Growing Into the Neighborhood


“Growing in the Neighborhood” is a story that's close to me for its introduction of Bob and Ann, my archetypal midwestern married couple. They've starred as the leads in two "realistic" stories but have also made small cameos in a few of my fantasies (the most blatant appearance being in “The Big Diner's Club.”) I like to make sure the two of 'em are regularly fed.

“Growing” is another of my early Buf stories; it appeared in the December 1987 issue. Like many of my first tales, it's a fairly modest piece; if pressed, I'd have to express a preference for the duo's second showcase, "Bob and Ann at the Oaktown Buffet.” But it has its moments - and I also got to sneak my love for old-style sixties garage music into the story.

Outside of my taking the story's teaser off as its opening line, I've made very little editorial revision to this 'un.

December 2000