Gluttony stories: of all my fiction, the gluttony stories are probably the most fantastic, though at first blush, they don't appear to be. Fact is, weight gain feeding stories fly in the face of all we know about human physiology; in this sense, my magical or science-fiction gain tales are closer to the truth than so-called reality.

That doesn't diminish the power of the feeding fantasy, of course - if anything, it probably enhances it. All I know is: every so often I have the urge to do a "realistic" weight gain story. In so doing, I find myself fulfilling writing needs that I wouldn't be otherwise.

The plot behind "Inheritance" is as old as my first adolescent fantasies. Thinking about it, I'm surprised that it's taken me so long to get to it, but perhaps the tale's simplicity stymied me. Whatever the reason, the current text makes for a very different story from the fantasy that I used to hold onto as a teenager.

This is the first appearance of "Inheritance." Proceed

June, 1997