In a way, "Hunger" is a found story: its genesis can be linked to a story fragment written back in the early days of Dimensions Online. Several message board regulars had expressed an interest in contributing to a round robin weight gain fantasy, so to get the ball rolling, I wrote the Dagwood sandwich scene that kicks off my heroine's binge. The scene was posted, but a full-blown story never came to fruition: every time someone put up a new addition, some clown'd post a piece designed to stop the story in its tracks. After four or five of these disruptions, the site's webmistress decided to pull the whole shebang - can't say I blame her.

Cut to December 2002: I'm cleaning and arranging my computer files, and I find a copy of this written fragment on a diskette. Re-reading the sequence, I find myself unable to let go of it, so I wind up writing a full story around it. Not the most organic way to write a story, but the results are passable, I think. Certain passages in the story have been influenced by the marvelous fanta-sizer artist Beaker FA, and for this I thank him.

The completed story is debuting on "Fat Magic."

February 2003