The roots of this story will be obvious to anyone who came to this home page through the Dimensions home page: the amount of sites devoted to FA fantasy imagery continues to grow at a tremendous speed, and I say more power to 'em!

Those readers who've been following me for some time will recognize allusions to my first weight gain fantasy (the image of Jeanie Razton, who appeared in a 1987 BUF story entitled "The Balloon Lady" and had a major role in 1995's "Carla's Cookbook,") as well as two other transformation fantasies. Some readers enjoy this referential gameplaying; others find it pretentious and distracting. Either way, I'm not likely to quit the practice soon.

This story was written in 1996 for the pay-per-view section of Fat Magic, then later reprinted in the Wilson Barbers Newsletter #8. This is the first time it's appeared as a freebie.

December 2001