my first attempt at writing the Definitive FA Erotic Novel. I'd been selling my stories to Dimensions and BUF for several years by that time, and I was feeling grandiose in my writing aspirations. Camp was to be the book that brought fat attraction out into the world as a legit focus for mainstream erotica.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find a publisher ready to go along with me. I spent more than two years trying to sell the book over the transom to every conceivable erotic publisher, but I had no takers. While some of 'em enjoyed individual chapters, they did not believe the FA audience was large enough to justify publishing it.

So I did what any self-respecting genre writer would do: I cannibalized myself - taking chapters out of the book and turning 'em into short stories. (See "Bibliography of Barbersisms" for details.) The trouble is, parts of the novel only made sense as pieces of a larger work. When I started thinking about the possibility of doing my own FA fiction newsletter a few years later, it seemed natural to include the extant Weight Loss Camp in the contents.

The truncated Camp appeared as an eight-chapter serial in the first four issues. It took some rewriting (I'd already used the original climactic chapter as "Dinner with Kay" for Plumpers and Big Women, for instance, forcing me to write a whole new - and better, I believe - climax for the novel), but I felt good about what remained.

With Fat Magic, however, I have the chance to return to the original work, serialize this magnum opus with all its chapters back. First immediate difference that readers familiar with the newsletter version will note is an introductory chapter that did not appear in the short form. Putting the work in a quarterly newsletter, I wanted the reader to get to the fat erotic elements (which don't show up until chapter two) without so much preamble.

The focus of Camp is the Sexual Awakening of A Young FA, sort of a Story of O for fat attraction (without so much of the bondage elements, of course). The material is Adult, which means you get a sex scene of some sort every chapter. You were expecting maybe William Faulkner?

This is the first appearance of the fully realized novel.


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Summer, 1999