The Big Diners Club


"The Big Diners Club" is another of my early fantasies, second in the series of tales concerning the loose-knit family of witches first introduced in "The Balloon Lady." I had a job not much different from my heroine's when I wrote it, and I used to daydream of finding a place like the Big Diners Club in one of the small towns that I passed through. Never did, of course, but I like to think that it's because I didn't hit the right village.

The story was written for the men's mags, and it appeared in the June, 1990, issue of BUF, alongside a cartoony graphic. The sex is pretty mild - as are the descriptions or weight gain - in the tale, and the only significant changes (outside of a few grammatical/spelling corrections) I've made was to add an additional sentence of dialog in the meeting between Jayne and Bernice. At one point I thought of adding more material about the heroine in her workplace (you just know that they had more to say about her condition than I give here), but everything I came up with only diffused the story's focus.

I like Jayne as a character. To me, the moment she confronts Chris in his kitchen is one of high fanta-sizer romance. Just an old softie, that's me. . .


January, 1999