The second in a series of fantasies written by Lewis Baird, "Patricia/Pat/Patti" continues the self-narrated assignments of a mysteriously powerful agent of the Forces for Universal Balance. (From that quasi-mystical phrase, I can only assume Lew was reading a lot of Michael Moorcock when he dashed off these little tales.) As in the first work, "Marianne/Mare," Baird's fantasy involves the transformation of a somewhat stereotypical politically minded thin-bodied woman of power into a completely different, significantly fatter, person. Though while the heroine of the first story could probably be classified as starting out a political conservative, Baird's Patricia is clearly meant to reflect the opposite end of the political spectrum.

The story's clearly set several years after its predecessor - note how much larger our unnamed narrator's wife has become - though the writer doesn't concretely indicate how much time has passed. Within the package of unfinished manuscripts that Baird mailed to me is at least one more of these little fantasies: simply entitled "Rachel," it describes how our narrator first came by his reality shaping abilities and follows both him and his wife to a time several more years down the road, where he passes on his responsibility to a successor. (At least that's how I think the story ends: of all the manuscripts that he sent me, "Rachel" is the most crammed with handwritten notes and barely legible revisions.) Time and opportunity permitting, I'll be posting an edited version of this last Baird story later in the year.

(Many thanx go out to Ned Sonntag and StudioFA for their aid in translating parts of Lew's scrawling manuscript into something readable.)

Wilson Barbers
Normal, IL
July 2007