The Fattening of Marian Meredith


"Fattening" was inspired by a sixties era Sunday sequence in the classic American comic strip, "L'il Abner." Entitled "The Gorging of Stupefyin' Jones," the sequence described how the women of Capp's imaginary Southern town, Dogpatch, handled the "menace" of Stupefyin' Jones, a woman so preternaturally gorgeous that the sight of her stopped men in their tracks. Their solution: to feed the incipiently gluttonous Miz Jones non-stop until she becomes a super-sized "mass of quivering pink flesh." To Capp, this was a sure-fire means of de-stupefying our heroine, though as a budding adolescent FA, I remember being more enthralled by the fat version.

This tale, then, was meant as my tribute to that much-remembered episode, coupled with an homage to another much-loved bit of pop culture, the movie musical version of "The Music Man." The story first appeared in the November, 1996, issue of BUF, but with editorial havoc played on its contents. In addition to formatting problems that combined words inappropriately, the last two pages of text were cut off, messing up the story's ending. This version presents the story as it was originally written.

"Fattening" is not the only story to have been inspired by "Li'l Abner," incidentally. FA writer B. J. Morris has also written a tale of Stupefying weight gain, and it's a good 'un. To compare and contrast, check out "Tracking the Mountain Girl" in the Fiction section of The Weight Room.


June, 1997

-- Wilson Barbers