Fantasies are slippery things, even those so grounded in the physical as weight gain fantasies. What makes 'em so enduring, I suspect, are their connections to our earliest exploratory FA imaginings. In "Dreams," I tried to tie together many of the imaginary moments that had an impact on me; I know that some of these have had a similar effect on other fat admirers simply because they keep re-emerging in cyber discussion.

In a way, this is one of my most autobiographical tales. The spy story Sherman Billingsley writes is a variation on an old unfinished tale of mine: I spent my adolescence in the heyday of the movie spy (Connery's Bond, Michael Caine's Harry Palmer), so it was inevitable that I'd one day blend it into a story like this. The cottage tale really is an early invention of my youth - it was fun revisiting it. In real life, I drive just as much as Ron does: his random thoughts about life on the road are mine, too. I've never found a place like McKay's Slumber Palace in my drives, though.

This story was written in 1998 for the pay-per-view section of the home page. It has since appeared in an issue of the sproadically printed Wilson Barbers Newsletter and is finally appearing as a freebie for the end of 2001. It has been lightly revised for this appearance.

December 2001