A Page Briant Contract


A coda to "Adipost Zone." Written not long after my first Page Briant tale saw its three-part appearance in Dimensions, it sat in slush pile limbo for several years. For a time I despaired of ever seeing the story again. Its diskette inexplicably vanished, the tale only existed as a hard copy that was lost in the abyss of Dimensions' files. Fortunately, both it and a third Page Briant story reappeared last Fall.

I significantly reworked and added to the story for its appearance in Fat Magic: Anya's growth sequence was not in the original version of the tale. In terms of chronology, the piece occurs between "Adipost Zone" and "Maxfed," which expanded on concepts first introduced in "Diminishing." As noted above, at least one more Page Briant story exists, though that one requires quite a bit more revision.

I'm glad to have the opportunity to finally present this work, because I enjoy both Page and Ginny immensely. It's a smaller tale - focused more on family and domestic betrayal than whiz-bang detective action - but I like the way it builds on my detective hero's relationship with his reconciled spouse.


January, 1999