Dee's Husband


"Dee's Husband" was my first attempt at a "realistic" story with the focus on a changing male hero. I enjoy these stories, almost as much as I do tales with a female focus. I suspect that I'm not the only fat admirer who has occasionally put themselves on the receiving end of this kind of fantasy; there's a fine line in this fiction where admirer and admired intermingle.

It was originally written for my sporadic print newsletter, Wilson Barbers Newsletter, but almost immediately on appearance, I was asked by Dimensions if I'd be willing to let them reprint it. This I agreed to, though on reflection I probably should have waited a while, as I wound up getting orders for the newsletter after the story's appearance in the January, '95, issue of Dimensions.

In its magazine appearance the tale was nicely illustrated by Delacroix, who not surprisingly, focused on the story heroine and avoided my hero's final transformation altogether. Paul has always tended to shy away from my more extreme fancies. That's his prerogative as an artist, of course, but I must admit to feeling a twinge of disappointment when I saw his illustrations. As with some of my female gain stories, I looked to the circus for imagery; I would have loved to see what Paul could have done with a better dressed Robert Hughes figure.

This story has been mildly revised for its appearance here.


December, 1997

-- Wilson Barbers