Fat Magic


"Fat Magic" was the first story of mine to appear in Dimensions (December, 1988), though it was not my first tale to contain the mysterious book of spells that cause our heroine's transformation. That honor is reserved for "The Weight Spell," a fantasy story that I'd initially sent to BBW magazine but withdrew when the editors there sent me a contract that would have claimed all rights for the story without even paying me a token fee. When I sent "Magic" to editor Conrad, I'd already done a series of short reviews for the mag and had sold six stories to BUF. Though I was obviously an "old pro" by now, I was pretty nervous sending my first pieces of fiction to Dimensions. It's one thing to be writing for a men's mag - where fiction, after all, is only there to place a breather between the pictures - quite another to be writing for a major forum in the size acceptance movement. Fortunately, Conrad liked the story.

The setting's genesis is rather obvious. Like many FAs, I enjoy the mall for the chance to see fat women; it seemed a good spot to plunk my receptive heroine. The fantasy itself is one I carried with me since adolescence; when I was younger, I used to mentally place my fantasy protagonist on a university campus.

As with some of my other fantasies, "Fat Magic" seems slighter to me than the things I'm writing currently. But, in truth, I started wanting to tinker with this 'un as soon as I saw it in print. It isn't as solid a story as my first Fast Majicke tale, I'm afraid, but it has its moments.


May, 1997