Mistress of the Family Business


The third and final piece in my Restaurant Trilogy ("Undercover Connoisseur" and "Consuming Interests" being the other two entries), "Mistress of the Family Business" is one of those works that grew with almost as much fervid enthusiasm as its heroine. A "realistic" story (or as realistic as one can be, considering how huge its protaganist gets), I like this tale for the way it combines issues of family and self-reliance with all the necessary weight gain story ingredients. I'm extremely partial to my heroine Glinda (something that strikes me as a prerequisite to good weight gain fiction), but then I tend to fall for most of my female leads when I'm writing about 'em.

I originally submitted "Mistress" in three parts to the Bulge newsletter, and it was advertised as appearing in the forthcoming issue. When the newsletter's website shut up shop last year and its editors ceased communicating with the readership, I wound up sending several emails Bulge-wards, asking if they still were intending to do anything with the tale. Never heard back from 'em, so here it is, gang, submitted for your perusal.

July, 2002