The Adipost Zone stories were originally inspired by the British comic strip, "Judge Dredd," a superhero satire set in a seedy urban future meant to parallel modern England. (Ignore the mediocre Stallone movie made from the source material.) One of the recurrent plotlines that appeared over the course of the strip's run concerned the existence of a fantastically fat section of the populace that delighted in both size and eating contests, men and women so large that the only way they could motorvate themselves around Mega City was with belliwheels holding up their paunches. Consistent with its tone of black humor, the "Dredd" strip looked at these urban denizens scornfully. But for those of us with a different take on fatness, the tales were fun for their graphic depictions of mega-sized adults (more often male than female, unfortunately.)

Though placed in a future setting where any kinds of advances are possible, "Dredd" co-scripters Alan Grant and John Wagner (writing under the pseudonym "T.B. Glover," a name I gave to a citybot in the first zone story) continued to rely on many of the old medical saws around fatness. Reading the strip, however, I couldn't help wondering if there wasn't a different way to approach the subject: imagining a world where fatness is just one of a series of healthy options. This led me to the more optimistic metro world of the zone tales, where fat bashing is only the province of a few repressive bodytypes and biomed technology allows both men and women the chance to pick their own body stock.

A world where fat adults are allowed to live with dignity. S'gotta be science-fiction.

At this writing, I've done five stories set around adipost zone: the first appeared as a three-part serial in Dimensions; a later tale appeared in BUF. This 'un was originally written over August/September, 1996, for Fat Magic's pay-per-view section and has been slightly revised for its transfer into the freebie archives.