The Layered Look


"The Layered Look" was originally inspired by a layout in Bust Out!, a big-breast stripper magazine that printed a breast growth fantasy of mine. The spread described a strip act very like the one in this story: I've always been fascinated by the way women's breast fat has been exempt by the cultural ban on avoirdupois, and this story is one look at that ridiculous double-standard. It's part of my series of "Fast Majicke" tales; Ozzie Smithe appears in at least one other story, and we already met his sister in "Body Switch."

As for "Layered's" heroine, she was partially inspired by the women of the Hernandez brothers' wonderful alternative comic, Love And Rockets. Think Penny Century in a strip club (not that big a stretch to those who love the comic), and you've got an idea of what I was going for.

The story first appeared in BUF (March, 1995).


August, 1997

-- Wilson Barbers