The Librarian


Here's a short simple BBSex vignette, the fifth of my stories to see print. It appeared in the April '88 issue of BUF, accompanied by an uncredited illustration (which sure looks like Vic Martin to me!) done with little regard for the small amount of description I included in this shortie (my heroine is given the wrong hair color and a decidedly un-demure wardrobe). I'm still fond of this early entry, though. The librarian described therein was a real woman and Ron's attempt at getting her to notice him parallels a much more unsuccessful attempt made by yours truly back when he was a callow, unmarried dweeb. This being my tale, I happily rewrote events to conform with the expectations of a men's mag: thoroughly immature, I know, but I never claimed to be otherwise.

I have left "The Librarian" as she was originally written, resisting the urge to add "just a little bit more" here and there.

Spring 2007