Bob and Ann at the Oaktown Buffet


Bob and Ann: one of my favorite couples. It's no accident that these two share my wife's and my middle names. They live the lives I wish we both were living (perhaps we are - in some alternate dimension!)

They first appeared in one of my earliest FA fictions, "Growing Into the Neighborhood," but "Oaktown Buffet" has to be their shining hour. Drafted two years after their initial appearance in the December, 1987, issue of BUF, "Oaktown" is my first forey into the glories of buffet dining. The restaurant that appears in the story was inspired by a real place, though the details about ownership and management were invented to fit the story line. A good buffet really brings out the pagan in me: makes me wanna go out and celebrate the bountiful harvest.

"Bob and Ann at the Oaktown Buffet" appeared in the December, 1989 issue of BUF. The story has been slightly reworded, primarily to focus some vague passages, but these revisions are relatively minor.


December, 1997

-- Wilson Barbers