A Small Percentage


"A Small Percentage" has its genesis in a statement made to me by Chicago FA Dave Jedlicka one afternoon. A longtime fan of weight gain fiction, Dave had been corresponding with me for years and occasionally tossing story ideas my way. I've typically managed to duck these - like most writers I'm wary about using ideas that don't emerge from my own noggin - but in this case, the basic conceit (the mutable value of percentages) hit home in a way nothing else had. Spent three days fiddling with a calculator before I set down an opening sentence, but that was enough to encourage me to flesh out the story. About a year after the tale's appearance in print, The Weight Room's Web Board contained a discussion of percentage weight gain: clearly, this is an idea that has appealed to more than one fat admirer.

Still, Dave is the one to blame for its appearance here.

I like the arc of the story. From fat to thin to Way Fat: an out-of-control metaphor for yo-yo dieting. If only the majority of women and men stuck in the diet lifestyle could reach the level of acceptance that Lori Ann does.

"Percentage" is the second story to feature the FA hucksters of Ample Stuffing. Both it and the first, "Sumo Night," appeared in the Wilson Barbers Newsletter.


-- Wilson Barbers