Another Fast Majicke costume story: like "Makeup" or "The Layered Look," it uses the world of performance make believe as its backdrop.

One of the reasons I keep returning to fat suit stories is the way they allow you to consider the nature of "real" vs. "perceived" reality. Does acting like a stereotype ultimately make you that stereotype? In an era where ironic self-distancing is highly valued, this question is worth considering. All three of my heroines approach their disguises as a way to pretend to be someone else, yet by the end of each story that pretense has dissolved. It is easy to lose yourself in a role.

The genesis of this tale was a series of specials that were produced in the late nineties on Fox Television where a masked magician blew the whistle on a series of long-established magical illusions. Watching them reveal the basic gimmick behind the magic cabinet illusion, I found myself thinking, "There's a reason magician's assistants are skinny and shapely - and it ain't just to distract the audience." Which led me to the following story; it appeared in the December 2000 issue of Dimensions and has been lightly tweaked for its appearance here.

Fall, 2005