Okay, it's obvious: I love women's breasts. Maybe it's the end result of being raised in the fifties/early sixties - when mams were mams - but as an FA, I tend to gravitate towards toward breast and belly imagery more than anything else. And while most of my professional fantasizing has been full-bodied in its focus, I have done some strictly breast-based tales for mags like Bust Out! And Gem.

Which brings us to “Lingerie.” Originally written as a lightweight breast enhancement story, the story was transformed into something more after its original draft sat in my files for a couple years. This is not the first time that has happened, but it's a risky shift to make. I've fallen on my face at least once trying it, though I feel happy with the results in “Lingerie.” Let me know what you think.

This story first appeared in the pay-per-view section of Fat Magic back in 1996, then was later reprinted in the Wilson Barbers Newsletter #8. This is the first time it's appeared as a freebie.

December 2001