Maxfed: A Romance of the Future


"Maxfed" is one of those domino stories: it was written to elaborate on a side statement made in an earlier (as yet unpublished) Adipost Zone story. When I sent the earlier ms. to Dimensions editor Conrad, he immediately focused on the concept of a maxfed adipost - which, right away, told me I had to do something with it.

The story is a men's mag romance, which to some eyes might seem a contradiction in terms. To me, though, Adipost Zone is a setting rife with romantic possibilities. The tale couldn't have been written any other way.

The story came so easily, I was really full of myself when I finished it. So, naturally, the gods of publishing decided to even things. When "Maxfed" appeared in the January, 1996, issue of BUF, the formatting was so screwed-up that itreadlikeoneword in some spots and bro

ke off in the middle of a word elsewhere.

I was writing on a Smith-Corona word processor at the time, sending diskettes of the story in ASCII format, which apparently did not translate all that easily to BUF's word processing program. (I remember editor Howard Rich repeatedly asking me over the phone: "When you gonna get a real computer, Barbers?") With a little effort, the manuscript could have been made more readable, but a little effort was more than BUF's editor wanted to expend.

I'm glad to have the chance to post this story the way it was intended.


May, 1998

-- Wilson Barbers