Emblematic Behavior


"Emblematic Behavior" is one of those sequels that had to be written - if only out of sheer contrariness on my part. A follow-up to "Emblems, Inc.," which first saw light as a privately printed booklet, the story represents an attempt at both broadening and reinterpreting the first work. I remain fond of the first tale, in part because it pulls in elements from my adolescence. The movie alluded to in that tale, Stanley Donen's original version of Bedazzled, was a significant moment in my early budding as a fat admirer: the British comedy included personifications of the Seven Deadly Sins that fueled my teen-aged fantasies.

Do I believe in sin, though? To quote Carroll Todd in Victor Victoria: "I believe in happiness!" Too frequently in our society, the concept of sin is used as an oppressor's tool, a means of condemning behavior removed from the mainstream. Without getting too ponderous (this is just a fantasy, after all), I believe that the existence of Gluttony on the pantheon of Seven Deadlies has forced many in the Size Acceptance movement into arguments that are irrelevant to the basic question of human rights and dignity.

How we are treated as people should not be dependent on how fully we load our plates.

"Emblematic Behavior" was originally written over spring of 1996 for the pay-per-view section of Fat Magic home page; it has been lightly edited and revised for this incarnation.

April 2001