"Makeup" is one of my favorite stories. I love horror movies and enjoyed the chance this particular tale gave me to play with the history of this beloved movie form. It's the first of my costumes-made-real stories ("The Layered Look" and "Sumo Night" are two others), and, in many ways, it's the most successful.

It's also a Revenge of the Nerd tale, though as usual when I tackle that theme, neither side winds up feeling particularly shortchanged by the resolution. Some readers may feel that I'm trying to weasel out of the darker aspects of this fantasy, but, hey, this kind of story is meant to be playful, not vindicative.

"Makeup" first appeared in BUF, June, 1991. Once again, I've made some small revisions here and there, but it's essentially unchanged.


December, 1997

-- Wilson Barbers