The Feeder and The Demoness


"The Feeder and the Demoness" is another early Fast Majicke story. Written for BUF in 1989, it's the first story of mine to use the term "feeder," and, as such, it reflects much of the ambivalence I was feeling at the time about purported feeders and feedees. Faced with anecdotal cautionary tales of seduction and abandonment, I felt drawn to do a Twilight Zone-ish tale of turnabout-is-fair-play.

I wrote the first draft quickly (which, in part, explains the story's rushed feel), and when I looked at the completed piece I began to worry that I'd left my fairly clueless hero off the hook too easily. To rectify this, I rewrote the ending, and it was that version which saw print in BUF's December 1990 issue alongside an early Paul Delacroix graphic of Yvette and Harold. Looking at the tale today, I still see I was pretty wimpy: just can't be mean to my characters, I guess.

"Demoness" has had an interesting web history. At some point, the BUF version was re-written as a gay weight gain tale and posted on the GainR Web website. I wrote the site's webmaster, asking him to please credit the original story source (which they dutifully did). For all I know the story continues to crop on gay encourager sites, much like some examples of straight fanta-sizer fiction regularly reappear on different weight gain sites. As usual, I've made some small corrections and revisions to the original text.

May, 2000