Another tale celebrating (among other things) the entrepreneurial spirit - much like the Golden Mall and Ample Stuffing stories. (You'll notice Ken Fisher's anthro text makes another appearance; it's almost as ubiquitous as Fast Majicke.) The opening to this was inspired by one of my workaday commutes on an Illinois country highway; I get a lot of ideas while driving, but only remember a few. For better or worse, this 'un stuck in my consciousness.

About the artist: the opening logo to this tale was created by The Studio, a multiply talented writer-artist whose website-turned-Dimensions page, The Studio Presents, is a highly recommended source for fanta-sizer fiction and art. (His graphic re-thinking of an earlier story, "Paige's Roommate," is unmatched as a web work - while his prose is something special all by itself.) TS also gave me some much needed feedback on an early draft of this tale, for which he deserves much thanks.

September, 2000