Fate on the Fat Side


"Fate on the Fat Side" (original title: "Chubby Maker" was my first professional sale. It appeared in the September, 1986, issue of BUF, a magazine that I didn't even know existed until I came upon its listing in the Writer's Market. Written before I could even track down a copy of the magazine, it's a feeder story that never uses the term. I was writing in the dark at this time, unsure if my personal fantasies were shared by anybody, certainly unaware of the community of FAs. It wasn't until after I'd sent the tale off in the mail that I was finally able to see a copy of the magazine itself. One look at the mag, and I knew I was entering a place I was always meant to be.

Compared to my more elaborate fictions, "Chubby Maker" seems pretty - um - slim (heck, I've done transformation sequences longer than this story!) But there's a simplicity and a directness to it that I still like. At least one reader has told me that they prefer the unadorned approach: there's not a lot of plot here to get in the way of the weight gain elements.

Outside of one corrected line, the story is as it appeared in its first publication.


Spring, 1997

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-- Wilson Barbers