The Mall Women


"The Mall Women" was is the first of two tales set in Golden Mall (the second, "The Door In Golden Mall," is also available on the home page). It was my first real attempt at delving more deeply into those pagan aspects of the Fat Magic universe. When I finished it, I remember thinking that I'd opened up a whole world of possibilities with this story.

The earliest versions of the tale were written with both a female and male celebrant, though I dropped the guy before I finished my final draft. Don't remember why I cut him out, but perhaps it was to keep the story focus from getting too diffuse. I still have a hard copy of the early version on file and even considered re-tooling it and posting it here, but I abandoned that plan once I realized how much work it'd take to make the first story consistent with its follow-up. Did catch a few continuity glitches between the two published tales, though, and have corrected 'em.

I used the super-sized model Teighlor as inspiration for my final version of the heroine, incidentally. (I don't know if she'd be flattered or annoyed to know this.) When it appeared in BUF, the editor included a photo of her on the last page of the story. Don't know if it was intentional or just to fill up space, but I liked the result.

"The Mall Women" appeared in the October, 1990, issue of BUF, with a significant editorial screw-up: the mag's editors got several of the early pages out of order. It was the first major textual screw-up that would occur during my free-lance relationship with the mag - but not, unfortunately, the last.


March, 1998

-- Wilson Barbers