Written as a follow-up to "The Balloon Lady," here's where we get to see the former Jeanie Razton fully settled into her life as a practitioner of Fast Majicke. I'd made several teasing references to the character in other stories (she pops up in "Big Diner's Club" and "Body Switch"). But "Cookbook" was my chance to really revisit the character.

The tale was written for BUF, and it appeared in the November, 1995 issue. Images of its transformed heroine were directly inspired by Rainer Siefert's graphics; you can see the influence most clearly in the scene where our protagonist and Carla finish their cookbook. Note the references to the DOS version of Word Perfect in the text; at the time, it was the only computer word processing program that I knew.

This tale has been edited and slightly revised for its appearance in Fat Magic.


April, 1999

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