The basic idea behind "Collecting" originally came to me in October at the annual Cornpex Postcard Show in Bloomington, Illinois, an event that I've attended for at least a decade now. While rifling through a series of over-familiar fat-themed comic postcards, my mind started wandering into Weight Gain Plotland. It took me over a month to actually sit down and write the story that had come to me that day, but when I did, the tale came out quickly and painlessly. Doesn't happen that often these days, but when it does, I cherish the experience.

I sent an early draft of the story out to several FA friends for some feedback and of the ones who responded, the one that gave me the most pause was a comment by sometime collaborator BeakerFA: "This must be the most esoteric basis for a WG story EVER!" Doubtless he is right. So to enhance the story, I decided to add a page showing some of the postcards that are featured so prominently in "Collecting." I considered placing 'em within the story itself, but ultimately decided against that approach since in a couple of cases I play fast and loose with my descriptions of the cards.

This story was written for the "Fat Magic" site with a January First deadline in mind. Because this time of year is rife with weight loss ads designed to capitalize on New Year resolutions, I wanted to put up something that would serve as a counterpoint to all the seasonal badgering. Consider it my own personal form of Fat Magic . . .

(Many thanx to Karl Niedershuh for first showing me the McGill card!)

December, 2005