Jack's Search


"Jack's Search" is my second published weight gain story; I wrote it in a flash of excitation following the sale of "Chubby Maker" to BUF (it appeared in the May, 1987 issue under the title, "Parting of the Weighs"). Like most of my earliest naïve tales, I find it interesting for the way it anticipates themes better developed in my later works. The two-sentence fantasy in the opening paragraph, for example, was significantly elaborated upon in The Weight Loss Camp, while a variation on our heroine's body history is much more nicely detailed in "Consuming Interests." Compared to my more recent stuff, the story's pretty lightweight and asks more questions than it answers - but there's something about its voice that I find appealing: the words of an FA writer still unsure if there's anybody out there sharing his vision, perhaps.

This story has been minimally revised for its appearance on Fat Magic.


February 2000