The Fan Letter


"The Fan Letter" was written in 1994 on the heels of the premieres of both Plumpers and Big Women and Voluptuous. It was sparked by my disappointment with much of the fiction in those two magazines: erotica written by writers who didn't possess an ounce of genuine interest in the fat form. Surely, I thought, there had to be a way to bring the joys of lipophilia to these poor benighted hacks. This tale is my magical solution.

I've received fan letters like the first one sent this story's protagonist, and, to be honest, my response has been very like my hero's. That anybody would take this wackiness with a straight face boggles me. But I've received letters that have seriously looked at my tales from both an occult and a Christian perspective. I gave my letter writer a name that's an anagram of an FA writer who has taken me to task in the past for playing with non-Christian elements. It was an act of sheer cussedness, but the joke remained a private one. When BUF printed the story, they misspelled the character's name.

"The Fan Letter" appeared in the July, 1995, issue of BUF, and had three Paul Delacroix illustrations alongside it. I particularly liked his rendering of the un-named redhead in the convertible. Because the hero is a men's mag writer, some of the narrative has been written to reflect that perspective. Though the story has been slightly tweaked for its appearance here, it is essentially unrevised.


March 1998

-- Wilson Barbers