Sometimes a single image will spark a story: in the case of "Cookies," it was the sight of my lovely wife in a hot tub. Any male FA who has watched his honey's suit expand under the influence of jacuzzi bubbles will know the moment; I hope I've done justice to it.

"Cookies" is another of my early fantasies, and, to be honest, I think the set-up is a bit flimsy. There are pieces I enjoy, though, that make up for its weaknesses: the abovementioned jacuzzi moment, Emma's transformation, the bragging weightlifters - all are details that I find appealing. It's the small moments that ground fantasy.

The tale first appeared in the July, 1990, issue of Dimensions. For its appearance artist Ned Sonntag did two graphics, one of the fattened siamese cat Jenny. You never know what an illustrator will take from your stories.

This version has been lightly tweaked for its appearance on the home page.


September, 1998

-- Wilson Barbers